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Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!


Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023

Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023

Another Media gig VIP event for the Is Life a Recipe Crew!

Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023, the F1 Pit Building in Singapore becomes a haven of creativity and excitement from November 17th to 19th. This event promises an unparalleled holiday shopping experience that transcends traditional gifting norms.

With over 80 fresh brands showcasing their wares and an impressive lineup of 200 exclusive launches, attendees are in for an immersive journey into the world of design-forward innovation. Wander through a vibrant marketplace boasting 300 brands and visionary designers, each offering their unique take on style and craftsmanship.

What sets this event apart is the opportunity to interact personally with the creative minds behind the products. Guests have the chance to connect with designers, brand owners, and even community organizations, fostering deeper connections and enriching shopping experiences.

The event’s accessibility is commendable, offering a three-day pass for a mere $5 admission fee, ensuring unlimited access to a myriad of creative offerings. Families are especially catered to, as children under 12 are welcomed without any charge, making it a perfect weekend outing for all.

This gifting extravaganza is more than just a shopping spree; it’s an invitation to explore, discover, and celebrate the spirit of giving. From curated selections of exclusive products to meaningful engagements with creators, Boutique Fairs Singapore promises a memorable experience for those seeking unique, thoughtful gifts.

The timings, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Sunday, ensure ample time to peruse the remarkable offerings and find that perfect holiday present. It’s an event that radiates festive cheer and creativity, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking an exceptional gifting experience.

Come and join in the excitement at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition, where innovation meets style, and every visit promises new discoveries and delightful surprises.

Date: November 17th – 19th, 2023 Time: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Friday – Saturday), 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Sunday) Location: F1 Pit Building, Singapore

Mia Tavola

Our new mate from the British High Comm (who shall remains anonymous for now) suggested we pop along to the the Boutique Fairs Singapore event to see Mia Tavola at who do these amazing Tiramisu’s in 9 flavours! So a message or two later and your truly had a QR code to enter said event for the VIP preview event that was happening on the 16th November.

VIP Yeah you know me!

Head to Millenia Walk for my stretch limo pick up only to have to join the not so VIP queue for the bus! Not off to the flying start I had expected!

VIP Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

What is the Boutique Fairs Singapore all about?

To be honest it was nothing like I expected and as I had to walk through 3 big rooms it became apparent this was not an event I would normally sign up for, all way too girly, lots of flowery patterns vegan foods, pottery stalls and clothing lines from biodegradable cow flatulence! I messaged the wife and said I might be home sooner than I thought, her response “OK lah go get in touch with your feminine side“! Dang, so I start mincing my way to the last hall named aptly named “Breathe“!

So I head right to Mia Tavola for Pizza and Tiramisu!

Mia Tavola at Boutique Fairs Singapore Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

I meet my contact, the stand is busy and its only 7.15pm, bear in mind the doors open to the VIP’s at 7pm and I was on bus no.2. Quick intro and right into where’s the pizza? “It’s sold out!” Huh? Well the stall holders were here from 5pm and cleared the place out. No sample of Tiramisu either, so right off the bat things are not looking good for Mia Tavola! My contact offers a consolation bag of brownies and I decline without showing distain for having travelled all the way to see them only to have nothing to show for it!

I don’t blame the staff for this its just a situation circumstance out of their control but obviously I can’t give them a review on something I have not even tried.

I made my excuses and left to see a stall we had featured on our blog before to at least save the journey before heading home!

Mia Tavola Contact:




Tais’ Kitchen – Singapore Made Hot Sauces from around the World

Tais Berenstein is the Director of Tais’ Kitchen Pte. Ltd. who creates some incredible hot sauces right here in Singapore and you might recall that we did a review of Tais’ hot sauces when we did the Hairy Crab Review back in 2022 but we had not met in person so this was a great opportunity.

Tais Berenstein is the Director of Tais Kitchen Pte. Ltd Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

Tais met me with a big hub truly showing off her Brazilian hospitality! We jumped right into the sauces and I got to try the new Mexican Hot Sauce (you know how much we love our Mexican food). The Mexican Hot sauce packs a little more heat than the rest of the range but was delish never the less.

