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Day 3 Cosford Container Park – Lunch to Dinner Review


Cosford Container Park opens at 11am, so the wife and I thought we’d give it another whirl at the weekend before the crowds turn up and so headed there for a late breakfast.

Both having different dietary constraints’, she eats healthy and I don’t! So no surprise who ate what in the below options!

The Blue Lobster – Beef Sando – $5.90

I hasten to add that this bad boy did not touch the side! Woof, as Brian would say! How could How could I refuse a steak sandwhich cooked by a French Chef, this is so worth the $5.90! Hurry because I don’t think that price will hold for long.

The Creamy Duck – Fruit Waffles – $10

The Creamy Duck Fruit Waffles Cosford Container Park

Boon Tat BBQ Seafood

Another place we missed in our last visits and did not have the chance ot eat today but certainly looks like it will be worth while coming back for a try! Boon Tat BBQ Seafood has plenty of dishes to choose from, can’t wait for this one!

Boon Tat Seafood Cosford Container Park

Cluny Food Court of Cluny Road Fame at Cosford Container Park

Whilst we did not partake in the Asian Delights below, we will leave that for another day!

Cluny Cosford Container ParkCluny Cosford Container Park

Time to Leave

So after our cheeky breaky we headed off, I sent a few pictures to Brian who said he was on his way, I did not think literally but yes that was the case, he had read the Day 1 and Day 2 Cosford Container Park Reviews and wanted to check it out for himself.

Time to Go Back

We decided to head back and give Brian, Mary and Jude Jude a surprise! There begun a long afternoon of beers, belly laughs and more food for a 3rd review! What an afternoon it was, it ended at dusk and just in time for dinner.

By the time we got back Brian and Jude Jude had polished off 10 tarts! Oooh er missus! Good head start boys!

Cosford Container Park Beer Bar – It’s Happy Hour Again!

One of the issues they had before was the queue that built up for drinks, mixing Cluny Teh/Kopi with beer meant a back up and disgruntled customers, so what a nice addition to Cosford Container Park a small beer bar so beat the queues, so Brian and I took full advantage of the 1 for 1 deals on Beer at $13 a 500ml glass.

Cosford Container Park Beer

The Happy Hour lasts from 2pm to 5pm for beers only. Wine is only serve from 5pm onwards when Luk’ers opens, the ladies not so happy but as they could sip on chilled Somersby Cider instead. Interestingly at 5pm the drinks Happy Hour turns out to be Buy 2 get 1 Free, still not a bad deal and we heard its available for Beer Towers, another time perhaps!

The Blue Lobster Deep Fried Giant Squid

Given the excellence of The Blue Lobster Beef Sando we had to return for this little number and was not disappointed, crispy on the outside and soft tender on the inside! Recommended for sure!

Happy Butter Chicken

Hello Butter Chicken Cosford Container Park

We missed this one ourselves before and on this occasion but Brian decided to take one for the team and steamed in for a Spicy Chicken Burger and a basket of Nachos!

The reviews on these were not good to be honest, so unlikely a return try for us, I did have a nibble on the nachos, they are covered in cheese, chili sauce and green mint chutney, Mexico meets India! Not a winner!

School of Cambridge Update

As per my last visit I was not impressed as they had allowed people to eat upstairs when ordering food from other outlets, well it seems there is a new menu going in upstairs and the space will only be for patrons., a great result!

The other correct was that I had mentioned Youngs had not shown up despite it being promoted, seems School of Cambridge and Youngs come out of the same group, so lets see what this new menu looks like on my next visit!

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