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Best Ozzie Day BBQ (Australia Day)


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Ozzie Day BBQ to die for: get stuck into this mates...

Ozzie Day BBQ, Best Ever: Welcome, mates, to the sizzling sensation that is “The Best Australia Day BBQ! Down under, when January 26th rolls around, you can bet your barbie it’s time to fire up those grills and celebrate like true blue Aussies. 

Join on our very own version of an Australia Day BBQ through the land of sun, surf, and snags as we uncover the secrets to crafting the ultimate Australia Day Barbecue.

Picture this: golden beaches, blue skies, and the unmistakable aroma of succulent meats sizzling away on the grill. It’s a quintessential Aussie scene, and we’re here to make sure your BBQ game is strong. From perfectly seasoned steaks to prawns that pop with flavor, we’ve got the recipes and tips to turn your barbecue into a masterpiece that’ll have everyone saying, “G’day, that’s a ripper of a barbie!”

An Ozzie BBQ is more than just a meal—it’s a celebration of ‘mateship’ and the great outdoors.

This Best Australia Day BBQ is your go-to guide for a legendary cookout. Grab your tongs, chill the esky, and get ready to experience the flavors and fun that define an Aussie summer. Nothing says “Australia Day” quite like a sensational Ozzie BBQ feast!

ozzie day bbq best australia day bbq

Ozzie Day BBQ: So, here is a sample of some of the food I was grilling up for dinner today. I won’t delve into any recipes as it was more a case of marinading and whacking on the coals – but hey it sure looks pretty right?

OK here is a little precise of what we had to eat tonight.

Vegetable Skewers

I bought some new metal skewers, and simply roughly chopped some capsicum peppers, some button and brown mushrooms, and red onions. Simply skewer them on, and lay on a baking tray. I then sprinkled over some chopped garlic, salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil

Let them sit for an hour or so to let the flavour soak in. The simply grill until charring nicely and you are done – so flipping simple folks.

Pork Fillet and Bacon Bits

Again so easy. This disappeared as soon as I put it on the table.

Cubed bacon bits, a large finely sliced fillet of pork, a chopped red onion, and a good tablespoon of garlic. Drizzle that with olive oil and place it all in a bread tin or other roasting tin-type thing. Again leave it for an hour or so to let the flavours become mates and then simply throw the tin on the BBQ and cook it until the pork is nicely done.

Have to say this one was a belter.

BBQ Sweetcorn

Fresh corn on cob. Rub all over with margarine, and then sprinkle all over with brown sugar and salt.

Yeah that’s it.

BBQ until it starts to char a little and I tell you what you have just made probably the best sweetcorn you will ever eat.

Parma Ham Prawns

On the table one minute, and gone the next. Seriously I could not cook these quick enough for the family and extended family. I had them queuing behind me for the next ones to come of the grill.

Again pretty easy.

Big fresh prawns. I got Mary to shell them for me.

Take a few packets of parma ham or equivalent cured ham. Take a half slice and wrap the prawn in it. Take a small skewer like you can see in the picture, and stab the prawn through the tail bit curling it over and through the think body part. 

If you can skewer through the ham that is good as it will secure it in place when you are BBQ’ing it. Put two per skewer, well depending on your skewers of course, and lay them in a baking tray.

Spoon over finely chopped garlic, a good sprinkle of salt & black pepper, a packet of Thyme (simply pull the leaves off the stalky bits), and a good drizzle of olive oil. Again leave this an hour or so if you can, and then simply grill on the BBQ until the parma ham is crisping and the prawn is succulent and pink in colour.

ozzie day bbq best australia day bbq prawns and parma ham

These came out so well. My skewered prawns with parma ham and thyme. These literally flew off the plate. Weird as I had not butterflied the prawns (get it?).

Steak with English Mustard and Garlic

“The best steak you have ever done!” No word of a lie – this statement was made by someone who has lived and eaten with me for 6 years. I used a big old rump steak. This thing was like 2″ thick.

So first things first lay that bad boy down on a chopping board and bash the crap out of it with a tenderizing hammer or equivalent. You want this thing centimeters thick. But be careful not to create holes as you are going to marinade this. Base both sides as you want it nice and tender, and you want it thin because it will then cook in minutes on the BBQ.

