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Best Mashed Potato Salad Recipe


Whip Up a Delicious Twist: Irresistible Mashed Potato Salad Recipe for Your Next Gathering!

This is one of those recipes that came from a dream. I wanted to do a potato salad for the National Day BBQ but wanted it to be a little different. Hey, Presto I created a new dish, and for you, lucky people here comes – ChillaxBBQ mashed potato salad recipe.

ChillaxBBQ mashed potato salad recipe
Looks like some mashed potato, but holy cow are there some complex flavours in there – you just can’t see them. What a belter.

So how did I make this huge bowl of deliciousness mashed potato salad?

  • 3 bags of washed white potatoes (leave the skins on;
  • 2 packets of fresh chives, chopped into 1/2″ pieces;
  • 1″ knob of salted butter;
  • 1/2 packet of streaky bacon;
  • 1/2 cup of salad cream;
  • 1/2 cup of mayonnaise;
  • 1 jar of clotted cream;
  • 2 good pinches of dry-rubbed tarragon; and
  • A really good pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper.
  1. Boil the potatoes in salty water until you can easily push a fork in;
  2. Drain the pot and put the potatoes back in;
  3. Get the bacon in the oven and bake until crispy, and then cut into small pieces;
  4. Add in all the ingredients above apart from the bacon and chives;
  5. Out with your hand blender and get that to a smooth consistency – no lumps please;
  6. Stir in the bacon and chives; and
  7. Finish off with another good pinch or two of cracked black pepper.

You have to give this a go. It s an absolutely brilliant dish to accompany a normal BBQ. So easy to make, and it gets everyone talking when you explain it is a potato salad. It’s unique. Another first from us, is our ChillaxBBQ mashed potato salad recipe. Give it a go, or call us and we’ll do it for you. It’s a belter – ENJOY!!!

Mashed Potato Salad Recipe Video

What are the ingredients in the best potato salad?The ingredients for the best potato salad typically include potatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, red onion, pickles, scallions, salt, and pepper. You can customize it with additional ingredients like celery, eggs, or herbs to suit your taste.
Why do you add vinegar to potato salad?Vinegar is added to potato salad for a tangy and acidic flavor. It helps balance the richness of mayonnaise and adds a refreshing element to the dish.
What does Gordon Ramsay put in his mashed potatoes?Gordon Ramsay’s mashed potatoes include ingredients like butter, heavy cream, salt, and pepper. He emphasizes the importance of using warm milk and butter for a creamy texture.
Are salad potatoes good for mashing?Salad potatoes, typically waxy and thin-skinned, are not ideal for mashing. Russet or Yukon Gold potatoes, which are starchy, are better suited for creamy mashed potatoes.
What should you avoid when making mashed potatoes?When making mashed potatoes, avoid overworking them, using cold ingredients, and overcooking the potatoes. These can lead to gummy or gluey mashed potatoes.
What makes a better mashed potato?Better mashed potatoes result from using the right type of potatoes (starchy), warming the dairy ingredients, mashing the potatoes while they’re hot, and seasoning well. The key is achieving a creamy and flavorful texture.

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