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Day Two aboard Quantum of the Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruises

Cruise to Nowhere Singapore where do we begin? Let me assume you are now reading this on your very own Day Two of your Cruise to Nowhere 2021.

How did you sleep?

Did you have a good 1st night?

Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
“I spy with my little eye something beginning with W…”
“No, water not window. WATER!!!”

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Come on, if you consumed the free beverages on all-inclusive package that I recommended, I am sure you did indeed sleep very well!!! Because we slept like babies on our super-comfy bed, after eating and drinking at the incredible Wonderland Restaurant.

Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
We were up fairly bright & breezy to get into the North Star viewing platform… Uber cool
Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
What a view of the ship from 300′ above the deck. Wow!!!
Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
300′ up is a LONG LONG WAY up…

Watch the VLOG HERE.

What is a cruise to nowhere Singapore anyway?

Originally a potential petri dish of diseased travellers because of lesser health focus?

Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
There really is not a lot out there in ‘nowhere’ – but that is another monster cruise ship on the horizon
Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
It’s all boat and sea when you cruise to nowhere

Not any more. Stringent measures for health monitoring, cleaning & sterilizing are in place everywhere off and onboard. In fact, you might even struggle to know there is Covid as you enjoy your trip aboard because they have done such a great job now. You board this behemoth of a ship, and do your safety procedure training, dash to your room to dump and your bags and then go explore. But 1st meet your stateroom assistant, who proactively knocks at your door to make intros and ensure all is well. He/she is part of the incredible staff throughout the ship that is there to make your cruise so delightful. I must call out that something like 70% of them is Filipino which just adds weight to my argument.

Quantum of the Seas Rooms are varied.

We booked two basic StateRooms. Well, because having a 20, 13 and 8-year-old the additional room was very much needed. They’re not tiny, but they’re not massive unless you upgrade yourself to a suite for some chunky $. Wifey, Jude and me had a room with a view right at the front of the ship and the co-sharing, older kids, had a room with a TV (AKA window) showing fake views. How funny is that because they were literally aligned to the time of day showing pics of daytime sea scenes during the day etc.

The rooms were ace. Super-comfortable. A lovely big and cosy bed that was easily big enough for Wifey and me plus the 8-year-old. Yes, a tiny little bathroom, but do you really want to be in there for any length of time? So sort of irrelevant.

What to do onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise? It’s your first full day and night ahead.

No matter when the urge for adventure strikes, the Cruise to Nowhere aboard the Quantum of the Seas offers incredible experiences that will rewrite everything you think you know about cruise ship activities. There’s no curfew on thrills. Well, that is unless you are a minor and there is indeed a curfew.

Did you use the Quantum of the Seas App and book yourself an itinerary on day #1 as I recommended in our Vlog? Again I’ll highly recommend all with a handphone to download that App and get your personal itinerary set. It calenderises your entire trip. OK, I know you are here to stop work, downtime, not keep checking your device etc. but the App really is very helpful to plan your days aboard for the family.

Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
The pools are amazing. We liked the outdoor one because it was warmer, but slap that lotion on…
Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
Jacuzzi fun – the water was so hot you literally could have boiled potatoes in it
Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
Chillaxing whilst the kids play in the wave pool. Life guard becomes a quasi parent

Watch the Vlog HERE.

If you didn’t, read on and I’ll explain some of the cool things to do onboard with the Quantum of the Seas Activities.

Go to the theatre, do some sky-diving, how about wake-boarding, drive some bumper cars, float 300′ in the air on the North Star viewing platform, swim in the plethora of pools, maybe visit the spa, learn to line dance, attend some family quizzes, do some shopping, watch a film, see a live band, climb some walls, pop for a flutter at the casino, even buy some art.

Or, how about you just eat and drink yourself to a bursting point because you bloody well can!!!

Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
I must spend the all-inclusive allowance…

One thing you will NOT BE on your cruise to anywhere is bored. It is simply incredible how they can and will entertain you.

The itinerary can be packed…

Prepare yourself for a hectic few days. The kids will want to go crazy, which I guarantee with just so much on offer for them to do. So plan your days without putting too much structure into them. Hey, don’t forget you are still on vacation after all.

Do NOT forget though that the statement of 4 days and 3 nights is a FARCE. You board at midday on day #1 and disembark at silly o’clock on day #4. YOU ONLY GET TWO AND A HALF DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS. I kid you not, we were home at 0830am on day #4 having breakfast due to our disembarking time. And believe me 2.5 days and three nights literally flies by in the blink of an eye.

IMG 4960 scaled Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
It’s a BIG ship so not so crowded apart from dining times and on some of the more specialised entertainment options

Get things booked in early on your Cruise to Nowhere Singapore. Don’t miss out. Don’t leave feeling disappointed that you wish you had…

The kids
This is when the 2nd stateroom became very useful for Wifey date night and baby-sitting central
Mummy & Daddy Parents of the Year
Mummy & Daddy missing you whilst we sit at the pub Jude Jude – cough cough
Cruise to Nowhere Singapore
Yeah, he seems fine…
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
So off to the casino we jolly well go – and nail it whoop whoop!!!

Conclusion: what is the cruise to nowhere experience like?


The Cruise ship is OFF-THE-CHARTS.

Entertainment is endless for all ages.

The food is insanely good.

The staff and crew are just white gloves & silver service throughout.

I suggest you book your Cruise to Nowhere Singapore and book now because its selling out fast. It is such a memorable experience. You are guaranteed to – ENJOY!!!

Are you ready to book your own Cruise to Nowhere Singapore: 2Nights/3Nights Getaway Cruise by Dream Cruises, Click here to make a Booking with Klook

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