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Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Best Omakase has a new lifeline in Woodfire Experiential Dining: Welcome to a gastronomic journey, and some, where a rebellious chef will engage with your palate – welcome to The Social Outcast, where every bite is an act of culinary defiance: in a positive way through their Woodfire Experiential Dining! Nestled discreetly in the heart of Katong on the East Coast Road, this hidden gem is not your typical dining experience: it’s a celebration of flavors, creativity, and the joy of breaking away from the culinary norm – it’s OMAKASE-baby… It’s Woodfire Experiential Dining. It’s Japanese Wagyu (for us today). Whoop Whoop!!!

Imagine dining as an adventure where there’s no menu to dictate your choices, with full-on Omakase, using Woodfire Experiential Dining and each dish is a delightful surprise crafted by skilled chefs, marking a departure from the conventional dining experience. Yep, that is The Social Outcast. And, then add a huge smattering of quirkiness and fun throughout and you won’t be far from this one-of-a-kind experience in Singapore.

Table-top only dining, so you’re literally in the kitchen with the chefs. You’re surrounded by, and immersed in visuals, noises, aromas, heat, and smoke – lots of the most aromatic smoke. Add to that that you’re dining table top is fake grass, you enter stooping through a secret entrance and then get handed kids toys to play with as you dine. Let the quirkiness continue.

We went straight in for the Wagyu experience for four pax, and man alive was that good. It’s punchy, folks, up there on the $$$, but you’re surely getting some of the most top-drawer Japanese Wagyu you’ll ever get chance to cross your lips. Cooked over three woods, including lychee, you get the incredible punch of the fatty and unctuous Wagyu, no salt just BBQ’s naked to pin2pink perfection medium-rare and then you choice of seasoning using their special cured egg, and Chef’s very own Mint Butter (which does not contain mint). WOOF!!!

INCREDI-BALLS Omakase experience through their Woodfire Experiential Dining and just the best-fun crew end to end. You’ll love it, just don’t go expecting a ‘normal’ dining experience. This surely ain’t that.

Bring it on The Social Outcast…

the social outcast madman & co best omakase east coast the wagyu the social outcast

The boys, Lance and Daniel at CNA 938, will be proud of me. I chose a restaurant that uses ZERO salt. Instead, you season the Japanese Wagyu steaks yourself after BBQ’ing with their special sauces and kinds of butter (which may contain salt, haha: I just can’t win…).

At The Social Outcast, the term “omakase” takes on a whole new level. The wood-fired experiential dining sets the stage for an intimate ambiance that perfectly complements the rebellious spirit of the culinary creations from Chef Mint. As you enter this unique dining haven, be prepared to leave your expectations at the door and embrace the unexpected.

From savory delights to tantalizing savory desserts, The Social Outcast’s omakase on the East Coast Road is a symphony of flavors that will literally assault your taste buds (in a seriously good way) and leave you craving more.

Join us on this quirky culinary escapade as we venture deep into the world’s underworld of The Social Outcast Omakase and Woodfire Experiential Dining / Wagyu Experiential Dining. From uncovering the signature dishes that have diners raving to exploring the innovative twists that make this dining spot truly stand out. Get ready to embark on a flavor-packed fun-filled food coma experience that challenges the very status quo of normal restaurants and dining. My friends, savor the extraordinary at The Social Outcast!

the social outcast madman & co best omakase east coast family snap at the start

You get handed this little booklet with the drinks menu, a little intro to Chef Mint, and also the the speak-easy concept ideology…

The entrance to their dining area is shorter for good reason. Known as Nijiri Guchi in Japan, these little doors are a common feature in Japanese tea houses used for the iconic ritual, cum ceremony of making and drinking green tea. A low door means everyone has to bow before entering, regardless of social status or rank. It’s a social leveler.

Even, the Samurai had to leave their swords and armor at the door. Everything and everyone is equal in the dining room. This is such a perfect representation of how the Japanese will humble themselves, with equality, gratitude, acceptance, and an element of vulnerability. 

