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Baked Mini Omelette ‘w’ Parma Ham


Baked Mini Omelette ‘w’ Parma Ham

The 6 and 12-year-old were lucky buggers today for brekkie. This is what they got Baked Mini Omelette ‘w’ Parma Ham. Yummo. A really quick recipe too, so simple, but so very effective and delicious for the little ones. And they loved it. Their plates were cleaned in minutes.

Nice one Dad.

Oh yeah, and it is also #BillWallaceFriendly.

Baked Mini Omelette 'w' Parma Ham
I served this up in the pans on a wooden platter so it is all Chef/Restaurant-like for them. They love all that stuff.

Here go, for one;

  1. You’ll need to use an oven friendly pan;
  2. Spray in some Black Truffle oil and a little knob of butter;
  3. Crack in an egg and mix it around a little to make it more of an omelette;
  4. Rip up a couple of pieces of parma ham and pop them in the egg mix – all even-like;
  5. Add in a little black truffle Tartufata if you like/if you have it;
  6. Season with sea salt;
  7. On the hob and cook until the egg is just starting to cook through;
  8. Then throw it in the oven at 200 degrees and it will cook through completely, crisp the Parma and also puff the eggs up;
  9. Pop the pan on a platter and serve away – you could add some greenery to this too like some parsley, chives and the like for some colour.

See, how easy was that? Baked Mini Omelette ‘w’ Parma Ham was a stunner of a brekkie for the kids. They loved it. It smelt amazing with the Parma and Truffle. It looks really nice too all served up in a pan. Happy and fed kids = happy parents. Job done – ENJOY!!!

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