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The Food of Kings – the Doner Kebab, eaten in Margate, at Charcoal Grill

Visiting my Mum and family in Margate, on my last night before returning to Singapore of course I had to, yes I just had to. I had to have my doner kebab fix. So off I trot to Charcoal Grill, at 73 Canterbury Rd, Margate. My favourite, and I have tried a few in my time, and a few across the planet not just in Margate.

Come see the guys if you are here, or just go to your local. You just have to.

 Doner Kebab
Here are the lovely gentlemen of Charcoal Grill with my large, full sad please, chili sauced, doner kebab. A thing of beauty. I have had 100’s of theses in my 47 years. I have even used one as a warm pillow after I got locked out of my Mum’s, and had to sleep in the porch. What a wonderfully diverse dish this is.
Doner Kebab
The rotating spit with the huge slab of lamb meat, and the guy looking at it with admiration. The inverted cone shaped seasoned meat originated from someone in Turkey coming up with the idea of roasting lambs on a spit horizontally. Sliced thinly when crispy and served in a toasted pita with heaps of salad – onions, tomatoes, green and red lettuce, cucumber and lashings of hot hot chili sauce. Oh yeah baby. This is spicy, tangy, meaty. And must, I say must categorically be eaten whilst accompanied by an icy icy cold beer. Enjoy my friends. A die die must try, and death row food.
 Doner Kebab
Oh yeah baby.
Enjoy folks.
You just gotta get your hands on one of these – and NOW!!!


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