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Wonderland Restaurant | Cruise to Nowhere | Quantum of the Seas

Quantum of the Seas’ Wonderland Restaurant, Cruise to Nowhere

Being a foodie I think you’re always searching for that special moment, the moment of gastronomic heaven, the ultimate WOW / Shiok / FoodPorn… Only recently my Jude Jude asked me; “Dad what’s your favourite restaurant ever?” I said in reply; “I don’t know as hopefully, I have not found it yet...” Well, maybe that changed today with Wonderland Restaurant aboard Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Quantum of the Seas as we meandered around on our Cruise to Nowhere.

Wonderland Restaurant | Cruise to Nowhere | Quantum of the Seas
We haven’t even got to the check-in desk yet and we’re getting hit with theatre…I think Wifey & Jude Jude are VERY excited

I will caveat now that the Wonderland Restaurant VLOG is a monster in length but it is worth every second of view time for food & entertainment like no other…

I think we’ll be booking another Cruise to Nowhere just so we can dine at Wonderland Restaurant again, one more time.


It’s not just the food here, it is the whole experience. This is ‘food theatre’ at its very very best. With then stunning food tastes, textures, smell and off this world plating & serving. This happens when you literally check-in and you meet Avdula the Maitre D, a larger than life guy from Macedonia who makes your night before you have even sat down to eat. Bubbly, engaging & intoxicating is an understatement.

Now let’s hear what they have to say about themselves as there is truly not much in the public domain about this stellar restaurant;

“DISHES BEYOND YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine is all about pushing the culinary envelope. Dishes are designed to tantalize your taste buds and present a visual feast. Find crispy crab cones topped with fluffy avocado mousse, gazpacho served with pepper spheres and bread foam, and dreamy desserts that will take your breath away. Pair your meal with cocktails described as “magical” elixirs crafted to deliver full-sensory experiences.”

I am 1000% in agreement with everything they quote. Imaginative might be an underplay. Chef Heston Blumenthal would be excited to dine here, of that I am certain.

We eat 1st with our eyes… My goodness, these guys have NAILED that aspect in a heartbeat. You can’t wait to smell and taste, the food just LOOKS so enticing. You feel like you have literally dropped down the hole in Alice in Wonderland. The decor, the attire of the staff (I love a bit of crushed velvet), how you see your menu appear before your eyes, the magic show, the plating, even down to the upturned plates & bowls adding to a unique serving style. You can only call it a truly magical experience.

The Wonderland Restaurant To begin, you must enter the menu and choose your element – Sun (sun), Ice (fire), Water (fire), Earth (earth) or Dreams (dreams). Undrinkable elixirs with amorphous mirrors, mystery, and sensual delights. With each insanely delicious mouthful, the plan becomes clearer.

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  • SUN – radiant vegetables playfully reinvented
  • ICE – chilled to exhilarate the pallet
  • FIRE – emanating wonderful warmth
  • SEA – oceanic inspirations from the tide of the imagination
  • EARTH – dishes grounded in whimsy

The theatre of the food extends to your server, our Jhon, introducing and interacting with every dish he laid on the table – as you will see from the Vlog. You have to watch him as it is all done with in-depth knowledge of his product and with such humour & interaction with us ALL.

This night at Wonderland Restaurant we were served up;

  • SUN; Tomato Water / Pepper Spherification ‘w’ Bread Foam. This is tomato juice on steroids, filtered many times to remove the colour without losing the flavour. What a CRAZY start
  • ICE; Crispy Crab Cones / Cilantro, Avocados Mousse ‘w’ Ohba Leaf. OK, Jude Jude and I had a veggie version, and this was a stunner. Such a light and fluffy one-biter

SUN; Tomato Water / Pepper Spherification 'w' Bread Foam Wonderland Restaurant

  • ICE; Oceanic Citrus / Spicy Tuna ‘w’ Yuzu Granite. Again Jude Jude and I were given a veggie version, but I tried to tuna version and it was akin to an amazing ceviche served in a lime, topped with a palate-cleansing sorbet with super-savoury cheese crackers. Hell yes

ICE; Oceanic Citrus / Spicy Tuna 'w' Yuzu Granite - Wonderland Restaurant

  • FIRE; Buffalo Chicken Eggs / Smoke, Blue Cheese ‘w’ Hot Sauce. OMG, this is truly a WOW dish. Served in aromatic smoke that wafts around the table when Jhon lifted the dome to present the dish. These will be the best-deviled eggs you’ll have in my humble opinion, served atop crispy smoky noodles

