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6 Week Air Dried Beef Ribeye


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


6 Week Air Dried Beef Ribeye

6 Week Air Dried Beef Ribeye was a little experiment one day. Mates of mine had been talking about it, and I happened to be in Parkway. So boom, Harvey Norman to buy a little fridge. Cold Storage to buy a load of Malden Salt Flakes. And finally a whopping two rib, beef ribeye steak from The Butcher. All ready so now let’s let games commence.

So this is a waiting game. It’s so so simple to do, you just have to have patience. Then, your 6 Week Air Dried Beef Ribeye should come out perfect. I think I could have even left her longer. Here’s how you do it.

Take one cooling fridge – best to get a new one so the meat does not absorb other fridge smells.

Lay the steak, fat side down on a middle shelf.

Fill a baking tray with the Malden Salt, and place that beneath the shelf.

Shut the door! See her in 6 weeks.

But here is the journey of my 6 Week Air Dried Beef Ribeye.

6 week air dried beef
This is what it should look like on day 1. Because of my success, this is now actually my new batch – another rib eye and a brisket.
6 week dry-aged beef rib
After about a week and a half. Open the door long enough for a photo and to recycle the air. Close and leave alone!
6-week steak dry-ageing
2nd little sneak peek and airing. Look how dark that has got, and look it is shrinking in size as the salt sucks out the moisture. Amazing.
home steak dry-ageing
Another week goes by, smaller and smaller she gets.
dry-aged ribeye
Looking a little like an old Nike trainer, here she is with one week to go. Still really spongy but crusty too for sure.
6-weeks of dry-ageing steak
And it’s D-Day. 6 weeks in the fridge. Hello gorgeous. Let’s be having a look at you then!
dry-aged steak
Get all those scabby bits of the outside. It’s almost like beef jerky, quite amazing. Definitely a strong beef smell. Cannot wait!
trimming dry-aged steak
I trimmed the bone out too as that looked pretty funky, so wasn’t 100% sure if it would taste OK or not. Look how dark the meat is.
dry-aged vs normal steak
And voila. Here they are. The ones on the left are next to the normal rib-eye on the left. Believe me, there is a major difference in texture, smell and colour. The picture doesn’t do that justice.
searing dry-aged steak
I reverse seared it on 80 degrees for about an hour, rest for an hour, chargrill on the BBQ, rest and carve.
pink2pink seared steak
And carve. It was weird, a perfect medium to medium-rare, but with a sort of pastrami texture. Maybe next time there is no need to reverse sear, as not so much water in there? Such a good flavour though. Seriously have a go. Quite good fun too, if you like staring at a fridge for 6 weeks that is.

Click here to watch a wee YouTube of her ‘unveiling’ – excuse my gut

6 Week Air Dried Beef Ribeye, was a great experience. It has given me massive confidence now to go for a little longer, and try new beef cuts like the brisket in there. It was cracking meat. It truly was. A little sea salt and cracked black pepper is all.



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