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Best Mexican in Singapore: Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Review 2023


Let's 'Taco'bout Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar! A Nixta Review

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Interior

Table of Contents for Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar

Welcome, food aficionados and lovers of all things tasty in this Nixta Review! Ever fancied a trip to the vibrant heart of Mexico without leaving the comfort of our Little Red Dot? Say hello to Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar, the crown jewel nestled in Amoy Street, ready to spice up your culinary voyage! We’ll be sharing a load of Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar Photos, of the interior but more important Nixta Amoy food, and how to make a Nixta reservation.

Housed in this buzzing corner of Singapore, Nixta is the brainchild of Chef Travis Masiero, a man whose dedication to Mexican cuisine is akin to salsa dance – intricate, passionate, and ever so captivating. From the tantalising Tlayuda (think of it as a Mexican white pizza) that offers an explosion of flavours, to the aromatic roasted corn whispering tales of Mexico‘s vibrant culture and rich history, this place promises an unforgettable gastronomic fiesta!

My work sometimes has massive advantages and today was one of those days. An invite to lunch at Nixta by one of our close partners. I can’t thank you enough Darren and Mark for making this recommendation and sharing Nixta Singapore with me. What an absolutely cracking Mexican Restaurant it is.

Buckle up for a culinary rollercoaster that will take your taste buds on a flavour-packed joyride! Whether you’re a Mexican cuisine aficionado or a first-time explorer of this culinary landscape, by the end of this article, I assure you, Nixta Singapore will find a special place on your foodie map.

So, ready for a mouth-watering adventure? Let’s dive into the vibrant and vivacious world of Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar. Cue the Mariachi band, and let’s get this fiesta started!

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar is a restaurant located at 116 Amoy Street in Singapore. They offer Mexican cuisine with a focus on warm service, perfect margaritas, and a reverence for Mexican culture and cooking. The restaurant showcases meats roasting over an open fire and provides a menu that reflects the vibrant flavors of Mexico.

Nixta is known for its inviting atmosphere and friendly service. It has gained popularity among locals and visitors looking for a unique dining experience in Singapore. The restaurant offers a range of dishes that include tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other Mexican favorites, prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors.

What is the Nixta Menu for 2023

For this Nixta Review we’ll now share the dishes consumed over lunch this day, from the superb Nixta Menu.

What did we eat today off the Nixta Menu?

We consumed a total of seven dishes today off the Nixta Menu, and every single one was just off-the-charts delicious. Flavour explosions, textural pops, and food candy for the eyes galore. What an incredible experience dining here was, and to prove it we’ll be sharing a heap of Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar Photos

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar: Blue tortillas and homemade Mexican Mole.

Oh my goodness gracious me. They served this ‘on-the-house’. As soon as they said the words, Mexican Mole, it sent me spinning to that episode of Somebody Feed Phil in Oaxaca. Phil ate the Mole Madra at Pujol by Chef Enrique Olvera. The roots of the Chef and Pujol are in the high-quality ingredients and in the different techniques of Mexican cuisine.  
Nixta’s piping hot Mole dip with these scrumptious corn tortillas was just exceptional. I could not stop dipping to get that umami goodness in my mouth. I could have eaten this whole thing, but hey, friends were there to share it too. Damn!!!
nixta mexican grill and bar blue tortillas with mole

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Guacamole Nixta

@ $26

Haas avocadoes, grilled tomato, serrano, lime, white onion, and feta.

Oh man, this was just incredible. Yeah, it’s just nachos, right? But the guacamole is something I have never tasted before in all the Tex-Mex locales I have visited. This was seriously unique and has put this up on the pedestal as the very best I have eaten. You get flavour pops going off in your mouth from sour, sweet, savoury, and more. Exceptional!!! Must-try here.

Guacamole Nixta from Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Bang Bang Potatoes

@ $24

Duck fat fingerlings, salsa verde, pecorino, hot sauce, raw garlic, and white sauce.

