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Naumi Hotel's authentic Italian restaurant Singapore

naumi hotel review

Florian is a Venetian restaurant that is an intrinsic part of Naumi Hotel Singapore. You can dine and drink in the restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel or even take a brunch with stunning views of Singapore city skyline at the hotel’s rooftop pool & bar area.

I have been to the Naumi Hotel rooftop terrace bar and it is exceptional as you’ll see below.

restaurant with a view singapore

I humbly believe it is one of the top Italian restaurant in Singapore compared to others I have tried, and because of that, I have visited twice now. Once when on a staycation at the Naumi Hotel for my wedding anniversary and recently with the whole family for dinner.

Florian’s mouthwatering menu is a veritable ode to Venetian gastronomy and the Italian Restaurant & Bar’s flavours are incredibly diverse and rich as you’ll see from the Florian Menu below.

They have incredible tapas-style plates so you can sample many flavours, textures and food groups without slipping into a food coma. Mix the food up with a stunning array of wines and cocktails and it becomes a rather special dining experience.

Let's hear from Florian... it's quite 'confident' shall we say

The Best Italian Restaurant & Bar In Singapore City Florian Italian Restaurant & Bar brings the ethos of la Serenissima Venice, right into the heart of Singapore. Dine with us to experience the perfect combination of traditional Italian food & sensorial pleasure, exciting the visuals, tastes and senses. Florian Restaurant & Bar Step into Florian Italian Restaurant & Bar's eclectic, modern dining spaces, and enjoy the best Italian cuisine Singapore's refined City Hall has to offer. Situated on the first floor of Naumi Hotel Singapore, Florian features intimate indoor and beautiful calm alfresco seating options. When paired with our memorable menu choices, Florian offers you the perfect reason to take a trip to the city for any occasion. The Rooftop @ Florian The Rooftop @ Florian is a mesmerising sight to behold. Situated on the 10th floor of Naumi Hotel Singapore, The Rooftop @ Florian features a beautiful infinity poolside venue, offering never ending views of the Singapore city skyline and instagram-worthy sunset scenes. Currently offering Venetian champagne brunch on Sundays and hosting a variety of private events such as weddings and solemnisations, dining at The Rooftop @ Florian is truly a 'high'light on its own!

Watch our little Vlog of Florian here

Florian Italian Restaurant Review now steps up a notch to look at the food we ate over out TWO sittings here.

naumi rooftop bar menu

Seafood Cichetti Calamari in Umido – Wifey loved this as super-salty with sauce to die for. Calamari, spicy tomato sauce, herb blend

@ $19

best italian restaurant singapore

Burrata Pomodoro -various varieties and textures of tomatoes. I’d love this even more with a wee sprinkle of sea salt & cracked black pepper

@ $16

florian menu

Cichetti Roasted Pistachio – oh yes, must come with an icy cold beer. Pistachio with rosemary & sea salt. WOOF!!!

@ $6

florian singapore menu

From our 1st dining session with Florian. Wifey loved it. Now off the menu as the guys could not match their desired freshness with demand vs import. Much respect. This was an uni on creme fraiche with lemon, type thing.

best italian restaurant singapore

Cichetti Prosciutto Platter – It really is just so good. We carnivores devoured this in seconds.

It’s an assortment of the finest Italian cold cuts.

Just delicious cold cuts in fact. The spicy Italian salami is off-the-charts good.

@ $18

naumi hotel review

Cichetti Nonna Meatballs  So sorry to say Florian but I don’t like your Nonna’s meatballs. Lacking seasoning and over-spicy to be honest, and I like spicy. Not a repeat order for us.

Made with Chef’s Grandma’s recipe.

@ $18

What is Venetian cuisine?

Venice’s AKA Venetian AKA Veneto food has a long history and is distinct from other cuisines in northern Italy but with some similarities to Austria, and the Slavic nations (especially Slovenia and Croatia). How about that?

Veneto is the wider expanse and is split into 3 regions;

  1. Venice & the Lagoon
  2. Verona
  3. Vicenza

Each has its unique style. No surprise that Venetian is near open water and is, therefore, more piscatorial oriented.

What you get here at Florian aligns to the regional Venetian Cichèti, tiny meals served in Bacari, the city’s traditional wine taverns, that are a speciality of Venezia. In recent years, they have become a sort of Venetian sub-culture, enjoyed by a younger generation as well as those from outside the nation, making them a famous tourist attraction. Save a long flight… come here to Florian.

florian singapore menu

Another one gone from the menu. I am pretty certain this was on the Burrata section of the menu (as you can see from the big lump of cheese in the middle). Something like radish flower petals with Yuzu or something if I remember rightly.


florian restaurant

2-in-1 Cichetti here Tartufo Porcini Crostini & a ‘free one’ – Bless the crew. They came out and admitted they had over-seasoned the calamari and gave us a couple of Cichetti on the house. Wowser!!!

