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Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands

Sometimes your job delivers a perk, and that happened today. I was visiting said hotel about some really cool work stuff that enables the digitisation of Guest Services. I was with two of my Australian colleagues and the client of course. After the meeting I asked if we could pop upstairs to the Sky Park so my Australian colleagues could have a peak – of course you can says the SVP of Hotel Operations – let me call someone from Service Management. Next minute in walks Lynda Manager of Service Management and then for 20 minutes we were treated like VIPs – and this is how we ended up having a late lunch at Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands.

Quick caveat – as this was impromptu, all I had was iPhone so apologies for photo quality. I’ll take the big boy back with me next time to address the quality.

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
The three amigos – now clearly with jackets off from the prior meeting

My colleagues Richie and Pav from Australia and I one on of the viewing platforms. This is on what I suppose you would call the reverse side of the Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands as the pool is on the other. But what a view this side of South China Sea, Gardens by the Bay, The Barrage, Cruise Liner Terminal etc etc. Wow. Actually quite breath-taking – even more so when you realise this is all reclaimed land.

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
Not a bad view from the pool – not bad, you have to be kidding me, it’s fricking awesome…

And now to the other side. Here now is the infinity pool on the other side. There are in fact three of these, one per tower. Almost looks like you could fall off the side of the building if you keep swimming – uber cool this place is. You can’t deny it.

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
Palm trees, pools and the city at 57 floors

The boys and I again – pool and city behind. Boy did we overdress. Thinking of buying some Speedos in a big way and jumping in that nice cool water.

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
The lovely Lynda – our Manager of Service Management

Here is our guide and host, the lovely Lynda Manager of Guest Services. She personally took us for a guided tour, talked with passion and pride about the hotel. She has been there since construction, starting at front desk and moving now to this role. Clearly a natural at this role. We really did feel like VIPs. “These gentlemen are special guests of the hotel…” she’d whispir. Then we’d get ushered in to areas. Very funny. When we walks passed Wolfgang Puk’s restaurant we got a waft of cooking aromas – that was that.

“Could we do lunch here?” Pav asks Lynda…

“Of course!” Says Lynda, and glides off to book us a table.

First a brief explanation. Up at Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands there are in fact a number of restaurants; Ce Le Vi (Asian style), Sky on 57 (Fusion style from Chef Justin Quek), Spago (Californian cuisine from our mate Wolfgang Puk) and then Flight Bar & Lounge. Where were we? Good question. We ended up in the pool terrace restaurant and bar which is actually run by the team at Spago – so Wolfgang was entertaining us today. Light and airy, 360 degree views, a nice simple menu of great variety – liking it so far in a big way. Now what is missing??? Let me think!!!

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
All ordered and awaiting lunch, could not refuse a cold one hey!

That’s the ticket an icy cold Asahi. We all ordered the same; 3 Asahis and 3 Angus Steak Burgers were on their merry little way. Great selection of food though, but not pages and pages of options which I really like to see. So confident in the food that pages and pages is not necessary. And they were so right.

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
Come on we were there pitching Telstra Guest Services – here is The Semi-Naked Chef providing my company fan services by the pool.. Now that is Guest Services ha ha

Have to have one silly little one right? Well every now and then the wind stops and it starts to get a little sweaty there, especially sitting in suit, socks and shoes. So I remembered my fan in my bag that my wonderful Japanese colleagues donated to me once when there. Out she comes for a wee waft to cool down. Very nice. OK you’d think, why silly, why funny. Well here we were 20 minutes ago pitching Telstra Guest Services and the next minute I am atop the hotel enjoying their services whilst wafting myself to a fan cooled heaven, using a fan with a great big Telstra logo on it. Yep Telstra Guest Services – must take a few more with me next time as quite a few commented on it in a positive way – ha ha..

Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands
And here is what we ordered – simply called the Angus Burger – simple is certainly what is was not…

Here is plain and simple Angus Steak Burger. This is rather played down in my book. If you want the perfectly cooked burger – as in;

  • if you want a medium cooked burger, then that is what you get cooked to perfection;
  • if you want a burger oozing with moisture and juices, not dry and curled up – this is it;
  • if you want a burger that has that charred taste of the grill, but smoky like BBQ grill – this is it;
  • if you want a burger that is nothing but beefy, you can actually taste the steak – this is it.

Just a wonderful bit of food for lunch today. Great choices by my colleagues and I. Sometimes keeping it simple pays dividends and this burger was a great example. When we come back would I have the same? I’d be very tempted but there were about 5 other things on the menu that were whispering to me. I’d probably let my Mary, or the kids go hit the burger and me go explore the menu and order something else and do a sharesy. Boy this was good a good burger, a die die must try for sure. Winner, Winner, Angus Steak Burger Lunch. Wow doesn’t rhyme – hey who cares, just eat!!!

So my friends there was Sky Park @ Marina Bay Sands. If you haven’t been, like I had not after 8 years in Singapore, I think you should. It’s pricy for sure, but it is just quite an amazing experience. Just for the views it is worth it, but then whack one of these Angus Beef Burgers in your mouth and wash it down with an icy cold you know what, and man oh man… Heaven… You should go and if you do I know you will.




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