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My Little Spanish Place, best Spanish food on Bukit Timah Road (2023)


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

My Little Spanish Place – Bukit Timah

My Little Spanish Place – Bukit Timah
Nicely done Edward…

We went to see Edward at My Little Spanish Place today to celebrate Mary’s birthday, as 11th for me was a very busy day.

We chose a few different things today and even Edward cooked us something ‘off menu’ that he is looking to have ‘on menu’ at some stage. I suppose we were almost tasting guinea pigs – I’ll have that job any day of the week at Edward’s. Nice job to have.

He also inspired me to create 3 new dishes this evening for dinner. More on that in a short while in another blog.

So what was new for us today;

We had the bruschetta, well Spanish version – something tomate – simple and simply delicious. However new spin today, as it was not pre-prepared this time, you actually make it your self. So delicious thin cut and lightly toasted bread, you then spoon on this simple tomato and garlic paste, sprinkle some salt and parsley and drizzle a little olive oil over – absolutely stunning!!!

We ordered the prawns – BOOM. They come served in a piping hot pan. So on the gas they get cooked and then whacked in the oven after. Basically prawns shelled then cooked with the shells. Add some white wine, chilli, garlic and some oil and fry them off in the oven. Unbelievable dish this one, and that’s coming from me being a non-fishy lover of course.

Gazpacho. Man this was great. Cold tomato soup for those that don’t know. Some bell pepper in there too. Then a little serving almost mis en place style of some little chopped onion, green pepper and bread pieces (I think) which you then sprinkle over the soup. This was refreshing, savoury, sweet all at the same time. I really really like this one.

For dessert Edward made us a special from ‘off menu’ – these little ice cream cones with home made ice cream. No cream though, almost more meringue like. Cinnamon and Lemon Zest flavour in these little cones – absolutely wonderful.

So with all that in mind – why only one photo – well basic answer was I was too busy eating the delicious fair ha ha.

Then mid way through Edward says I want to try something on you – something not on the menu but that he will be adding it soon. So not sure what to call this, but this is the one in the photo – and man oh man am I glad it is indeed going on the menu. It is spanking!!!

Little slices of French bread, lightly toasted, lay on a sliced in half chorizo sausage, some Spanish cheese, a little red wine and vinegar reduction and pop it under the grill to melt the cheese. Oh yes!!! smoky, spicy, with sweetness from the reduction. Get this on the menu quick Edward mate as I tell you this will be flying off the menu soon – it was delicious and and thank you so much for cooking it for us today – honoured my friend!!!

A great day as always for us – and a first time there for Jude!!!

Thanks to Edward and team for making us feel so wanted.

My Little Spanish Place, Bukit Timah Road Address

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