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Incredible FOC Sentosa new menu 2023


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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FOC Sentosa Menu 2023 - a Review Update

We hadn’t been for so long and Wifey and I fancied a change from the norm of East Coast we went to FOC Sentosa to get stuck into the new FOC Sentosa Menu. And we are so glad we did. Jude Jude had an absolute ball playing in the pool and on the beach, the food was incredible, better than we remembered before, and we drank, chatted, laughed, people-watched with toes in the sand, warm breezes on our faces and wafting tunes in our ears. This is FOC Sentosa Menu – a Review Update.

Sentosa Beach Restaurant

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Let's hear what FOC Sentosa have to say about themselves

"FOC Sentosa is a Mediterranean Restaurant and Beach Club inspired by Barcelona's world-famous beach culture. FOC Sentosa transforms from a relaxing morning hangout to an idyllic Mediterranean lunch spot and, come nighttime, a vibrant gastronomic getaway. All designed by local F&B aficionados and Michelin Star Chef, Nandu Jubany. Located at the east end of tranquil Palawan Beach, the tasteful and airy beachfront space is resplendent with bright interiors and panoramic views of the sea."

Yes, with Covid numbers relaxation the place was MOBBED. Like every single table, gazebo, beach lounger, and chair were taken. This surely is one of the best if not the best Sentosa Beach Restaurant.

FOC Sentosa new Menu 2023

Here's what we consumed off the new FOC Sentosa Menu

foc sentosa menu

Spring Chicken marinated with Mediterranean Dressing. This was for Daddy & Jude Jude to share and what a beautiful dish this was. Incredible crispy skin with a stunning marinade, and just the juiciest chicken you may ever have. Yeah, this is one dish I’d have over and over again. Absolutely delicious.

@ $30

sentosa beach restaurants

Wifey got stuck into this one and she rated it MASSIVELY because it was not overly ‘adjusted’. What I mean by that is that the octopus tasted of octopus and the sea, not of over marination. She is a stickler for that. And this was a berauty. Charcoal-grilled Octopus Leg with Chimichurri, Potatoes & Olives. Plus, how good does that look plated? A thing of beauty.

@ $44

FOC Sentosa Sourdough loaf and smoked butter 2022

I forgot to take a snap of some of the very best Jamon we have ever consumed. Damn. But I did get a loaf of bread photo haha.

Ibérico Ham 36-months cured Spanish Jamón Ibérico @ $32 is off-the-charts jamon. We ate this with the bread, which again is OFF-THE-CHARTS. Crispy-like bark and then hit it with that smoky butter – it is a HALLELUJAH moment.

Then add some salty cured Jamon. Boner!!! Home-made Sourdough Bread served with Smoked Butter, EVOO & Modena Balsamic Vinegar. @ $14

Then there is this amazing contraption sitting in the corner. I had to take a picture. Its meat dry-aging envy is all and not having the $10-20,000 free to buy one (but I really want one). 

I did try a couple of times at home myself to great success. Once I did it in a wine fridge with a salt block for something like 90 days. 

The other time I tried dry-aging using Koji Rice which was incredible as it only took less than a week. Quite incredible.

foc sentosa
sentosa beach restaurant

Ibérico Ham Croquetas. Deep-fried Croquettes with creamy Ibérico ham filling, 4pcs. Jude Jude loves these, as do I, so consequently we’re always comparing the ‘competition’. And goodness gracious me, the Croquetas at FOC on Sentosa are up there with the best of the best. Crackers.

@ $14

Even the drinks were spanking today. Jude Jude loves a good mocktail, as you can see.

Here he is getting stuck into a Virgin Mojito Passionfruit, Lemonade, Mint. BOOM!!!

One day it will be a cocktail proper haha.

@ $11

FOC Sentosa New Year's Day with The Knibbs

Keep reading down this review as we’re covering 2-in-one with our original review FOC Sentosa New Year’s Day with The Knibbs in 2020 and an updated version a couple of months back in 2022 post-Covid numbers relaxation. FOC Sentosa Menu 2022 – a Review Update.

foc beach club

PLEASE make sure you book when trying to come to FOC Beach Club. Use our Chope button above to get that done. We tried walk-in this day and were originally only available to be seated indoors, which sort of defeats the object of a beach restaurant. But luckily we were able to ‘migrate’ to two other tables afterwards nearer the beach and pool. Had we have booked it would have been so much more painless, and migratory.

Our BFFs, the Knibbsy’s, had a great idea to organize a brunch on New Year’s Day 2020, so off we trundle to Sentosa to a new restaurant for us, FOC.

FOC is pretty damned good folks, so here comes a wee blog of our fun and games but also of the damned fine food. FOC @ Sentosa for New Year’s Day with The Knibbs. It’s no Gaig, or Asador I have to say, but it is really nice nonetheless. Also the now Chef at Asador is actually ex FOC Sentosa, small worlds colliding stuff that.

FOC Sentosa for New Year’s Day with The Knibbs was such a cracker sat on the beach on a lovely sunny day. A gang of teenagers was playing Ultimate (frisbee) on the beach. Our kids were playing. The pool was open. People watching was abundant. The beverages were flowing, the food was plentiful, and the friends were wonderful. I love days like this. We’ll be coming back here that is for certain.

Plus, it should be a double FOC in the blog title because the crazy man Knibbs did indeed pay for this amazing brunch. It was Free of Charge.

