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Best Chongqing Grilled Fish at Jewel (2023)


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Chongqing Grilled Fish the best Fish Brian has ever eaten! PS Brian does not even eat Fish)

Chongqing Grilled Fish: Unleash your food frenzy and dive into a sea of flavour at Tanyu (探魚) Jewel and get your gums around their infamous Chongqing Grilled Fish! Can you see what I’m doing here…?

If you are wondering where to get your next fish-fix? Look no further! Short answer: Tanyu’s got your piscatorial cravings covered. From melt-in-your-mouth fish to an explosion of Sichuan spices, get ready to embark on a foodie adventure that’ll leave you craving more.

That is exactly what happened when Islifearecipe dined here last week. Despite both of us being in a food coma, we just could not stop dipping, slurping, and chomping – it really was quite amazing.

So why is Tanyu (探魚) at Jewel the fish haven you’ve been searching for? Let’s reel you into (do you get it? Reel you in… genius) the savoury details of this amazing new restaurant in Jewel – read on!

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel exterior

Boom. How cool does Tanyu Jewel look? It’s edgy and modern, nestled next to the cinema in Jewel. But, wow is it orange? The design seems based on a sort of space-ship, cum space station. It’s uber cool and is ideal for those with kids because they’re gonna love it in here. I’ll be coming very soon with my gang so they can enjoy this place.

Tanyu is a restaurant chain in China that has recently expanded to Singapore and Malaysia. They specialise in grilling fish and serving it with spicy sauces.

It is well-known for being present in more than 70 major Chinese cities. The company’s focus on grilled fish and creative use of flavours have helped it become well-known in the culinary world: Remember our recent blog about the new branch in Parkway Parade?

There are several sites to choose from to eat at Tanyu, including 313@somerset, Westgate, Bugis Junction, Tampines 1, Waterway Point, and, now, Jewel Changi Airport

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel specials board in jewel

You’ll see this ad everywhere in Jewel at the moment. Yes, the restaurant is open until 03:00 AM. Fellow travelers what else do you want to do when having a layover than have some good quality food and a cold beer? Well, here you go. And, if your layover happens to be after 22:00 PM, enjoy a 15% discount, you lucky people!

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel orange neon

It’s garish neon and orange everywhere but is the perfect environment for families, especially with all those booths. I don’t think I’d be bringing a customer here for a business meeting, but I certainly will be coming back very soon with family K to enjoy lunch or dinner together. I have to get Wifey tucking into what you’ll soon see we ate this day.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel booths

See what I mean? That ‘glow’ is everywhere. You’ll see that in the food photos shortly. No filter was used in the taking of those photos. But again, I do love a booth when dining with the family. This is perfect.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel rice cookers

Drivers start your engines, and may the best rice cooker win…

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel nibbles

I love this sort of stuff. The server comes with a little wooden box and places it on the table. Now you have me intrigued. When you open it there is a ta-da moment. Lots of little snacks and tasters, or are they accompaniments inside? How good is that? Nice touch Tanyu.

And here comes the food from Tanyu and that incredible Chongqing Grilled Fish

I believe what we got was the two-person set meal. TWO. Seriously we got served enough food for a small village in the Philippines. An immense amount of stunning food was served, a literal smorgasbord: as you will now see. Man, this was so good. I can’t believe I am saying that about a restaurant that specializes in: Chongqing Grilled Fish.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel spicy clams with fat man

First up is the spicy clams. Not my cup of tea of course, so these were passed straight to Spencer. It shows I am not shellfish as a person (do you see what I did there?) Hw wolfed them down in a second. Good work Tanyu!!!

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel spicy clams

Little stunners in the orange glow. I think I sensed sesame oil, green peppercorns, and such. Killer seasoning for these beautiful little clams. What a great start to the dinner. 

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel szechuan noodles

Chongqing Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken

@ SGD $10.90 (according to delivery menu)

Bring on the spicy. Beer food on steroids, and simply incredible. This I would order time and time again, just make sure to have that toilet roll in the fridge for later. Man alive this was a punchy little number: but I LOVED it.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel onion cold noodles

Noodles with Onion Oil

@ SGD $7.50 (according to delivery menu)

More off-the-charts good noodles. So simple but so very good on the savoury. I was slurping these down like no one’s business, plus dipping them in the green peppercorn oil that came with the fish. I tell you, heavenly.

