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Butter-Fried Fish: Best Recipe


Butter-Fried Fish Recipe: with macadamia tartare sauce, garlic broccoli and pink guava. WOOF!!!

Butter-Fried Fish with this super tangy and nutty tartare sauce was a massive hit, all the way to an empty platter. 

Butter-fried fish with pink guava, broccoli and macadamia tartare sauce

Today I thought I would cook the girls their lunch, something the girls would like would be fish – so I created this monster.

As there is no sauce per se, it really does look good served platter style, kind of posh-like. I only cooked for two, but it is pretty simple – one fish fillet, half a guava, 8 or so broccoli florets halved and a splurge of tartare per person!!!

So this is how it goes, and let’s do this for you as a per person – makes it easy right? Just double, treble and so on the ingredients for more people. Here we go – in phases – all can be done separately and then arranged on the plate/platter as above:

Phase I – Macadamia Tartare – your sauce for the Butter-Fried-Fish

  • A good tablespoon of good old tartare sauce (now you could make your own of course…)
  • 4 or 5 finely chopped (not to a powder) salted Macadamia nut,
  • Mix these together.

Phase II – Broccoli with garlic – your greens to accompany you Butter-Fried Fish

  • 4 broccoli florets and cut into halves or quarters;
  • A good knob of salted butter and a little olive oil; and
  • A clove of garlic finely chopped.

Take a small fry pan and get it on the heat. Melt the butter and oil together and fry off the broccoli and garlic until it wilts a little and likely starts to brown. 5-10 minutes maximum.

Phase III – the fish – your Butter-Fried Fish

  • One plump firm white fish fillet – I used snapper – leave the skin on (you can of course buy these as fillets or as I did on the bone and fillet yourself);
  • Salt and pepper; and
  • A good knob of butter and a little olive oil.
  1. Rub some salt and pepper into each side of the fish, so both flesh and skin.
  2. Take another frying pan and repeat as above. Melt off the butter in the oil.
  3. When sizzling lay the fillet in the skin side down and leave it alone. After about 5-10 minutes it should be browning the skin and crisping it up. Carefully check and if it is done cautiously turn over as you don’t want this falling apart of course.
  4. Then you cook on the fleshy side for 5 minutes more only. Stick a sharp knife in a thick part of the fish and touch it on the top of your lip. If it is hot all the way through you are done, if there are any cold spots leave for another minute or so to cook through.

Phase IV – the pink guava – your garnish for your Butter-Fried Ficsh

  1. So simple. Per person take about half a pink guava and cut it in half, then quarters and then again.
  2. This should give you 8 thin slices of this very pretty fruit.
  3. Again that’s it – being very Asian I did pile a little salt flake for dipping the guava in (very street market style that).

Phase V – arrange as above in the photo, serve and take applause for your incredible Butter-Fried Fish dish – ha ha!!! ENJOY!!!!

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