Guess what? Yep, this is the ethos of our mates at The Social Outcast. Mastery of the self allows people to get on with others, and to present themselves in a respectful way to others in the world. As it is said: ‘The bamboo that bends us stronger than the oak that resists…’ Think about it…

the social outcast madman & co best omakase east coast seated family

Crew Kennett is all settled and ready to enjoy the Woodfire Experiential Dining / Wagyu Experiential Dining. Check those platters out. Yes, one platter each. Oh my, this is going to be a lot of food tonight. And, brace yourself family K, we’re going in…

I am giving no pictures of the cooked steaks themselves. There’s no need because I know you’ll be coming here after reading this blog. So, please, take your own and share them with me and I’ll upload them here in the blog. Suffice it to say, Chef Mint and crew know their way around a Wagyu Steak, even from only cooking it on one side for certain cuts. Everyone is a winner, pink2pink perfection in every slice. The best char, smoke, and medium-rare steaks were flying off that three-wood BBQ grill. WOW!!!

the social outcast madman & co best omakase east coast chef mint cooking

A photo taken from where I am literally sitting. See what I mean about being immersed in the kitchen? You are part of the crew as you dine. Here is Chef Mint on the tools flaming one of the courses of our Wagyu Experience. P!ss off Netflix when you have this to watch – and it’s LIVE!!!

the social outcast madman & co best omakase east coast short rib

Chef Mint gave me some of this to try right at the end of service, literally as my body was slipping into a horizontal food coma position. But how could I refuse such a kind gesture to try this softest, best charred, most complex tasting, unctuous bad boy? OK, enough of all the words and nonsense, suffice it to say, I stuffed it all in and devoured it in a blink. Holy cow: literally!!! Stunner!!!

16-hour ribs, with the Mexican delight Milicitas Sauce (I think), a dry rub, chili, shallot, and garlic – the stuff of legends!!! I’d come back here again just for this…

best omakase east coast bone marrow dessert the social outcast madman & co

Talking about the stuff of legends… How about this puppy? It’s dessert time at The Social Outcast. Looks like a lechon flan (if you’re from the Philippines), encased in some delicious short-crust, and then flamed to char. Yeah, not far from the truth, but. And this is a BIG but. The secret ingredient in this dessert is………. wait for it……… a little longer……… BONE MARROW!!! WTF, I hear you shouting, or was that actually me? It works, it just works SO well. Must-try when you come. A belter!!!

best omakase east coast the goodnight the social outcast

Awesome meal, experience, and immersion with just the best owners, chef, and crew. It was a blast and you have left us surely hungry for more. Goodnight to our new BFFs Noelle and Chef Mint, as they down tools and start to have fun themselves as The Social Outcasts. ENJOY!!!

Chef Mint: The Social Outcast Owner and Head Chef

Kicked out of home at an early age, and ended up living on the cross-over bridge in Katong. Self-taught Chef, that is pushing boundaries despite that start in life. He’s worked at Al Forno where he fell in love with pasta and wanted to make and practice with fresh pasta but living on a bridge cannot.

He also did a tour of duty at Chimichangas, where he fell in love with Mexican food. Funnily he also worked at Hong Kong Tea House when it was in Katong, hey it’s a short walk from the bridge to work, but he could not speak Chinese and struggled massively.

He’s an inspiration, folks, from a bridge to being a Professor, and from a coffee shop to his own restaurant in 4 years. Mint is 44 years old needs and needs to fulfill his dream before it’s too late, as now he struggles to wake up. One day we will lose The Social Outcast from Singaporean shores as they will move to Finland to make their mark in 4-5 years and push to get a Michelin star. Good luck brother!!!

“Why The Social Outcast?” I asked Chef Mint. What is The Social Outcast meaning?” “We are social outcasts in the kitchen, one-minute throwing knives at each other, then having a beer after service and laughing as best mates. But we do that when others have gone home, and are tucked up in bed. In the F&B industry, you become Social Outcasts… That is The Social Outcast meaning” said Mint. #Bravo!!!