So much orange in the photo and the Tanyu ‘logo’.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel chicken skewers

Tanyu Chicken Skewers

These were killer. Can’t find them on the menu though: weird. Chicken skewers. I had all these as Spencer was tucking into the Green Peppercorn Fish and Spicy Clams. How good can a chicken skewer be? I tell you, these are a benchmark to others. And guess what I did to take that bar even higher? Yep, I dipped them into the Green Peppercorn sauce. Now that’s a match made in heaven: and some. 

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel fat man with green peppercorn fish

My nemesis: the fish has arrived. Remember my face drop on MasterChef Singapore – yes, that’s what this is. I hate fish. I’ll catch it and cook it, but it will never cross these big fat hairy lips… BUT WAIT…

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel

Grilled Fish with Fresh Green Pepper

@ SGD $51.90 (according to delivery menu)

Of course, yours truly was not into the fish, but the sauce was not fishy in any shape or form so that tofu was mine, and that sauce became the best dipping sauce of all time. I literally could not get enough of that. Yes, I love Tanyu’s Fresh Green Peppercorn Fish (sauce). I could have bathed in it.

I’ll give this to Tanyu, that is seriously one good dish. Akin to a hotpot. The funny thing is that Jewel will not allow naked flames, so you have to hurry up and eat this as no burner beneath the hot pot. 

The fish is described as a Limbo Fish. I have never heard of the Limbo Fish until this night.

The “Limbo Fish” is a colloquial name for Basa Fish, a type of catfish. Basa Fish is also known as an Iridescent Shark in the aquarium trade. This fish is popular for grilling and barbecuing due to its firm texture and taste. At Tanyu Jewel, the signature dish is “Green Pepper with Limbo Fish,” where the fish is served with tofu, green peppercorns, and chilies in a spicy oily broth. It’s so very more-ish. When I say chilies just check the photo, holy moly, that’s like a kilo of them…

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel empty bowl

The after shot. Wowsers, just a backbone, and some of those chilies were all that was left of this Chongqing Grilled Fish. That really is one of the best-tasting hot-pot-style dishes I have ever consumed. Just magical.

Let’s explore the flavours of Tanyu’s Green Peppercorn Fish

Tan Yu is a revered dining destination in China, Malaysia, and now Singapore that promises an explosion of flavours – literally that’s how this flavour hits your palate, with its signature dish – the Green Peppercorn Fish. Like a bat round the back of your head: just in a positive way.

Unveiling the Iconic Dish – Tan Yu’s Green Peppercorn Fish

Tanyu’s Green Peppercorn Fish is truly a masterpiece that draws inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of Chongqing, China. The dish pays homage to the vibrant local flavours and showcases the mastery of Chongqing-style grilled fish. With roots tracing back to ancient times, grilled fish has evolved into an art form at Tanyu, with the Green Peppercorn Fish taking centre stage as the most popular on the menu.

At the heart of Tan Yu’s Green Peppercorn Fish lies a meticulous selection of ingredients. The star of the show is the fresh Limbo Fish, which is adorned with a generous portion of green peppercorns and green chilies, which infuse the fish with floral aromas and a tingling, numbing sensation that Chongqing cuisine is renowned for. This dish is a true marriage of flavours, as the fish absorbs the peppercorns’ essence during the grilling process.

The Limbo Fish is marinated with a secret blend of spices, allowing the flavours to penetrate deeply. It is then grilled to perfection, achieving a delicate balance between the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the flesh. The pièce de résistance is the generous scattering of green peppercorns and a massive pile of green chilies that adorn the fish, creating an aesthetic delight that tantalizes both the palate and the senses.

As you take your first bite of Chongqing Grilled Fish, you’ll be greeted by a symphony of flavours – you simply must try this to prove it to yourself. The first bite is a WOW. The fish’s succulence, combined with the zesty kick of the green peppercorns, creates an explosion in your mouth. The numbing sensation of the peppercorns with the fish’s delicate texture (or tofu for me) is literally a match made in heaven.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel two texture sticky rice

Double Taste Rice Cake

OK, this one I was not really sure about. Sort of looks like a dessert, cum flat pint of Guinness with Balsamic drizzle. Actually no, it’s sticky rice compressed into slabs with a savoury sauce. I think they then bake it because it is crispy crunchy and then ever so gooey and chewy in the middle. Funky as. But not a favorite – sorry Tanyu.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel noodle heaven

Today I really was in noodle paradise – this is the garlic mushrooms with super-soft noodles. Don’t be trying to kiss anyone after this dish, unless they’re a Vampire. 

