Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen Ngee Ann City

Crystal Jade is a Singapore-based culinary brand with one-MICHELIN star and multiple MICHELIN Bib Gourmand awards, with over 100 outlets across 25 major cities. Well-regarded for its culinary expertise and commitment to quality, Crystal Jade’s brand mission to spread the word on Chinese cuisine and culture has remain unchanged.


Ngee ann city #B2-37A/37B/38

+65 6238 1411

About Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen Ngee Ann City

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen, nestled within the bustling Ngee Ann City complex, is a culinary haven that effortlessly brings the flavors of Hong Kong to Singapore’s discerning diners. Located amidst the vibrant shopping district of Orchard Road, this restaurant has firmly established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking authentic Hong Kong cuisine.

The ambiance at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen Ngee Ann City is a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and traditional Hong Kong charm. Its inviting and well-appointed interiors provide the perfect backdrop for a delightful dining experience, whether it’s a casual meal or a celebratory gathering.

The restaurant’s extensive menu is a delightful exploration of Hong Kong’s culinary heritage. From the fragrant and comforting dim sum that Hong Kong is renowned for, to savory main dishes that showcase the city’s diverse flavors, every dish is meticulously prepared to deliver an authentic taste of Hong Kong. Must-try dishes include the iconic Hong Kong-style BBQ selections and their renowned congee offerings.

With a team of attentive and knowledgeable staff, Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen ensures that each visit is marked by impeccable service and an unwavering commitment to quality. Whether you’re craving a classic Cantonese dish or looking to savor the essence of Hong Kong’s street food culture, this restaurant promises an unparalleled dining experience right in the heart of Orchard Road. Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen Ngee Ann City continues to be a beloved culinary destination for those seeking the true essence of Hong Kong’s culinary delights.

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen Address & Telephone

Address: 391 Orchard Rd, # #B2-37A/37B/38 , Singapore 238872

Telephone: +65 6238 1411

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