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Hawker Chicken & Pork Tapao re-purposed…


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

Hawker chicken & pork Tapao re-purposed…


I am always looking for new ideas for the kid’s breakfast and also I am a firm believer in trying to reduce food waste hence us always doing Tapao at the local hawker. Perhaps it goes back to my days as a kid at my Mum’s and Nan’s having dripping on toast, or bubble & squeak the next day after a family roast. Who knows. But anyways re-purposed food can be quite amazing, as you’ll see from today’s recipe for Jude Jude’s breakfast;

Hawker chicken & pork Tapao re-purposed…

Hawker Chicken
Who’d have thought you could ever stack hawker food haha. Why not. I think it looks absolutely incredible re-purposed like this and believe me it was absolutely delicious.

As usual at the local hawker, we had massively over-ordered. Bee Hoon, deep-fried chicken wings, deep-fried 5-spice pork belly, sliced fish, and the list goes on. So yes we did indeed ask for Tapao. Now for the uninitiated, I might just slip into Daddy-Pedia mode;

This word originates from the Chinese phrase Da Pao which means to package. It’s not just a Singaporean gig either as this is used in parts of many Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia. For example; “On your way home can you tapao something for me?” “Aunty, too full, tapao can?” Now, is it just me or is this uncannily similar to Tapas… There’s a thought!!!
Anyways here’s what I did for that boy Jude Jude’s breakfast;
(Best to have some stacker rings for this – but not impossible if you don’t – improvise with a stumpy glass)
  1. Strip all the meat off the chicken wings, skin inclusive;
  2. Make sure no bones in the deep-fried pork belly – add to the chicken meat;
  3. Chop all that up into a fine mince;
  4. Pop that in a frying pan with a 1″ knob of salted butter and fry up until crispy;
  5. I did add a little black truffle Tartufata as well to jazz her up – could also use soy or Magi seasoning;
  6. At the same time toast 2 slices of bread in the pan with a 1″ knob of salted butter until golden-brown on both sides;
  7. Cut four circles from the toast with a small stacker ring;
  8. On your platter put the stacker ring and pop in the stacker ring in this order;
    • A toast circle
    • 1x Tbsp Tapao mix
    • A toast circle – push down
    • 1x Tbsp Tapao mix
    • A toast circle – push down
    • 1x Tbsp Tapao mix
    • A toast circle – push down
    • Mayo blob + something green
  9. Careful remove the stacker ring and serve on up.

That’s it. No wasted food and a stunning dish to look at and eat. How good is that? Jude Jude loved it, so everyone was happy. I must show the Hawker Stall Aunty what I did and see what she thinks? She is a family friend as we have been eating with her for 7 years now (she even buys me special soy sauce when she goes to Malaysia – like another Asian Mum haha). I like this as a theme actually as that is two dishes today that is messing with traditional hawker food... hmm there’s an idea!!! Anyways that was Hawker chicken & pork Tapao re-purposed… it’s a beauty – ENJOY!!!

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