One was this ham with creme fraiche and the other decadent black truffle with Porcini mushrooms.

Stop the tapas bus!!! WOW!!!

@ $12.00

florian restaurant

Cichetti Splanata Calabra Crostini – I absolutely LOVED this one. Textures & flavour pops all over the place.

Spicy Italian salami, Friarelli, Parmesan. Just a WOW!!!

@ $7.00

florian review

Seafood Cichetti Fritto Misto – So Wifey tried to order a repeat of the Calamari in Umido but the server said no you are mistaken this is the one. We were right, and I proved it with images of our 1st time here. Anyways it was ordered. Bits and pieces of fried fish, scallop etc.

@ $29.00

top italian restaurant singapore

Cichetti Foie Gras Crostini– Double WOOF!!! 

Little toasties with unctuous foie, a zing of vinegar, savoury of nut and even sweet of strawb. Winner!

Foie gras, Balsamico, pistachio

@ $19.00

brunch with a view singapore

Pizza Parma Burrata – I tried the crispy dough and it was superb. Crispy, charred and akin to sourdough. Awesome pizza base, so anything on top is off to a flying start. Kids loved it.

Parma ham, Burrata, tomato

@ $35.00

best italian restaurant singapore

Burrata Passion Fruit & Yuzu – passion fruit, Yuzu, lime, marinated strawberries

Sounds more like dessert time right? But this was knockout. A stunner of a Burrata with such a sour selection of fruit – incredible bedfellows.

@ $18.00

Klook Naumi Hotel

Florian Food Menu and Pricing

We love the variety and small-ish tapas-style plates so you can explore the menu more. It’s got a really nice balanced variety across the meats, piscatorial & veggie options so everyone is more than covered. Let’s have a look.

best italian restaurant singapore
florian singapore menu
florian menu
naumi rooftop bar menu

Florian Drinks Menu

Florian Drinks Menu
florian review

I am adding in the drinks menu, which might be the 1st for any Singapore Food Blog review I have ever written. Why?

Because their cocktails are INSANELY good.

Recommendation = Bellini!!!

See Wifey’s face… nuff said!!!

florian menu
naumi hotel singapore

Florian Singapore specials are more on a whole event than options on the menu, with their Rooftop Sunday Champagne Brunch

What could be better than a lavish Brunch being a foodie living in Singapore? Maybe a brunch with a view of the Singapore skyline as well. We have never done this as it looks very much more couples than family, but…

Looks like fun though to join them for Florian’s Sunday Rooftop Brunch, located on The Rooftop At Florian, for just $98++, for;

  • Free flows of Cocktails, Wines & Prosecco
  • Seasonal Cichetti Platter
  • Seafood Ceviche
  • Truffle Cream Pasta & Grilled Wagyu

From 12:30pm – 2:30pm, every Sunday, seating is only limited to 25 pax. Drink in the good times with them at Florian’s Rooftop.

brunch with a view singapore

Watch our little Vlog of our Staycation at Naumi Hotel with snacks and cocktails at Florian Italian Restaurant

Frequently asked questions about Florian Singapore

Yes, indeed they do. You have. a couple of options. 

You can order direct off their Website or you can use one of the mainstreams Foodpanda.

It’s pretty simple actually as I assume Naumi Hotel demands that they open to support & service the paying guests at the hotel. So they are open;

Every single day.

08:00am to 10:30pm 

Why not do what the Wife and I did? Book a staycation at Naumi Hotel and go a dining, rooftop drinking, brunching and just stay over. It surely is a cool boutique hotel in a hipster location.

All the usual suspects from Klook to are on your Internet doorstep for that.

You can contact them direct;

Call/WhatsApp: +65 9863 6361


Or get online and book via Chope.

Our conclusions about Florian Italian Restaurant at Naumi Hotel Singapore

I love the concept and I love the place. It has cool sounds and vibes, a great interior, superb drinks & food, awesome wait staff, the funkiest of sisters in Naumi Hotel (just check the artwork and get up to that rooftop), and it is in such a cool neighbourhood with some hipster stuff going on there.

The food concept of Venetian Cichetti rocks my world too. I align with this completely. Small portions, one-bite sized, but loads and loads of them so you get variety and can explore the menu and graze. I remember watching ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ when he visited Venice and his fixer took him to some local joint and he must have eaten 30 one-bite-sized Cichetti’s. It’s the only way to dine!!!

On our second trip here I happened to bump into a mate from over West who was about to dine here. I asked him afterwards for his feedback and he concurred that it was a superb restaurant with great food, varied selection, great service and kicking cocktails.

There you have it, folks. It surely gets my vote. This is a repeat place for us and we’ll keep coming back again and again.

Florian, be seeing you for a boozy Sunday brunch when me and the Wife can dump the kids!!!

Why not try some of Is Life a Recipe's recipes for our very own version of Cichetti.

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