These were great, and the cheese was grate. So much cheese haha. This plopped on the table and BOOM the cheese aroma hit your nostrils. It’s a thing of beauty. The flavour combos of the about were perfect together. So this has the holy trinity of hitting us in the eyes first, then the nose, and finally the mouth. My only ‘moan’, I think the spuds could have been cooked a little longer, but is that a Mexican way to have them underdone? I don’t know… My bad.

nixta singapore Bang Bang Potatoes

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Quesadilla Oaxaca

@ $26

Red chorizo, crushed avocado, and fried potato.

WOOF!!! Again taking the heady heights here of some of the best Mexican versions of a food type are these. Great job Nixta, these were stunning. Because we had a veggie with us they had kindly deconstructed these, so I added back in that AMAZING red chorizo, avocado, and some of their black Habanero hot sauce.

Heavenly is all I can use as a word. Heavenly. My Jude Jude will go mad for these when we visit as a family, which won’t be too long in the future believe me. WOOF!!!

nixta mexican grill & bar quesadillas with chorizo

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Duck Barbacoa Taco

@ $17 each

Slow-roasted duck in hoja santa leaf, onion, tomatillo salsa, lime, and cilantro.

Quite punchy at $17 each, BUT!!! Off-the-bat this is some of the most incredible Mexican fare I have ever eaten. Stunning to look at when they pop the plate on the table. Squeeze some of the lime and dig in. You can’t help but start making those stupid noises we make when we like a taste. ALL FIVE OF US did this in unison, so powerful was the effect of this dish. Ignore the $17 and get a plate of these, you will not be disappointed. WOW!!!

nixta sg duck tortillas

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar Tlayuda de la Casa

@ $29

Roasted corn, epazote, queso fresco, and herb oil.

Nixta surely is the gift that keeps giving. Our server was incredible this day for making recommendation after recommendation that was simply the best Mexican cuisine I have tried. She is a legend in my eyes and will be a cause of my return with my family.

She also recommended this dish, and boy did she get it right again. This is coined a Mexican pizza. It’s got the lot, and it is vegetarian people. It has the looks, the aroma, the taste, and the textures. My Jude Jude would eat this whole thing (me too). It really is just one of the very best pizza-style dishes ever to cross these hairy lips.

nixta singapore Tlayuda de la Casa

Nixta Signature Spit & Herb-Roasted Chicken

@ $40 (half portion)

Epazote, grilled garlic, and roasted jalapeño.

Up last was this bad boy. If you order the whole chicken you have to give 24-hour notice as this is cooked low and slow, just how I love to cook. Touch this chicken and it will fall apart, so very tender and juicy beyond juicy. This really was so delicious, but so very very HUGE. We could not consume this, that’s 5 adults. So Darren did tapow for his dinner this day.

I need to call out what made this Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar dish extra special for me. Read my Beer Bum Chicken Recipe. In that recipe, I put seasoned butter under the skin before roasting. These guys put a paste made from Epazote, grilled garlic, and roasted jalapeño under the skin. Can you see the green tint to the crispy skin in the photo?  This will be up there in the heavens as the holiest on high chicken skin-eating ‘moments’. I might ask for a plate of seasoned Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar chicken skin next time… it’s divine.

nixta mexican grill and bar Nixta Signature Spit & Herb-Roasted Chicken.

What does Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar have to say about itself?

Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar is the culmination of Chef Travis Masiero's intense reverence and respect for Mexican culture and cooking. Our philosophy is not rooted in authenticity but in the pleasure of intention and deliciousness that defines Mexican cooking. We are especially proud to be nixtamalizing and grinding non-GMO corn from small Mexican farm holds. This is the cornerstone of our experience. A wood-fired rotisserie anchors the open kitchen and provides the soul to many of our dishes while our Molcajete Bar is a link to the ancient traditions of Mexico's past.

"People Also Asked" about Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar:

Q: What type of cuisine do Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar serve?

A: Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar serves authentic Mexican cuisine, offering a diverse menu with dishes such as tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

Q: Where is Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar located?

A: Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar is located at 116 Amoy Street, Singapore, 050335.

Q: How can I make a reservation at Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar?

A: To make a reservation at Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar, you can visit their website or book through SevenRooms, a reservation platform.

