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Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street: Exquisite for 2023


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street: an amazing slice of France. Visit here and be transported to the streets of Paris

Café Bar Gavroche is a Parisian-style cafe and bar located at 69 Tras Street in Singapore. It is the second food and beverage venue by Chef Patron Frederic Colin, following the success of Brasserie Gavroche. The cafe offers a rustic and charming ambiance, perfect for those seeking an authentic French dining experience.

The menu at Café Bar Gavroche features a delightful selection of French dishes, including cold cuts boards with saucisson, pork rillettes, and Parma ham, as well as truffle scrambled eggs served with toasted brioche and salad. The bar offers a wide assortment of drinks for patrons to sit back and relax.

Café Bar Gavroche has received positive reviews from visitors, and it is well-regarded for its French-style offerings. It has also gained a following on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Cafe Bar Gavroche is one of those – you HAVE to come and try places. There are actually three restaurants here, two next door to each other and one across the street.

And today for lunch we went to the one across the street. I introduce you to Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street. A little up there in the price-ometer, but worth EVERY single cent in my reckoning. This really is a must-try, we’ll be back and I reckon we’ll be trying the other two in the chain too. It really was THAT good.

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street

Nestled in a small shop house is Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street.

Here she is. An absolute stunner of a restaurant. The in Cafe Gavroche decor is incredible, Shut your eyes for a moment and you could imagine you are sitting in Paris on a back street somewhere. OK, then the humidity and heat kick, and of course you realize actually where you are.

But still. The staff was incredible at Café Bar Gavroche. We were served by a top guy who was actually on his first day, and a lovely lady. They made this a great experience, so many many thanks to them for this. Food will come in a moment don’t worry.

I have to say Café Bar Gavroche has one of the smallest kitchens I have ever seen in a fully functioning restaurant. Which made the food quality even more impressive. How they churn this out from there is quite incredible. But to the, what we ate.

What's on the Cafe Gavroche Menu?

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street oysters

6 d’Huites Cadoret Fines de Claire No3

Or is more commonly known as 1/2 dozen Cadoret oysters No3.

Oh boy these Oysters were delicious…

Mary, Ollie and I all concur on this statement. The very best oyster we have ever eaten. These were incredible. Served with a little red wine vinegar and shallot dressing. I had mine with a squirt of lemon and some salt and cracked pepper though.

Oh man, these were incredible. Not fishy at all. Briney yes. But with that citrus kick and the S&P vibe too – just a WOW moment. As Tina Turner would say; “Simply The Best!” Without doubt. It will take some searching to find better.

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street

Tartine d’Oeufs Brouilles Tapenade et Tomates

Also known as French-style open-faced country bread with scrambled eggs, tapenade olives & tomatoes.

Again nicely done Cafe & Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street. A big slab of in-restaurant baked country bread. Slathered with olive tapenade, light fluffy scrambled eggs atop that, and then fresh sweet sweet tomatoes atop that. I think a little finely sliced basil thrown in the toms. Yummy indeed. A meal on its own. The 5 combinations together worked so well.

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street

Assiette de Charcuterie

I can’t say basically, as this was far from being basic. But it was a platter of pork rillette, pork terrine, saucisson rosette and cured hams.

What a platter of meats this was. To die for in fact. The pork rillette was a heart-stopping moment. The pork terrine is right there with it. We all stopped talking for a while when eating this. So so good it is not funny. The parma, chorizo style ham, garlic saucisson and salami were not far behind either. Sitting the meat on the lightly toasted homemade rustic bread takes it to another level as you get crunch and a nutty flavour from the bread. Jesus – hands trembling as I type. A superb food experience.

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street

Foie Gras Terrine

As it says, but served with toasted bread.

I have never eaten silk, but if ever I do I assume it will be like eating this. Foie gras terrine. Sounds so simple. But this was as complex as a complex thing could be. Served with the onion accompaniment you can see in the foreground. I just asked Ollie what he thought was in this, as I thought it potentially cloves. He nailed it. “Dad it tasted like French onion soup, but sweet, and with no liquid.” Yep that sums it up nicely. That was well nice,

BUT the foie gras terrine. Let me say it again. The foie gras terrine. Dribbling now. Again smear some of this on your toasted bread and BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. I would have this on my death-row list of things to eat before they push the button. It is just one of the very best things I have chomped on. If you don’t order this when you come to one of the restaurants you should be whipped in public. This is a MUST HAVE!!!

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street

Fromage Blanc Artisanal de Normandie, Compote d’Abricots

Artisan fromage blanc from Normandy with apricot compote.

I scanned the desserts. Yep I, me, The Semi-naked Chef scanned the desserts. Not my usual style as you know to eat dessert. But I spied on this. Cheese and apricot. Sounds interesting. It must be savoury. I might give this a go. WOW. A come to Jesus moment. We all had one spoonful of this and in unison said; “We need to order another one!!!”

And we did. Yes, we had two. No dessert hits the mark from now on as a benchmark has been set. The cheese was soft and creamy, the apricot compote slightly tart but sweet at the same time, and then topped with roasted almonds and some secret ingredient – a sort of crunchy powder that was sweet and savoury in one. This is die die must try, this is shiok, this is something you have to eat – you have to. Your life will be missing something if you do not have this at least once. It is that good.

We also had their home-baked on-site croissants – a chocolate one for Amy, and a plain one for Jude. Amazing. These both disappeared in the blink of an eye, believe me. Light and fluffy, a little crunch, and buttery as buggery. YUM!!!

Cafe Bar Gavroche @ Tras Street is well up there in my reckoning as one of the best in Singapore. If you want a French outing, and treating yourself you simply must come to one of the three locations – breakfast, lunch or dinner you just must. Some of the very very best food ever consumed. Wonderful. Chef Frederic Colin you should be proud of yourself and your team. The Semi-Naked Chef says so.


What's the Cafe Bar Gavroche Address and contact details?

Address: 69 Tras St, Singapore 079005
Phone: +65 6225 4869

People also asked about Cafe Bar Gavroche...

Who owns Café Gavroche?

Café Gavroche is owned by Chef Patron Frederic Colin of Brasserie Gavroche.

What are some popular dishes at Café & Bar Gavroche?

Some popular dishes at Café & Bar Gavroche include the Cold cuts board with saucisson, pork rillettes, and Parma ham, Truffle scrambled eggs served with toasted brioche and salad, and the 2-hour Free Flow Raclette.

Where is Café & Bar Gavroche located?

Café & Bar Gavroche is located at 69 Tras Street in Singapore.

What is the Instagram handle for Café & Bar Gavroche?

The Instagram handle for Café & Bar Gavroche is @gavrochegroup.

Can I make a reservation at Café & Bar Gavroche?

Yes, you can make a reservation at Café & Bar Gavroche through their website

Is there a menu available online for Café & Bar Gavroche?

Yes, you can find the menu and more information on their website, or on the restaurant booking platform Quandoo.

What is the rating of Café & Bar Gavroche on Facebook?

Café & Bar Gavroche has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 based on 86 votes on Facebook.

How long is Café & Bar Gavroche usually open on weekdays?

Café & Bar Gavroche is usually open until 12 am on weekdays.

Is there a dress code for dining at Café & Bar Gavroche?

There is no specific dress code mentioned for dining at Café & Bar Gavroche, but it’s advisable to dress smart-casual for a pleasant dining experience.

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