Tais Kitchen Mexican Hot Sauce new range Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

Tais Kitchen Hot Sauce with Chicken Wings

Here are some chicken wings I had at home with Tais Hot Sauce sample bottles!

Contact Tais’ Kitchen:




Jungle Kitchen

Jungle Kitchen Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

Introducing Jungle Kitchen, a culinary venture that delves into the heart of the tropics to present a curated selection of the finest tropical vegan ingredients sourced from the jungles of Asia. This Singapore-based startup recently made its debut at the FHA Food and Beverage 2023 fair, hosted at the Singapore Expo last month, where it unveiled six exciting vegan products showcasing a range of tropical ingredients sourced from smaller, independent farms across Southeast Asian and South Asian regions.

Jungle Kitchen’s dedication to bringing the essence of the jungle to your plate is evident in its diverse product line, featuring both well-known and lesser-known tropical ingredients. Whether you’re an adventurous food enthusiast or a staunch supporter of plant-based living, Jungle Kitchen invites you to embark on a flavorful journey that transports your taste buds to the exotic landscapes of Asia.

Jungle Kitchen Curry in a Can Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

Among their offerings is a ready-to-eat curry, combining young jackfruit and authentic Sri Lankan spices, promising a unique and delightful dining experience. You can easily access Jungle Kitchen’s plant-based products through their webstore, with plans to expand availability in supermarkets and specialty grocery stores soon.

Join Jungle Kitchen as they explore the untamed flavors of the jungle, making every meal an opportunity to savor the magic of tropical vegan cuisine. Welcome to Jungle Kitchen, where culinary adventure awaits.

Jungle Fire Hot Sauce

Jungle Fire Hot Sauce Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

Jungle Fire hot sauce, a culinary masterpiece that left me breathless, is an awe-inspiring explosion of flavor crafted from the fiery Cobra Chilli (Nai Miris), a spicy tropical chili. This extraordinary condiment boasts a complex profile, offering a tantalizing blend of sweetness and spiciness that’s nothing short of intoxicating.

Prepare to be captivated as this remarkable hot sauce enhances everything it touches, from the humble potato chips to the most exotic cocktails. It’s a culinary adventure that will set your taste buds ablaze and leave you craving for more. Brace yourself for the sizzle and delight of Jungle Fire hot sauce, where flavor knows no bounds.

Contact Jungle Kitchen:




Roa The Midnight Cake

Roa The Midnight Cake Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

The Midnight Cake, crafted to accommodate allergen sensitivities and appeal to individuals of all age groups, comes with a suggested age range starting from one year onwards.

This specially formulated cake is intentionally devoid of eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, and honey. To enhance its nutritional profile and achieve a mild sweetness, the recipe incorporates low GI unrefined sugar in the form of molasses. It’s worth mentioning that a minimal quantity of white (vegan) sugar is also included for recipe stability.

Contact: Roa The Midnight Cake:




Atas Butter

Atas Butter Exclusive VIP Preview & Must-See Food Brands at Boutique Fairs Singapore: The Gifting Edition 2023!

In 2022, the inception of Atas Butter took place, following an inspiring journey to Tasmania. During this visit, the team savored the exquisite taste of cultured butter on freshly baked bread, igniting their desire to replicate this delightful experience at their tables in Singapore. Furthermore, they aspire to craft a range of delectable butter creations that are sure to leave a gratifying smile on the faces of their customers.


Daryl Yeo, a 36-year-old former developer turned founder of Atas Butter, has carved out a niche in the heart of South Bridge Road. Operating as a one-man show, he has transformed this space into a hub for crafting small-batch, artisanal butter with a unique Asian twist.

In the midst of Singapore’s sweltering heat, Yeo can be found diligently at work, handcrafting his atas butter creations. His computer science background and dedication to his craft shine through as he skillfully blends flavors such as Mala, kombu, yuzu, and more into his butter, elevating this European classic with an unmistakable Asian flair.

Despite its prime location in the bustling Chinatown district, Atas Butter operates exclusively through pre-orders, adding an element of exclusivity to the whole experience. As curious onlookers peer through the glass windows, Yeo’s commitment to quality and innovation continues to attract admirers, making Atas Butter a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique buttery indulgence in Singapore.

Contact: Atas Butter




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