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Chillax BBQ, lite touch

Chillax BBQ, lite touch

A sad but happy day, as two great mates decide to depart from Singapore. So in their honour it is BBQ time, and Chillax BBQ, lite touch kicked in for them with some ‘special’ dishes for their farewell. We hoped you liked them Just and Martin.

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
1st up is buying the meat of course – thanks to Zac Butchery in Siglap. Good work boys, meat was GOOD today thanks and the smoking planks were legendary! Back for the BBQ soon!

Worth a sneak peek is this place folks. Bloody good meats, and loads of other interesting stuff. Siglap be proud of this butchers. Great work Zac Butchery. Visit them HERE.

Meat in hand a quick marinade and we are ready to go. What’s on the menu today from Chillax BBQ, lite touch?

  1. Wood plank smoked Wagyu Rump Steak;
  2. Tomahawk Steak with sea salt & crack black Kampot pepper; and
  3. Slow roast & BBQ’d, Singaporean pork belly.
Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Not quite sure, but were Martin & Justin late?

Boys is that 2pm Singaporean, or 2am Canadian time?

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Oh hell yeah they were….

And we’re waiting, and we’re waiting.

They decided to walk from East Coast to Big Splash, which we all know will take an hour ++. So the sweaty twins finally arrived bless them. And we’re now good to go. Let’s commence Chillax BBQ, lite touch.

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
But then we were cooking with gas, despite the light shower of rain, that clearly the kids were sheltering from.
Chillax BBQ, lite touch
We even had cock, well it is the year of…
Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Chillax BBQ in action with signature slow roast Singaporean roast pork belly – 4 hours and cooking for this puppy!

4 hours slow cooked at 100 degrees, and then blitzed on the hot coals. Here is Chillax BBQ, lite touch slow roast & BBQ’d Singaporean pork belly. This is a cracker. So delicious, so moist, so crackling. BOOM! Chef looks happy!

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Now how about some wood plank smoked Wagyu, cooked to perfection – like beef butter. What a flavour!

And next is wood plank smoked Wagyu rump steak. This meat was stunning – thanks Zac. All I did with this was to marinade in a little Olive oil, sea salt & cracked black Kampot pepper. That’s it. But to the twist.

I bought these smoking planks from Zac. You let them sit in water for 2-3 hours to get moist and then whack them on the coals, and then slap the meat on. Pop a little foil on top to create the smoker, and weigh it down with a tea towel. Let that go for about 10 minutes per side and then slice that bad boy up – check out the new menu option below from Chillax BBQ, lite touch.

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
A picture paints a …
Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Be still my aching heart!
Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Tomahawk up next – simple dish, cooked to perfection again and carved off by Sous Chef Matthieu – merci bien!

We also did a rather lovely Tomahawk steak. Again so simple. Marinade in Olive oil, sea salt and cracked black Kampot pepper. Leave it on the outside of the BBQ to slow roast and when medium, bash in the middle to sear and caramelise a little. I had my main man, and sous chef this night, Matthieu get on the knife for this dish. You want some of this too? Ring Chillax BBQ, lite touch.

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Were you happy with the food guys?

What a great party – thanks to Justin and Martin for organising it boys and thanks to all the mates that came for looking after Amy and I. We had a blast thanks. A sad day to say goodbye to friends, yet again, but what a send off they had. Will miss you guys – but we wish you every success and happiness in your new ventures – go kill it boys!!!

Chillax BBQ, lite touch
Even Chef gets a little down-time. Martin take care on your travels buddy!

The boys were very lucky today, as Chillax BBQ, lite touch, even put on a dance performance courtesy of Amy Kennett. Way to go sweetheart.


And there you have it. Another successful BBQ. Not full on today, so only Chillax BBQ, lite touch, with us completing three dishes of wood plank smoked Wagyu, slow roast BBQ Singaporean pork belly and Tomahawk with sea salt and cracked black Kampot pepper. All came out quite stunningly good – hoping the BBQ crowd will rate the food here. SO if you want some, get on the phone and have us come and then – ENJOY!!!

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