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The Madman and Co by Social Outcast: Best Mexican Grocery in Katong (2023)


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

The Madman and Co: by The Social Outcast a WOW for 2023

The Madman and Co: What a find this was today… You know by now, surely. We love surprises and that surely happened this day. What an incredible find in Katong, and also the opportunity to meet two wonderful people the co-owners and founders: Noelle and Chef Mint. Be seeing you guys again on the 26th. It’s a Mexican Grocery Store with secret speakeasy dining behind…

This is a concept by The Social Outcast, remember them?

Crazy small worlds. I told Noelle I must introduce her to our mates at East West and Don Ramon Tequila. She then said: “Er, I was having dinner with Max Warner last week…” Clearly, this find was meant to be.

I’ll definitely be bringing our mate the Mexican Ambassador (Augustin) to meet the crew due to Mexican bias, love that. Gerson, expect a WhatsApp mate.


the madman and co shop front

The Madman and Co, from The Social Outcast: Welcome to the wild world of exciting grocery shopping, where The Madman & Co has transformed the mundane into a culinary adventure!

Ever wondered if your local grocer could be a culinary maestro as well? Well, hold onto your shopping carts because The Madman & Co is not your average store. Picture this: A place where avocados rub shoulders with Wagyu, Alaskan King Crabs, hot sauces galore, and Caviar shares shelf space with Mexican magic.

It’s a space where groceries meet gastronomy, The Madman & Co is the maestro conducting the symphony of flavors. It’s gonna be your one-stop shop for gourmet indulgence, your special treat, your splash out, you spice up…

Ready for a shopping spree that’s more epicurean than an errand? Keep reading for a cartful of surprises, photos, and the scoop on what makes this Katong grocery gem a culinary Mexican carnival!

the madman and co noelle and tasting counter

Here’s the lovely Noelle, co-Founder and Owner of the Madman and Co and The Social Outcast. What’s occurring here you may ask? Is it a bar? No, it’s a tasting counter. The punters sitting at the counter are going through a series of hot sauces and condiments to make an informed selection – that is GENIUS. Jude and I did not have time today but will make time next visit for sure…

the madman and co shelves

Mexicana at its best. It knocks you for six when you walk in with the aromas, vibrant colors, and knick-nacks everywhere. You can’t stop noting new and interesting things in every nook and cranny in here. This is how they’re making shopping for groceries FUN!!! How could you not want to spend 20 or so minutes in here browsing…? It’s impossible not to.

I bought some corn husks here for my next ChillaxBBQ, and will absolutely be buying some of those dried chilies next time I visit. Chipotles to Ghost Chillies are here on display. The smoky smell and hint of raisins sent my cooking ideas senses spinning… I feel another Mexican ChillaxBBQ coming on. ARIBA!!!

the madman and co dried chillies

What did I buy today at The Madman and Co?

  1. Smoked Chipotle Avacado Butter
  2. Lobster Oil infused with Rosemary
  3. Mint’s Butter
  4. Truffle Egg Yolk Butter
  5. Wagyu Tallow
  6. Corn Husks for my next ChillaxBBQ
  7. Pepper Drops


the madman and co jude jude brekkie The Madman and Co by Social Outcast: Best Mexican Grocery in Katong (2023)

And I used those The Madman and Co purchases today to make my little foodie buddy his breakfast, and here she is:

Lucky Lucky Jude Jude Brekkie: Smoked Chipotle Avocado Butter Brioche, with Bacon and Cheese, and Mexican Hot Sauce. ARIBA!!!

Let's explore the culinary mystery of the Social Outcast Menu

Hold on a minute… there is NO Menu at The Social Outcast…

What they offer is an omakase-style, no menu option around three key ‘themes’:

  1. Wagyu Experiential Dining: SGD 148++
  2. Diner 7 / 10 Courses Woodfire Experiential Dining: SGD 138++ / SGD 218++
  3. Diner Available on Sat & Sun 8pm only (Limited Seating): Alaskan King Crab Experiential Dining (Suitable for 1 – 2 pax): SGD 188++ / Set

Experience Woodfire Experiential Dining

Experience a personalized & immersive way of No-Menu Dining. Bespoke dining at a chef’s counter table allows you to have an intimate dining experience with the views of the cracking fire pit where the chef prepares the exquisite dishes.

The Art of Presentation: Aesthetics at The Social Outcast Speakeasy

the madman and co secret door to speakeasy

I tell you what, folks, I cannot wait until we go to this place on 26th for our Wagyu BBQ experience, like I really cannot wait. Check this place out. To start you enter through a secret door, reminiscent of that scene in Willy Wonka, yes this is Oompa Loompa land… The perfect size for Jude Jude though.

social outcast speakeasy bbq

And then you get hit with the beautiful aromas of smoked BBQ, and the eye candy of chef Mint charring some lobster tail (I think) in the open kitchen, charcoal BBQ, and countertops only. F@ck me, I am in HEAVEN… This place is uber cool. Again, I’ll say it: WHAT A FIND.

social outcast speakeasy BBQ chef Mint

What does The Madman and Co and The Social Outcast Speakeasy have to say about itself? (I really like this, just sayin')

The Madman and Co, the premier destination for Mexican culinary delights, proudly presents its unique blend of flavors, culture, and an eclectic vibe that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico. Our exceptional selection of authentic ingredients embraces the rich heritage of Mexico’s gastronomy and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our mission is to offer a diverse range of high-quality products that represent the essence of Mexican cuisine. From the most famous traditional dishes to hard-to-find ingredients, we aim to cater to the needs of both home cooks and seasoned chefs. We strive to create an inviting space that not only offers the finest products such as Wagyu and caviar but also serves as a cultural hub, connecting people through their shared love for Mexican food.