“Food is SACRED and should be treated with HUMILITY and RESPECT” – Chef Mint

“Embrace Culinary Rebellion: The Social Outcast’s Woodfire Experiential Dining” is more than just a meal, or a chapter in their journey. It is a celebration of non-conformity, the culmination of the outcasts’ experiences, and a testament to the power of embracing diversity. Step into this clandestine culinary world and leave your expectations at the door.
Join the ranks of the rebels, the social outcasts who have found liberation through their love of food, and let your tastebuds be awakened by the flavors of rebellion from around the globe. It is a multi-sensory adventure, where each dish represents an act of defiance against culinary norms.
The journey commences in an intimate setting, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a passion for culinary exploration. The space: unconventional art, avant-garde materials, unexpected pops at every corner. The stage is set, for the rebellion about to unfold. 

What does The Social Outcast have to say for themselves? Experience Woodfire Experiential Dining:

Experience a personalized & immersive way of No-Menu Dining. Bespoke dining at a chef’s counter table allows you to have an intimate dining experience with the views of the cracking fire pit where the chef prepares the exquisite dishes.

Dining at The Social Outcast in Katong offers a totally unique and memorable culinary experience – we’ve been talking about it for ages since we were there. This restaurant stands out for its omakase-style  Woodfire Experiential Dining / Wagyu Experiential Dining, where there is no set menu, and guests are treated to a culinary journey from Chef Mint that defies culinary norms.

The intimate setting and open kitchen provide diners with a view of the chefs at work, enhancing the overall dining experience – you literally get immersed and dipped into the kitchen. It’s foodie eye-candy, and food theatre at its best, backed up with top-end-of-town ingredients and cooking prowess.

The Social Outcast has garnered positive reviews for its innovative approach to dining, making it a popular destination for those seeking something out of the ordinary. It offers a fusion of flavors from all over the planet, and Mint’s kitchen experiences with dishes that challenge traditional expectations, making each visit an adventure in itself. We’ll be going back for the 7-course tasting – that is for certain!!!

If you want to try something different, impress on that first date, have fun interactions with the kids (as we did – no iPad came out for the whole of service), or are just looking to explore new gastronomic horizons and enjoy a dining experience that pushes the boundaries of culinary creativity: BOOMSKI, The Social Outcast in Katong is a THE destination. It’s a place where food enthusiasts can savor a one-of-a-kind omakase  Woodfire Experiential Dining / Wagyu Experiential Dining experience, culinary excellence, and a touch of rebellion, all in one.

It’s immediately become a die die must-try rating from us at Islifearecipe.net. Save up your $$$, folks and get your bums down here for some fun, exquisite food, and quirkiness – yes you even get given toys to play with as you dine. It’s unique, and it is just bloody GOOD!!!

The Social Outcast Games
the social outcast madman & co best omakase east coast rasmus and griselda

And then I met the lovely Rasmus and Griselda, because of ‘that’ video with our mate Max Chernov. Weird experience for me. “Are you the guy in the Max Chernov video?” “Er, yep, that’s me…” “Can we have a photo?” Awwww shucks…. Anyway, suffice it to say, a lovely couple also there chowing down on the 7-course Omakase with Mint. Also giving it a massive big thumbs up.

How to make a reservation at The Social Outcast?

Welcome to The Social Outcast, a haven for crackling hearth of fire and immersive Woodfire Experiential Dining. The restaurant embraces the primal allure of cooking over an open flame, with three different types of wood including Lychee, and offers guests a unique and unforgettable culinary adventure.

At the heart of The Social Outcast’s Woodfire Experiential Dining is maverick Executive Chef Mint, harnessing the raw energy and primal flavors of the flames to create exceptional dishes that are infused with smokiness, char, aromatic, natural with innovative techniques, unexpected ingredient combinations, and boundary-pushing presentations.


Woodfire Experiential Dining | Muslim-Friendly (Muslim Owned)

What's the address of Social Outcast, Katong?

What are the contact details for The Social Outcast, Katong?

Telephone: +65 8923 8924

eMail: hello@thesocialoutcast.comT

The Social Outcast Menu

Come on folks didn’t you read above? It’s Omakase baby, and the Best Omakase on the East Coast. Omakase: a Japanese dining experience that involves placing one’s trust in the chef’s culinary skills to create a personalized meal. The term omakase translates to “I leave it up to you,” which reflects the diner’s willingness to relinquish control over their meal to the chef. over to you Mint, my friend!!! 