Q: What are the service options available at Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar?

A: Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options for their customers.

Q: What are the popular times to visit Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar?

A: According to available data, the restaurant tends to be busier than usual on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Q: Is there a Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar dress code?

A: I’d say smart casual from what I observed at the lunch I just attended. I would have felt uncomfortable in a swimsuit though. Hey, it’s a Mexican, let your hair down.

What's on the Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar booze menu...?

They have chosen one of the top-drawer Mezcal, a known favourite of a certain Mexican Ambassador who shall remain nameless.

Derived from agave plants aged between 9 and 10 years, Mezcal Dulce Infierno delivers a taste that is both smooth and enduring.

These agave plants are found flourishing in the wilderness of the Dios mountains in Durango, Mexico, where they grow naturally, without the aid of any chemical fertilisers. This eco-friendly approach allows the soil to preserve its nutrients, enabling the growth of top-quality agave. Each plant is handpicked to ensure the finest selection.

A step back in time, the agave’s hearts, also known as ‘pinas’, undergo a unique cooking process, reminiscent of ancient times. They are slowly cooked for six whole days in a traditional pre-Hispanic underground oven, using fiery volcanic stones and wood. This historic method instills the Mezcal Dulce Infierno with a taste that is truly one of a kind

Nixta Singapore: our conclusions is hopeful that you find this one of the best Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar reviews. Everyone that attended lunch today raved about the food. This really isn’t your average Tex Mex locale or traditional Mexican Restaurant Singapore. This is authentic Mexican cuisine, of the highest caliber.

We hope that the Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar Photos will help you in your choices for your dining experience at Nixta SG, because every dish we ate was truly wonderful. Most of the dishes we ate were chosen by the superb crew at Nixta. One thing to call out is that chicken, you must give 24-hour notice for that one specific dish.

Unbeatable Fun at Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar: Where Warm Service, Perfect Margaritas, and incredible Artisinal Beer Await! Of course, the friends I was dining with equally made this a cracking lunch, but…

If you are looking for a taste of Mexico in the heart of Singapore? Look no further than Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar! With its warm service, perfect margaritas, and a deep reverence for Mexican culture and cooking, Nixta is the ultimate destination for an unbeatable dining experience, it really is.

Step into a vibrant atmosphere where the tantalizing aroma of meats roasting over an open fire will transport you straight to the streets of Mexico. Indulge in the diverse Nixta menu, featuring mouthwatering tacos, sizzling burritos, and flavorful enchiladas, all crafted with the freshest ingredients and authentic Mexican flair.

Whether you choose to dine in, enjoy your meal at home with their convenient takeaway option, or tapow it for home consumption as my mate Darren did, Nixta has got you covered. The choice is yours, but the flavors will always be exceptional!

Don’t just take our word for it—join the community of satisfied customers who have raved about their experiences at Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar. With a solid 4.2 rating and 219 glowing Google reviews, you know you’re in for a treat, and hopefully, our very own Nixta Singapore Review is going to give you additional confidence in your dining choice.

Hungry for more? Follow Nixta on Instagram @nixtasg to feast your eyes on their tantalizing food photos and stay updated with their latest offerings.

Make your Nixta reservation today and secure your spot at Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar. It’s time to satisfy your cravings for authentic Mexican cuisine and experience the warm hospitality that sets Nixta apart.

Discover the magic of Mexico right here in Singapore!

How to make Nixta Mexican reservations, or a Nixta Booking?

To make a reservation at Nixta Mexican Grill and Bar, or a Nixta booking you can visit their website at or book through platforms like SevenRooms. The restaurant is open daily from 12 pm to 10:30 pm, offering dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options.

What's the address of Nixta Singapore and Nixta contact number?

Nixta Phone Number: 

Nixta: the return in October 2023, this time it's family. This time it's lunch...