Lay this in a baking tray. Salt and pepper it. Slaver it with English mustard (not too thick – you’ll get the idea from the photo below), and then on top of that sprinkle some thinly sliced garlic. Again if you can leave this an hour or so it will be so much better, as it will soak in.

On the BBQ throw the steak on the NON-marinade side. Leave it alone for 5 minutes. Don’t prod, don’t poke, don’t move – just leave it. If your coals are right, after 5 minutes when you lift that up it will be nicely browned and a little charred. Flip that big boy over, and again leave for 5 minutes with no touching.

Flip it back over onto a serving plate. Scrape the little browned garlic slices from the grill and put them back on the steak. With a very sharp knife slice the steak into little slivers and serve away.

I am going to say this myself, folks. This was bloody amazing!

ozzie day bbq best australia day bbq rump steak with english mustard and garlic

Here are a couple of other close-ups. Seriously so simple folks. Word on the street was that this was one of the best steaks I have ever cooked (this was a little piece of the whole steak that I used as a trial) – now that is saying something for sure – think you should have a go then if I were you. Sweetcorn in the background awaiting the sugar and salt to caramelise. Oh yeah, baby!

My conclusions of Best Ozzie Day BBQ

Ozzie Day BBQ is a cherished tradition in Australia, celebrated on January 26th each year. It’s a day when Australians come together with family and friends to enjoy outdoor barbecues and various festivities. The barbecue is the centrepiece of the celebration, featuring a wide range of delicious grilled foods.

Typical foods for an Australia Day BBQ include classic Aussie snags (sausages), beef and lamb steaks, and marinated chicken. Prawns (shrimp) are also a must-have, often served with a zesty cocktail sauce. These meats are seasoned with various spices and marinades to enhance their flavors.

In addition to meats, you’ll find an array of side dishes like salads, including potato salad, coleslaw, and a fresh green salad. Grilled vegetables like corn on the cob and bell peppers are common as well. To add a local touch, some people serve damper, a traditional Australian bush bread.

Aussies also enjoy iconic finger foods like sausage rolls, meat pies, and Vegemite sandwiches, making the Australia Day BBQ a true culinary celebration. It’s a time to relax, enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and savor the flavors of Australian cuisine. But for this Ozzie Day BBQ Menu, it is the spin of ENJOY!!!

People Also Asked About Ozzie BBQ

1.What is Australia Day, and why is it celebrated with an Ozzie Day BBQ?Australia Day, celebrated on January 26th, commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Aussies celebrate it with Ozzie Day BBQ to enjoy the summer weather and pay tribute to their cultural heritage.
2.What are some must-have dishes for an Australia Day BBQ?Essential dishes include sausages (“snags”), lamb chops, beef steak, prawns, and meat pies. Vegemite, sausage rolls, and damper are also popular.
3.Are there vegetarian options for an Ozzie Day BBQ?Yes, there are vegetarian options like grilled vegetable skewers, mushroom burgers, and salads. You can also grill pizzas and offer vegetarian sausages.
4.What are some popular BBQ marinades and sauces in Australia?Australians use marinades like lemon ginger and sumac for prawns, and sauces like barbecue and tomato sauce for sausages and burgers.
5.How do Australians prepare their BBQs?Australians use various types of grills, including gas and charcoal. They follow Ozzie Day BBQ traditions with “barbies” and enjoy outdoor cooking.
6.What are “snags” in an Australia Day BBQ context?“Snags” refer to sausages, a staple at Australia Day BBQs, often served in rolls with onions and sauce.
7.What salads complement an Ozzie Day BBQ?Salads like potato salad, coleslaw, and green salad with avocado are popular choices.
8.What’s the best way to enjoy an Australia Day BBQ at the beach?Pack a portable BBQ, grab fresh seafood, and enjoy a BBQ picnic by the beach with friends and family.
9.What drinks pair well with an Australia Day BBQ?Australians enjoy beer, cider, and refreshing cocktails like the “Aussie Spritz” with Ozzie Day BBQ dishes. Non-alcoholic options include iced tea and lemon squash.
10.Can you share a dessert idea for an Ozzie Day BBQ?Try “Aussie Pavlova,” a meringue-based dessert topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits like kiwi and passionfruit. It’s a crowd-pleaser!

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