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Roast Pumpkin and Pork Belly Recipe


100% made up.

Roast pork belly with Japanese roasted pumpkin and cinnamon

Walking through the supermarket, where I was asked “Hmmm what we going to eat tonight hun?”

Clearly a loaded question but anyways here we go. A little creativity that turned out really nice.

To make huge batch of food, enough for 6 easily;

  • 2 roasted pork bellies from the rotisserie – yeah go on cheat (or two bellies, rub in a little salt and pepper in you’re cooking from raw)
  • 1/2 a Japanese Pumpkin, cut in to bite size cubes – leave that skin on though please
  • 3 apples (tart ones) cut in to slices and peeled
  • 1 packet of mushrooms – any will do to be honest, but not the dainty as they are likely to disintergrate
  • 12 garlic cloves still in the skin
  • A drizzle or two of some quality olive oil
  • A very good sprinkling of salt and pepper (yep even on the apples)

Now that is it.

Take a baking tray, add all these ingredients in, drizzle the oil and sprinkle the salt and pepper. That is it.

Bang that in a pre-heated oven on 250 for approximately 30-40 minutes – or until pork is cooked (if cooking from raw) or the pumpkin is soft.

All the ingredients roast together so the pork fat drips and oozes all over the veggies and apple, it becomes so so delicious.

Give it a stir around once every 15 minutes or so to mix the flavours and ensure coating with oil.

A winner.

I served it with my fried rice and a very simple but so effective dipping sauce;

  • Hollandaise sauce – yes straight from a jar
  • Stir in a little lemon juice
  • Stir in some finely chopped basil – Thai or Sweet
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