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Dinuguan Blood Stew: The Philippines Finest 2023


Dinuguan is a Filipino blood stew that we ate today at Mang Inasal, Borocay

Dinuguan, blood stew @ Mang Inasal
Not your average fast food joint clearly

Going home from Borocay today, so we’re trying something I have never tried before in my 47 years. Dinuguan, blood stew at this restaurant chain called Mang Inasal. Literally, the name of the food is a variant of the word blood. The Tagalog word for blood is “dugo” so Dinuguan means stewed with blood. It is also sometimes known as chocolate meat – and you’ll see why from the photograph of the dish. Just think liquid black pudding and you’re nearly there.

We had ours on Boracay, on our last day of a trip recently in 2015. A sad day as we were indeed wolfing some late breakfast down before having to get back to the hotel, Karuna Suites, to depart for the airport. We all fancied BBQ again, and local fare too – so today we stopped for Dinuguan, blood stew @ Mang Inasal.

Started by a guy from one location in 2003 in The Philippines, it has now grown to 500+ retail outlets – and I can tell you why; because the food is fast and it is bloody good. It’s like McDonalds but so very much better with regards to flavour and quality of produce.

The Dinuguan, blood stew at Mang Inasal is warming. It’s truly comfort food. I could imagine sitting in the UK on a cold cold day eating this to warm myself up before venturing outside. A slight spicy overtone here, a little iron taste there from the blood, some tender pork meat pieces, a little nutty flavour, and then a whole heap of individual spices.

I believe it has vinegar, green chili, sugar, garlic, and onion along with the pork and blood.

If you could turn off your eyes and thoughts of what this actually is – I am certain you would find this absolutely a belter – I certainly did – well what I was allowed to eat from Mary’s bowl that is. If you happen to be in the Philippines, Boracay a must try is Dinuguan, blood stew at Mang Inasal.

Dinuguan, blood stew @ Mang Inasal
Here she is – you can see why they also call it chocolate stew
What is Dinuguan made of?Dinuguan is a Filipino dish made primarily of pork meat, typically pork belly, and pork offal such as lungs, kidneys, and intestines. It is cooked in a rich, dark sauce made from pig’s blood, vinegar, and spices.
What does Dinuguan taste like?Dinuguan has a savory and slightly tangy flavor due to the vinegar. The texture is thick and stew-like, and it has a rich, earthy taste from the pig’s blood and offal. It is often described as hearty and flavorful.
Is Dinuguan made of blood?Yes, Dinuguan is made with pig’s blood, which gives the dish its distinctive dark color and contributes to its unique flavor.
What is the Filipino dish that uses blood?Dinuguan is the Filipino dish that prominently features blood as one of its key ingredients.
Is cooked blood good for you?Consuming cooked blood, like that in Dinuguan, is generally safe for most people when prepared and cooked properly. However, it’s essential to ensure that the meat and blood are sourced from healthy animals and prepared hygienically. If you have specific dietary concerns or health conditions, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.
What is the famous stew in the Philippines?One of the famous stews in the Philippines is “Sinigang.” Sinigang is a sour soup or stew typically made with pork, shrimp, or fish, and it gets its tangy flavor from ingredients like tamarind or other souring agents. It’s a popular and beloved dish in Filipino cuisine.

Dinuguan, blood stew @ Mang Inasal – come on you know me. I’ll have a crack at almost any foods. I have learned not to eat with my eyes, and to dispel preconceived ideas, and at least just try. I recommend you do the same with this one. The Semi-Naked Chef says so, go on give it a go. ENJOY!!!

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