How about our new BFF, Head Chef and co-Founder Chef Mint

chef mint the social outcast
Photo courtesy of The Social Outcast Website

“Food is SACRED and should be treated with HUMILITY and RESPECT” – Chef Mint

“Embrace Culinary Rebellion: The Social Outcast’s Woodfire Experiential Dining” is more than just a meal, or a chapter in their journey. It is a celebration of non-conformity, the culmination of the outcasts’ experiences, and a testament to the power of embracing diversity.
Step into this clandestine culinary world and leave your expectations at the door. Join the ranks of the rebels, the social outcasts who have found liberation through their love of food, and let your tastebuds be awakened by the flavors of rebellion from around the globe.
It is a multi-sensory adventure, where each dish represents an act of defiance against culinary norms. The journey commences in an intimate setting, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a passion for culinary exploration.
The space: unconventional art, avant-garde materials, unexpected pops at every corner. The stage is set, for the rebellion about to unfold. As the meal unfolds, expect a rollercoaster ride of flavors, and meticulously crafted plates that defy any label and categorization.
Influences from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Pan-Americas converge, creating a symphony that challenges any notion of what good cooking is. From unexpected ingredient pairings to innovative cooking techniques, each dish tells a story of rebellion against the ordinary. Throughout the dining experience, their passion for pushing boundaries and embracing the unexpected is palpable, infusing each course with an undeniable energy that lingers long after the last bite.

Yes, will be asking Chef Mint if he’d like to join our crew, haha. Man alive he has our passion and style, our foodie DNA, and some…

Our conclusions of The Madman and Co and The Social Outcast Speakeasy

In conclusion, diving into The Madman & Co’s gastronomic Willy Wonka-esque wonderland is like embarking on a culinary rollercoaster—with Chillies, Tequila, Wagyu, King Crabs, and Caviar as your thrilling companions. It’s a grocery shopping experience that transforms mundane errands into epicurean adventures. Jude Jude and I could not stop shopping, he was the one who spotted the Wagyu Tallow – WOOF!!!

And let’s not forget the genius behind it all, @dsocialoutcast, the masterminds who have turned grocery shopping into a social affair. If shopping for produce were an art, they’ve added a splash of spice and a dollop of humor to the canvas. Remembered for their signature burgers… not for much longer with this shop and that speakeasy behind (more of that post our visit on the 26th).

So, next time you’re stuck in the monotony of your shopping list and want to spice your life up, literally, break free and join The Madman & Co and their Social Outcast brothers and sisters. Because, in the realm of grocery shopping, being a bit mad is the secret sauce to turning your shopping cart into an uber-cool culinary chariot. Happy munching! 🥑🍣🛒 #MadmanMagic #SocialOutcastSavvy


Yes, it is a Madman here: they even have Mexican Tikki… loving that…

the madman and co tequila and tikki

People also asked about The Madman and Co

What products does The Madman & Co offer?The Madman & Co offers a diverse range, including Mexican produce, Wagyu, King Crab, and Caviar.
Where is The Madman & Co located?The Madman & Co is situated at 89 East Coast Road, Singapore 428790.
What is The Madman & Co’s Crowd Favorite concept?The Crowd Favorite is a concept from @dsocialoutcast, a highlight of The Madman & Co’s offerings.
Are there any special deals or discounts available?Check out their Burpple page for Beyond Mexican deals and other exclusive offers.
When was The Madman & Co PTE. LTD. incorporated?The company was incorporated on 16 Aug 2022.
Can I order from The Madman & Co online?Yes, explore their Oddle page for convenient online ordering.
Tell me more about Madman & Co Racing.Madman & Co Racing is a distinct entity associated with the brand, focusing on racing activities.
Any recommended products from The Madman & Co?Check reviews on Food Advisor for insights into customer favorites and recommendations.
Does The Madman & Co have an Instagram page?Yes, stay updated with their latest offerings and highlights on their Instagram @themadmanco.
How is The Madman & Co different from other grocery stores?The Madman & Co stands out with its unique blend of premium produce, Mexican delights, Wagyu, and seafood, offering a distinctive shopping experience.

What's the address and contact details for The Madman and Co and The Social Outcast Speakeasy?

Address: 89 East Coast Road, Singapore 428790
Telephone:  8923 8924

I agree – not the best booking system I have ever used. I will be having a chat with Noelle and Chef Mint about that…

What are the opening hours of The Madman and Co, and The Social Outcast Speakeasy

Sunday12–10 pm
Wednesday3–10 pm
Thursday3–10 pm
Friday3–10 pm
Saturday12–10 pm

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