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel smorgasboard

This is the set dinner for two. Yes, folks for TWO. This is one Tanyu smorgasbord and a half. Check out how much food there is. I literally slipped into a sleepy food coma about halfway through. Just the fish on its own would feed a small village in Cambodia. It’s easily a 1 kg fish. Incredibly good quality food. Loved it. Every single bit. We’ll be back again and again, that’s a certainty. Great job Tanyu and your signature Chongqing Grilled Fish – sublime.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel free jelly menu
best chongqing grilled fish at jewel free jelly station

And it’s free dessert time. Yes, FREE, and free-flow. How good is that? All you have to do is post away on Instagram or Facebook and save yourself the @ SGD $2.80.

best chongqing grilled fish at jewel dessert

Here’s my little bowl of shaved ice, jellies, and jams. Super-refreshing: almost palate-cleansing-like which was awesome after the spicy green peppercorns. Just the ticket.

Our conclusions of Tanyu and Tanyu's Green Peppercorn Fish: the spirit of Chongqing Grilled Fish

Tanyu’s Green Peppercorn Fish is an embodiment of authenticity. The dish faithfully represents the rich culinary heritage of Chongqing grilled fish, transporting you to the bustling markets and vibrant streets of this Chinese culinary hub: even when surrounded by so much orange.

Tan Yu’s Green Peppercorn Fish (AKA Chongqing Grilled Fish) is more than a dish; it’s an experience that bridges cultures, tantalizes palates, and leaves a lasting impression: which it surely did for Spencer and me. I was immediately WhatsApping Wifey that we have to come here with the kids. It really did surprise me just how good it was. Great job Tanyu. gives this a massive thumbs up – get down here and you will surely: ENJOY!!!

What is the address and the contact details for Tan Yu Jewel: home of Chongqing Grilled Fish

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, #B2-235/236 Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, 819666
Telephone: 6513 3203

What's the Tanyu Jewel Menu?

What are the opening hours for Tanyu Jewel?

Saturday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am
Sunday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am
Monday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am
Tuesday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am
Wednesday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am
Thursday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am
Friday11:30 am–3 pm, 5 pm–3 am

What does Tanyu Jewel / Skyline Catering have to say about itself?

Established in 2017, SKYLINE CATERING PTE. LTD. is always holding the spirit of teamwork, dedication, and innovation for its corporate goals. It introduces TANYU into Singapore and opens three outlets, it also manages a central warehouse of 6500 sqft and a head office of 2500 sqft. SKYLINE CATERING has a promising future, and it strives to serve as a bridge between the Southeast Asia region and outstanding catering companies in China and even around the world.

新加坡天宇餐饮有限公司成立于2017年。至今,公司本着:团队、奉献、创新的企业精神而行。公司早前将探鱼品牌引入新加坡,并在当地拥有着600多平米的中央仓库和 200多平米的新加坡总基地。 公司未来发展前景辽阔,致力于成为东南亚地区与中国及世界各地优秀餐饮公司的合作桥梁。

People also asked about Tanyu Chongqing Grilled Fish...

What is TanYu famous for?

TanYu is renowned for its exceptional Chongqing grilled fish. This signature dish combines fresh catches of the day with a medley of flavors, including the distinctive numbing sensation of green peppercorns. TanYu‘s dedication to authentic Chongqing cuisine and innovative culinary techniques has made it famous among seafood enthusiasts.

Which fish is best at TanYu?

The Limbo Fish is a highly recommended option at TanYu. This delectable dish features a Limbo fish, weighing between 900g to 1100g, grilled to perfection, and infused with a burst of flavours from Chongqing spices and green peppercorns. Its tender flesh and harmonious blend of spices make it a standout choice for anyone seeking an unforgettable seafood experience, and that’s the infamous Chongqing Grilled Fish…

What kind of fish are in TanYu?

TanYu offers a variety of fish options to cater to different preferences. Some of the notable fish varieties you can enjoy include Limbo Fish, Qingjiang Fish, and Sea Bass. Each fish is carefully selected and prepared to bring out the best of its natural flavours while complementing the unique Chongqing-style seasonings.

Is Tan Yu spicy?

Yes, TanYu’s dishes are known for their spiciness, especially due to the incorporation of green peppercorns and Chongqing-style spices. The signature numbing sensation and spicy kick are hallmarks of Chongqing cuisine, and TanYu stays true to this tradition. If you enjoy bold and vibrant flavours with a touch of heat, you’ll find TanYu’s offerings delightfully spicy.

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