FIRE; Buffalo Chicken Eggs / Smoke, Blue Cheese 'w' Hot Sauce - Wonderland Restaurant

  • FIRE; Shrimp Kataifi / Crispy Crumb ‘w’ Scotch Bonnet. Jude Jude and I got the carrot version. But hey that’s fine as the winner in this dish is the Sriracha cream mousse, holy cow that was so umami knockout
FIRE; Shrimp Kataifi / Crispy Crumb 'w' Scotch Bonnet
The Shrimp…
The Carrot
The Carrot
  • SEA; Liquid Lobster / Bone Marrow ‘w’ Caviar. Yep, again Jude Jude and I had something different with roast pork & sweet ‘n’ sour, but the feedback from Wifey on the actual dish was that it was so very good – like a lobster bisque on a spoon
SEA; Liquid Lobster / Bone Marrow 'w' Caviar
Pork & Sweet n Sour version
  • SEA; Halibut Cooked In A Clear Paper / Mushroom, Potato & Bacon. The serving of this was superb by Jhon, when he pulled the cut off top away the smell was just intense and so savoury & citrusy – and that’s for me as a non-fishy. #1 ordered this and was oohing and aahing the whole way through eating it – I think he could have ordered another
  • EARTH; Terroir Beef / River Stone Potatoes ‘w’ Bordelaise Sauce. Holy cow, literally. What a superb piece of beef this was that I chose to share with Jude Jude. Intense in flavour and fall-apart due to the 5-hours of cooking time. And the plating. Well just watch the Vlog. I think they upturn a rather fancy plate and use the under-side so there are all these little wells for the sauces – yeap, this is up there with the absolute VERY BEST I have eaten

SEA; Branzino In Crispy Bread / Tamarind Spice Emulsion

  • SEA; Branzino In Crispy Bread / Tamarind Spice Emulsion. Wifey was extremely happy with her choice (mainly because it comes with rice), as it surely was a stunner of a dish. And then Jhon drizzles over the Tamarind Spice Emulsion and that lifted it to heavenly heights

EARTH; Berkshire Pork Belly / Apples 'w' Cracklin

  • EARTH; Berkshire Pork Belly / Apples ‘w’ Cracklin. Jude Jude was sharing this with me and Strawberry chose the same. Again, cooked forever to be super-soft with no need to even chew with a crazy crispy cracklin atop. Served with this amazing savoury apple sauce and plated like a piece of art. Just a sublime pork dish. I am so happy I was sharing with Jude Jude. Damn this was sooooo good

DESSERTS; Hobson's Choice

  • DESSERTS; Hobson’s Choice. You basically get served FOUR to share. We got a little mushroom garden, a forbidden apple, chocolate earth (with surprise) and a candy floss surprise. You simply have to watch the Vlog and hear Jhon describe these delicacies.
candy floss 'surprise' - banana split
Jude Jude gets ANOTHER candy floss ‘surprise’ – banana split this time…
Wonderland Restaurant
Toadstools… so flipping cute
Wonderland Restaurant
Forbidden Apple
Wonderland Restaurant
Planet Earth, or something like that…

We had Head Chef come visit us a few times too. Wifey & I were super-proud to find out he is Filipino. I was then massively shocked to find out that his whole kitchen staff is him + 4, yes FOUR. A total kitchen crew of FIVE able to serve us this Michelin grade food is mind-blowing.

I will call out our amazing crew for this experience today as they made this so very special for us all;

Maitre D; Avdula

Server; Jhon

Magician; Elmor

Head Chef; Mr Philippines (we just cannot remember his name, sorry)

Avdula explained that his whole staff is carefully picked, ensuring they all have something ‘magical’ and unique up their sleeve. We clearly saw this in action this night. He asked Jude Jude a very simple question; “What would you like to see? Dancing, Magic or Diving?” Jude Jude chose Magic. “Give me 10 minutes…” said Avdula. 10 minutes later he came back with Elmor and we had a tableside Magic show, just for Jude Jude. How absolutely incredible is that?

What a place, what a team, what an experience.

We’ll be back to Wonderland Restaurant, that is for certain.

Get yourself on the ship and do a Cruise to Nowhere ASAP – you should not miss out on this dining experience.


Check out the Wonderland Restaurant Sample Menu here:

Wonderland Restaurant Sample Menu


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