“Don’t ask for a menu. We don’t have one…”

the social outcast wood fire

But what you do get at The Social Outcast is ‘themes’ to choose from:

Exclusive: Most expensive Caviar on the planet. Almas Diamond.

Almas caviar is a sturgeon roe that must meet some very specific standards. First off, the sturgeon must be Iranian Beluga, one of the rarest and sought-after fish on the planet. It must come from a specific region of the South Caspian Sea.

On top of that, the fish must be albino, which only adds to the mystique. Finally, the fish needs to be a certain age–specifically between 60 & 100 years old. Our Almas caviar selection is exquisite with milky white color and spongy texture with a rich nutty and creamy finish. The salting on our Almas caviar is true Malossol (less than 4% salted) and processed with natural sea salt and no preservatives.

Embrace Culinary Rebellion: Seasonal Wagyu Experiential Dining

This is what we chose, as you can see from the platter. We take pride in sourcing the finest Wagyu beef, renowned for its exceptional marbling, buttery texture, and unforgettable flavour. Showcasing a wide range of Wagyu cuts and experience the diverse flavour profiles and textures Wagyu offers. 

@ $148++ per pax


Embrace Culinary Rebellion: Alaskan King Crab Experiential Dining

I agree with Mint, because at ChillaxBBQ we put so much put seafood in the fire pits, including this bad boy. Alaskan King Crab burnt over amber will bring out the richness of the sea almost as primal as it gets to the yesteryears of the family of fishermen dancing over the bonfire celebrating the catch of the day.  You won’t see any typical “glamorous” images of a cold crab sitting glistening on the bed of a freshly shaved ice. Instead, we will present you the Whole Alaskan King Crab in its own characteristics with a method of cookery that suits it best. Fire.

Bring back the good ol days of eating crab by getting your fingers into the nook and crook of this delicious delicacy. To pair the delicacy’s elegant flavours and firm texture is Chef Mint’s own in-house spiced butter to brighten this dish up. Smokey, briny and so much savouriness, this is a perfect dish. Get messy, folks…

Available every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm:

$188++ per set

The Social Outcast: worst puns on the planet, but I love 'em for this...

“If you’re going for ROE’MANCE…” (so fishy)

“We FLAME to please…” (genius)

“I am a very TACO-TIVE person…” (dear me)

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# Question Answer
1 What makes The Social Outcast in Katong unique? The Social Outcast in Katong stands out for its innovative omakase dining, a rebellious culinary adventure challenging traditional norms.
2 Are reservations required at The Social Outcast Katong? Yes, it’s advisable to make reservations, especially for the limited 12 counter-seats, ensuring you don’t miss the intimate omakase experience.
3 What’s the specialty of The Social Outcast’s omakase menu? The omakase menu at Katong’s Social Outcast is known for its wood-fired experiential dining, creating a unique and memorable culinary journey.
4 Is The Social Outcast Katong suitable for vegetarians? While the focus is on diverse flavors, the menu may be limited for vegetarians. It’s recommended to check with the restaurant for specific options.
5 How is the ambiance at The Social Outcast in Katong? The restaurant offers an intimate, but highly interactive  setting behind The Madman & Co in Katong, providing a cozy atmosphere that complements the omakase experience.
6 Can I find reviews for The Social Outcast Katong online? Yes, reviews for The Social Outcast Katong are available on platforms like TripAdvisor and food blogs, offering insights into the dining experience: or just read our blog.
7 Does The Social Outcast Katong offer a halal menu? Yes, The Social Outcast at Katong prides itself on offering a halal menu, ensuring a diverse range of diners can enjoy the culinary rebellion.
8 How often does the menu change at The Social Outcast Katong? The omakase menu may vary, but changes are usually aligned with the chef’s creativity and seasonal ingredients, providing a fresh experience.
9 Are there any promotions or discounts at The Social Outcast Katong? Check the official website or social media pages for any ongoing promotions or special offers at The Social Outcast in Katong.
10 Is there parking available near The Social Outcast Katong? Yes, Katong offers parking options nearby. It’s advisable to check for available parking facilities or consider public transportation when planning your visit.

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