History and Background of Nixta Mexican Grill

Nixta Mexican Grill is a vibrant and authentic Mexican restaurant that has become a beloved culinary destination in the heart of the city. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, Nixta Mexican Grill provides a truly immersive dining experience that transports guests to the bustling streets of Mexico. The restaurant’s history can be traced back to its humble beginnings, when a passionate team of culinary enthusiasts set out to create a dining establishment that would showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican recipes passed down through generations, Nixta Mexican Grill offers a menu that is a true reflection of the country’s vibrant culinary heritage. From classic favorites like tacos and enchiladas to innovative dishes that combine traditional flavors with modern twists, the menu at Nixta Mexican Grill caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Every dish is thoughtfully prepared using only the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that each bite is packed with flavor and authenticity. With a commitment to quality and a passion for showcasing the best of Mexican cuisine, Nixta Mexican Grill has earned a reputation as a must-visit destination for food lovers and enthusiasts alike.

nixta mexican grill guacamole

Guacamole Nixta @ $26: haas avocadoes, grilled tomato, serrano, lime, white onion, feta

This will knock your socks off. Best ever guacamole. The addition of chilli and feta is magical.

The Ambiance and Decor at Nixta Mexican Grill

Upon stepping into Nixta Mexican Grill, guests are immediately greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s interior is tastefully decorated with vibrant colors, rustic accents, and traditional Mexican artwork. The well-designed layout creates a cozy and intimate space, allowing diners to enjoy their meal in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The soft lighting throughout the restaurant adds to the overall ambiance, creating a perfect balance between a casual dining experience and an upscale feel.

The attention to detail in the decor at Nixta Mexican Grill is evident in every corner of the restaurant. From the carefully chosen furniture to the beautifully displayed table settings, no element goes unnoticed. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone gives the space an organic and earthy feel, enhancing the restaurant’s connection to authentic Mexican culture. Overall, the ambiance and decor at Nixta Mexican Grill contribute to a memorable dining experience that transports guests to the heart of Mexico.

Nixta Coal-Roasted Sweet Potato Tostada

Coal-Roasted Sweet Potato Tostada @ $12 each: salsa macha, crema, peanuts, cotija

WOOF!!! So damned good. I added a little hot sauce to Jude’s and mine, double WOOF!!!

nixta lunch big plate pork belly tacos

Nixta Mexican Grill lunch big plate of pork belly tacos and other stuff. 

Kurobuta Pork Belly Al Pastor Taco @ $6 each, if you ordered the tacos alone:  pineapple, chicharon, house pastor sauce, shaved radish salad lime, cilantro

This was insane;y good, so much so that I forgot to take down the items, but what you have is some guac, black refried beans, and rice to die for along with their sublime  

The Flavors and Authenticity of the Mexican Cuisine

The cuisine at Nixta Mexican Grill embodies the rich and vibrant flavors of authentic Mexican food. Every dish is carefully crafted and showcases the traditional spices, seasonings, and cooking techniques that are a hallmark of Mexican cuisine. From the first bite, diners are transported to the streets of Mexico City, as the bold and aromatic flavors dance on their taste buds. Whether it’s the smoky heat of chipotle peppers, the earthy notes of cumin and coriander, or the zesty freshness of lime and cilantro, each ingredient is thoughtfully selected to create a symphony of flavors in every dish.

The authenticity of the Mexican cuisine at Nixta Mexican Grill goes beyond just the flavors. The culinary team takes great pride in sourcing the finest ingredients to ensure that each dish remains true to its Mexican roots. From handpicked herbs and spices to locally sourced meats and vegetables, every element is chosen with care, ensuring a high-quality dining experience. The chefs honor the traditional recipes and techniques passed down through generations, while also adding their own creative twists to bring out the best of Mexican cuisine. The result is a menu that showcases the true essence of Mexican flavors, leaving diners with a memorable and truly authentic culinary experience.

nixta Tlayuda de la Casa

Tlayuda de la Casa @ $29: roasted corn, epazote, queso fresco, herb oil, and add Maine lobster meat @ $16

You have to have this. Trust me, you just have to have this once in your life.

