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Doner Kebab Pie Review: Best Pie from Muir’s Deli


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Doner Kebab Pie: Allan Muir achieves pie legend status

Introducing Muirs Deli Doner Kebab Pie: A Flavor Fiesta!

Doner Kebab Pie: Greetings, fellow food enthusiasts and culinary thrill-seekers! Today, we embark on a gastronomic adventure that combines the magic of the classic doner kebab with the irresistible charm of a pie.

Mr Muir is being very cagey about releasing any details of the Doner kebab pie recipe though.

But, suffice it to say, the Doner Kebab Pie Recipe has succulent layers of seasoned doner kebab meat, nestled within a golden, flaky crust, create a symphony of flavors that’ll make your taste buds do the kebab dance: answers on a postcard to what a kebab dance is please…

Yes, you read it right – we’re talking about the Doner Kebab Pie, a delightful twist that takes the beloved street food to a whole new level. And Allan Muir is the brainchild behind this piece of pie legend.

Doner Kebab Pie Recipe (well the filling part)

Doner Kebab Pie is the love child of The Pie King Allan, of Muirs Deli: it’s your favorite kebab meat in a buttery pie crust. It’s a culinary masterpiece that deserves a place in your next foodie escapade.

So, buckle up because this is a review you truly don’t want to miss. This is crazy, and just crazy good. But you need to purchase these, as Mr Pie is not releasing his secret Doner Kebab Pie Recipe.

doner kebab pie whatsapp chat

I love it when I get a WhatsApp from Allan. That normally means he has a new product for me to try. Remember last time when he created the Chip Shop Curry Pie? Another thing of beauty. Well you’ll see above that’s what happened as well today, but he was being super-mysterious today by not revealing what he’s sending on over.

doner kebab pie islifearecipe 4 pies

I get home and open the door to see a little brown box on my table, and the most incredible aroma wafting around the condo. Jude said: “Smells like lamb Dad…” I tell you that 10-year-old has a palate and a half for his age.  I was intrigued what could it be today… I carefully opened the box to be greeted by these four works of food art. Wow. I tell you if only you could scratch and sniff this picture.

doner kebab pie islifearecipe

They were still warm from Allan’s baking so let’s try one immediately, so much was my inquisitiveness of what this bad boy actually was. It smelt delicious, but what could it be?

doner kebab pie islifearecipe cut in half

The mystery was over upon cutting through that super-crispy and flaky pastry: OMG it’s a Doner Kebab Pie Recipe. Seeing those layers of meat I immediately knew. The Willy Wonka of Pies has done it again… he is King of the Pies today. He’s only gone and made Doner Kebab Pie right here in Singapore. The stuff of legends… My HERO!!!

Where to buy Doner Kebab Pie?

doner kebab pie muirs deli

Doner Kebab Pie Ingredients

Doner kebab, also spelled döner kebab, is a dish of Turkish origin made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Seasoned meat is stacked in the shape of an inverted cone and turned slowly on the rotisserie, next to a vertical cooking element. 

The classic doner kebab recipe consists of a heavily seasoned mixture of lamb, pureed into a paste, shaped into a log, and slow-roasted for hours on a vertical spit to achieve juicy perfection. 

Our conclusions of Muirs Deli Doner Kebab Pie

Allan has taken that a stage further with his Doner Kebab Pie Recipe.. “I know, I’ll stuff the doner kebab meat into a pie…” How did he come up with that stroke of genius? Suffice it to say, folks, he has NAILED IT.

If you were to ask Jamie Oliver, he’d say: “This is one Pukka Doner Kebab Pie…”

This becomes THE PIE TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE… How that rhymes well. I amaze myself. But not as amazed as I was when I took the first few bites of this beauty. Where to buy doner kebab pie

Where to Buy Doner Kebab Pie? 

From Muir’s Deli of course. Believe me, you don’t need the expense of importing a Pukka Doner Kebab Pie. No.

Below is how I served it for Jude Jude’s special brekkie today. Accompanying it is some homemade chilli sauce, homemade Filipino dipping sauce, and some olives. Breakfast of champions, neh, Kings…

doner kebab pie muirs deli

People also asked about Doner Kebab Pie

Can I make Doner Kebab Pie at home?Absolutely! But why bother when you can buy from Muirs Deli and have it delivered? That’s Where to buy Doner Kebab Pie.
What’s the secret to a flaky pie crust?The key is a buttery, flaky crust – chilled ingredients and a light touch are your best allies.
Are there vegetarian options for the pie?Certainly! Explore creative veggie versions using plant-based proteins and flavorful seasonings.
Can I use store-bought dough for the pie?Yes, shortcuts are allowed! Choose quality store-bought dough for a convenient yet tasty option.
What are the must-have spices for authenticity?Cumin, paprika, and oregano bring the authentic kebab flavor to your pie. Don’t skimp on these!
How do I prevent sogginess from kebab juices?Pre-bake the crust slightly and drain excess liquid from the kebab ingredients before assembling.
Can I freeze Doner Kebab Pie for later?Indeed! Freeze unbaked pies for a quick, savory treat whenever your cravings strike.
What side dishes complement the pie?Try a refreshing cucumber salad or tzatziki to balance the richness of the pie. Tai’s Kitchen Chilli Sauce would also be legendary.
Can I make mini Doner Kebab Pies for parties?Absolutely! Create bite-sized delights for a crowd-pleasing party snack.
Any tips for the perfect meat-to-crust ratio?Balance is key – layer your kebab filling generously, ensuring every bite is a harmonious blend of meat and crust.

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