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Red Sparrow @ Dempsey | Vietnamese Food | Singapore


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Red Sparrow @ Dempsey is by far one of the Best Places to get Vietnamese Food in Singapore

There is no question that Vietnamese food is one of the most delicious and popular cuisines in the world. And luckily for those of us living in Singapore, this amazing cuisine is readily available at many restaurants throughout the city. From banh mi sandwiches to beef pho noodles, Vietnamese food offers something for everyone, and it’s always a great choice when looking for a tasty meal.

There are several Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. But do you know what makes a good Vietnamese restaurant? Do you know which one gives the best service? Which one offers the best value for money? Read on to find out more…

On this occasion we happened to be up at Dempsey Hill for the 1st time in like 5 years or something. We’d had a fantastic brunch at Siri House (see the post here), then fun, games and sugar at The Museum of Ice Cream (see the post here) and then it was dinner time after a couple of cold ones at Harry’s. Right next door to Harry’s was this place. Red Sparrow.

We hadn’t had Vietnamese for a while so in we trot and what a treat lay in wait for us. The decor, ambience and food are all just off-the-charts. It is seriously TOP DRAWER and had me drifting back to trips to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (sigh…). Chef & Crew ‘Be Proud‘ – what a winner you have here. The food really was exceptional. So fresh, just so bloody fresh. I found one of my new favourite food things of EVER in here too… Banh Khot.

They write this about themselves and the Chef – man I love this so so much;

“Red Sparrow’s kitchen offers home-cooked meals typically found in a Vietnamese household if you’re lucky enough to dine in one. Fresh ingredients are sourced directly from far and wide regions of Vietnam, to recreate authentic tastes that are yet unique to Red Sparrow. From flavorful broths to the seasoning in every dish – be it the humble pepper or exotic native flowers, a fragrant delicacy much sought after or the aroma of barbecued meat trailing the air, we constantly provide surprises in our dishes.

Step into Red Sparrow and you will be amazed by the charm of old Saigon in the heart of Dempsey. Dine on simple, fuss-free classic Vietnamese fare with friends or family, whilst reminiscing the times of your last visit to Vietnam over a glass or two of our imported Vietnamese wines. Scouring countless recipes and engaging pushcart vendors plying the streets of Vietnam to understand the essence of Vietnamese food, Chef Jeff has proven that skills and perseverance coupled with culinary training can make one a maestro in the culinary field.

This place really has become a favourite of mine and the family. It really was exceptional.

Every dish was an explosion of flavour and texture. Like EXPLOSION.

I have to call out again the Banh Khot. My goodness. I would never move from the street cart or hawker stall that was selling that if I was in Vietnam. I think I need to ask Chef Jeff where he found it. They would become my new BFF’s.

Red Sparrow @ Dempsey | Vietnamese Food | Singapore

Absolutely superb food!!! We’ll be back, that is for certain.


Red Sparrow Location and Telephone Number

Address: 11 Dempsey Rd, #01-18, 249673, Singapore 249673

Phone: +65 6776 6118

Red Sparrow Reservations:


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