A Detailed Look at the Menu Offerings

Nixta Mexican Grill offers a wide array of menu options that cater to all taste preferences. From traditional Mexican dishes to inventive fusion creations, there is something for everyone at this restaurant. The menu is thoughtfully curated, showcasing the best of Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. Classic dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas are given a fresh and innovative makeover, elevating them to a whole new level of flavor. In addition to the traditional options, Nixta also offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives, ensuring that all dietary preferences are catered to. Each dish is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients, resulting in a burst of authentic Mexican flavors with every bite.

One standout item on the menu is the Chiles en Nogada, a traditional Mexican dish that combines the flavors of savory meat, sweet fruits, and rich walnut sauce. The dish showcases the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing traditional Mexican flavors while incorporating unique elements. Another notable option is the sopa de tortilla, a hearty and flavorful soup that features crispy tortilla strips, creamy avocado, and tangy lime. The combination of textures and flavors in this dish is utterly delightful and will leave you craving for more. Each menu item at Nixta Mexican Grill is thoughtfully designed to provide a memorable dining experience that encompasses the essence of Mexican cuisine.

nixta mole

The Nixta Mexican Grill special mole and black corn tortillas: a little ‘gift’ from the Chef. It has a chocolatey edge to it. Quite amazing…

nixta Duck Barbacoa taco

Duck Barbacoa Taco @ $17 each: slow-roasted duck in hoja santa leaf, onion, tomatillo salsa, lime, cilantro

Taco Angels sing when you eat these. This is another MUST-TRY at Nixta. Please let me know if you ordered these… and it you had the same heavenly moment after your first bite.

The Service and Staff at Nixta Mexican Grill

Upon entering Nixta Mexican Grill, patrons are greeted with warm smiles from the attentive and friendly staff. The service at Nixta is consistently prompt and efficient, ensuring that customers’ needs are met in a timely manner. The waitstaff is knowledgeable about the menu offerings and is always ready to provide recommendations based on individual preferences. Whether it’s a question about the spiciness level of a dish or a request for modifications to accommodate dietary restrictions, the staff at Nixta is accommodating and helpful, enhancing the overall dining experience.

In addition to their professionalism, what sets the staff at Nixta apart is their genuine enthusiasm for Mexican cuisine. Their passion for the food they serve is evident as they provide detailed descriptions of each dish, elevating the dining experience by imparting a deeper appreciation for the flavors and ingredients. From explaining the various cooking techniques used to discussing the origins of traditional Mexican dishes, the staff’s knowledge and enthusiasm add an educational element to the dining experience that enhances the overall enjoyment for customers. This infectious passion for the cuisine is reflected in the friendly and engaging interactions between the staff and customers, leaving guests feeling well-cared for and truly immersed in the rich culinary culture of Mexico.

nixta hot sauce gay

What can I say… apart from the incredible hot sauce? Jude and I devoured this!!!

nixta churros

Churros hay’s milk cajeta @ $18

Biggest damned Churros I ever did see. This easily fed four, and what a belter it was. Wowser…

Overall Customer Experience and Recommendations at Nixta Mexican Grill

When it comes to overall customer experience at Nixta Mexican Grill, diners are consistently satisfied with their visit. The restaurant boasts a welcoming ambiance, with warm lighting and cozy seating arrangements that create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for patrons. The attentive and friendly staff at Nixta Mexican Grill contribute to the positive experience, providing prompt and courteous service throughout the dining experience. From the moment customers walk through the door until the time they leave, the staff ensures that every need is met and questions are answered promptly.

As for recommendations, Nixta Mexican Grill offers a variety of standout dishes that have won over the hearts and taste buds of many patrons. The menu showcases a combination of traditional Mexican favorites and innovative creations, all prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. Customers particularly rave about the flavorful tacos, perfectly grilled meats, and delectable salsas. For those with dietary restrictions, Nixta Mexican Grill also offers a range of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. With its inviting ambiance and exceptional cuisine, Nixta Mexican Grill is a must-visit for Mexican food enthusiasts and those looking for a memorable dining experience.

nixta Tres Leches Cake

Nixta Tres Leches Cake @ $18

And then the Chefs kindly gave us this. Food Vs. Man. Food one. We got through about half of this. What a decadent dessert, light but quite stodgy (in a seriously good way), and then soaking in that spiced milk. WOW!!!

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