Let's have a look at what the day held for us at FOC Sentosa, shall we? Our first day of 2020 goes with a bang, well actually with a POP!!!

sentosa beach restaurants
foc sentosa 2022 review

Three green bottles, empty on the wall… There’ll be three green bottles empty on the wall. Drink one more and there’ll be four green bottles empty on the wall…”

What's so lovely about FOC Sentosa is that it is 1000% family oriented

FOC sentosa kids swing NY Incredible FOC Sentosa new menu 2023

Let's get into the FOC Sentosa Menu items that we consumed for New Year's Day 2020

FOC Sentosa Menu
foc beach club

This is their pork ribs. These are absolutely wonderful. I think sous vide (so not me), but I will concur these are damned fine. I would have these again and again, and in fact, we did have about 4 serves. A must-try. Ibérico Pork Ribs Grilled.

@ $32

Wifey tried this and her only response was that it was sweet. Not the most positive response to a dish from her haha. Looks nice though plated. This is King Crab Canneloni. The only one that I can see that might be this on the menu when we were here in 2020.

No longer on the menu in 2022

FOC Sentosa Menu
FOC Sentosa NY grilled clams in Sherry wine Incredible FOC Sentosa new menu 2023

These were pretty good. I love the open sandwich style in the Brioche. That’s seriously clever, almost Pau-like. I can’t seem to find this on the menu online but I believe this was grilled chicken with Yuzu sauce and Avocado. Nice right?

No longer on the menu in 2022

Lukester gets deep into this dish. Ah man, what’s the name of the dish? I can’t remember, I’m just clamming up over this one. OK grilled clams in Sherry wine haha.

No longer on the menu in 2022

FOC Sentosa New Year Cherry Gazpacho with Smoked Ice Cream Sardines Incredible FOC Sentosa new menu 2023
FOC Sentosa

Sadly, FOC this was another one that left everyone going “huh???” We ended up leaving it. I love the concept though. Cherry Gazpacho with Smoked Ice Cream & Sardines. I think it might have been the sardines that did everyone. I tried the ice cream and it was great. I also tried the Gazpacho separately and it was super-tasty. I also love the fact that it is served in The Holy Grail from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. “That’s the cup of a carpenter…” said Indiana. 

The server then poured the Gazpacho over the ice cream and sardines and advised us to mix them all together to get the best taste outcome. Yeah, that is when ‘funky’ happened. Really not sure about that. We did indeed leave it. Whoopsy!

No longer on the menu in 2022

FOC Sentosa
FOC Sentosa Our Patatas Bravas New Year Incredible FOC Sentosa new menu 2023

Yeah, this was an absolute belter. The Iberian Pork Paella. This is up there. Seriously good paella. Smokey, crunchy, porky – it is a beauty and I will order this every time I come to this place. So very good. It’s a must-try here if you happen to frequent it. Ibérico Pork Paella with Ibérico Pork Presa & ‘Butifarra’ Sausage.

@ $44

Check these bad boys out. They call this ‘Our Patatas Bravas’. This is genius. Deep-fried potato oblongs, with dollops of fiery chilli sauce and mayonnaise. I like it a lot. This is beer food on steroids folks. Grab a few of these with a very cold one. Awesome.

No longer on the menu in 2022

FOC menu
FOC Sentosa Padron Peppers New Year Incredible FOC Sentosa new menu 2023

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna Carpaccio with Avocado & Air Baguette is the menu description. I like this a lot, although I could not eat it. It has way too much fish, including Bonito flakes. Wifey had it and gave the usual; “It was nice…”

No longer on the menu in 2022

Padron Peppers is up next. I love these, but they are quite an acquired taste as they can be quite bitter. I think they’re great, smoky, and spicey. Again superb with a rather nice and icy cold beverage. Served with a Pinch of Salt & Togarashi.

@ $16

Our conclusion of FOC Sentosa in 2020

So folks that were that – FOC Sentosa for New Year’s Day with The Knibbs. A cracker of a day thanks to The Knibbs. We had a wonderful time just chillin’ on the beach with our mates and family.

Then it was an early dash home for the kid’s bedtime as it is school the next day for both Amy and Jude. 1st day back and 1st day at new school for Jude.

It’s a cracking restaurant folks, one to try on your next day off and you fancy sitting not knowing where you are as you drift off into relaxation mode. The food is good, the pool is warm, the beers are cold, and the staff is great. Just make sure you book to avoid disappointment because it’s a bit stuck out on its own – ENJOY!!!

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How about some FAQs and answering what people are asking most? It's ISLIFEARECIPE-dia time...

Easiest way is to click our CHOPE link in the blog – select your date, time, table preference and PAX and hey presto

It sure is. Dine and dive away. It’s great for kids and adults alike. It can get a bit ‘people-soup’ if it’s a very hot day as people desire to cool down. Bring a towel.

We don’t believe they do as we cannot find any of mention anywhere on their social media sites, and / or on any of the food delivery sites like Food Panda, Deliveroo and so on. Despite Sentosa calling them out as an island-wide delivery there is no contact details of where to place those orders.

Wednesday to Sunday: 11:30-23:00

Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

Just check out our blog and you shall see the food menu, the drinks menu and the wine menu – also a link to book your table via Chope. The specials at FOC change frequently so we have left those from the menu section of the review

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