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3x Wagyu Surf & Turf

Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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3x Wagyu Surf & Turf


#1 son was home and we decided to have a Kennett family dinner at home. Only the night before I had got a delivery from our Shaun at Butcher Box including a ‘mystery steak’. I so love getting mystery stuff to cook from these guys. So, this became a Bill Wallace Friendly but also David Knibbs Here’s The Wagyu dinner.

This was my version of a 3x Wagyu Surf & Turf.

For the piscatorial lovers in the family, Wifey & #1, I knocked up a quick fish dish which turned out to be stellar by all accounts. For Strawberry Blonde I pulled together a quick but delicious salad. For Jude Jude, well let’s just say my main Wagyu buddy got his fix, that’s for certain.

3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
On the menu tonight… top to bottom in the photo; StoneAxe Wagyu Full Blood Tenderloin, Wagyu Rib-Eye MB6/7, and Mystery Steak – AKA Australian Wagyu cow used for breeding for 8+ years, then taken out of that program to be released free-roaming and grass-feeding before they bonk it on the head.

I just want to call out the meat here folks. No advertising, this is a pure and friendly recommendation. You get wholesale rates, delivered to your door for some of the very best meat products you’ll ever have. It’s just amazing quality. And you know I always harp on about – cook with quality products, and your cooking escapades will have better results. Well, there you have it. Get yourself on the WhatsApp ‘mailing list’. All these came from his ‘The 2020 Wagyu Grand Champion Box’.

WhatsApp Shaun @ Butcher Box 8137 4320

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3x Wagyu Surf & Turf


I decided to cook this on my new Japanese charcoal BBQ. I was going to do that on the balcony and serve through the window as I have done before. But with a brand new sofa, Wifey was rightfully worried re ‘food splashing’. So downstairs in the dining room, it was to be today. My Japanese BBQ was on the hob (the safest place I thought) and we were cooking without gas, haha. Perfect, it really was perfect. Well, that was until some of the fattier steaks went on and the coals started smoking, with nowhere for the smoke to go. So I have red-eye today, and all the clothes need washing again due to them being in the wet kitchen hanging to dry. Whoops!!!


It was a splendid family dinner, with super-tasty food. I am proud of it actually. Happy family, a lovely family dinner. All washed down with some Prosecco, a couple of beers and a load of family chit chat. Love it.

Let’s have a look. Showing off massively. Get all the meat prepped and on a platter to WOW your dining audience.

WINNER – looks amazing, right?

3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
Putting this photo in again to share what I did with the meat. Make sure that it is at room temperature. NO OIL NEEDED. Just slice it thin. Season with sea salt & cracked black pepper on both sides about an hour before you are ready to BBQ. That’s it. Now to add – use good quality sea salt and if you have it Kampot pepper. AMAZING results will come for you with incredible beef and the very best seasoning together… It’s as simple as that folks. No reverse searing or anything else. This will cook super-fast, and just let the beef do the talking!!!

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Salad ‘w’ Balsamic

3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
Here’s that beautiful salad for us all, but focused for Strawberry Blonde. It’s a stunner to look at and to eat. So very fresh and delicious.
Here’s the recipe for the Salad;
  1. 1x punnet of Heirloom cherry tomatoes. Cut them in half and throw them in a mixing bowl;
  2. 2x packets of small Mozzarella cheese balls. Drain the liquid and throw the cheese in the bowl with the tomatoes;
  3. 1x packet of Western Basil. Rip this up and get it in the bowl;
  4. Drizzle with your best virgin Olive oil;
  5. Give a good sprinkle of sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  6. Toss that through and transfer to your serving platter;
  7. Finally, drizzle with some quality Balsamic Vinegar and serve her up.

Stunning – so fresh – so tasty – such food heaven to look at!!!

3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
My little setup today. I popped my Japanese charcoal grill on the space on the hob. Perfect little workstation despite the smoke that was soon to ensue. It was like being in Singapore trying to cook steak during the haze ffs… I love my new Japanese grill, save me having to carry the monster Tepanyaki grill everywhere. 4 charcoal briquets are all you need to cook all night on for a family of 5. Amazing how they keep the heat in.

Dory ‘w’ Dill & Hazelnuts

3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
The quick piscatorial dish, AKA the surf of the surf & turf. This is Dory ‘w’ Dill & Hazelnuts
Here’s the recipe for the Surf;
  1. Take a baking tray and lay down a sheet of silver foil – enough to make a parcel over 2 fish fillets;
  2. Pop 4 slices of fresh lemon on the foil as your base for the fish and citrus steam;
  3. 2x decent Dory fillets like the picture – spray with black truffle oil on both sides;
  4. Season on both sides with sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  5. Lay one fillet onto two lemons each;
  6. Lay some sprigs of fresh Dill on each fillet;
  7. Pop a knob of salted butter on top of each fillet;
  8. Fold over the foil to make a little ‘parcel’ so it bakes and steams;
  9. Slam that in the oven at 200 degrees for about 15-20 minutes until cooked through;
  10. Carefully take the fillets off the lemon slices and plate them;
  11. Sprinkle some fresh chopped Dill over the top;
  12. Spoon some of the melted butter from the baking tray on top as that will be citrusy from the lemon too;
  13. Sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts over the top of that and serve away my friends.

Wifey said the best fish ever.

Salty, sour, savoury. Flavour & texture-pops. Very delicious.

Winner, winner, Wifey’s favourite fish dinner!!!

StoneAxe Full Blood Wagyu MB9+

BBQ'd wagyu steak
This is the StoneAxe Full Blood Wagyu MB9+. Beautiful strips of amazing Wagyu that took literally 30 seconds to a minute per side to get to a stunning medium-rare.
3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
Have a look at that. A little sprinkle of sea salt & cracked black pepper after plating and serve. That’s it. It needs NOTHING more in my personal view, just some teeth wrapped around it!

ISLIFEARECIPE-dia stolen from the web site of Stone Axe; In the early 1990s, entrepreneur Chris Walker (father of Stone Axe Co-founder Mathew Walker) was convinced of the potential future of Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu in Australia. As there was no protocol between Japan and Australia to import cattle directly, Chris went about the long and difficult process of bringing these prized genetics into Australia via the USA.

With utmost conviction, 84 Female and 3 Male registered Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu breeding cattle were exported to the US. After several years of breeding there, Chris was able to export 40 female breeders from his herd in the US to Tarana NSW, along with 9 young bulls that were sons of the herd’s 3 prized registered Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu Sires. Today these origins are contained in the Stone Axe herd that numbers in the thousands and spans several farms across the high country of New South Wales and Victoria. And to this day, the herd maintains 100% Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu genetics, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality – the definitive taste of Australian Full Blood Wagyu.

Be proud Chris and Mathew for what you have created here and Shaun for shipping this into Singapore for us to enjoy. It is just marvellous boys. So very tender and so beautifully flavourful. I have to admit at first I was a little dubious due to the lesser marbling compared to the rib eye – clearly show’s my naivety perhaps there. But it’s a cracker indeed!!! MAJOR thumbs up from family Kennett.

Mystery Steak

Charcoal BBQ StoneAxe Wagyu
Here she is. Super-fast again to cook. If you like perfect doneness of medium-rare of course. So 30 seconds to a minute per side tops! Still, a lovely sear on there due to the heat intensity from the comes as you’ll see from the snap. Quite a thick fatty cap on this cut, but that can act as you’re eating grip when you serve this up.
3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
And there she is. A little chewier than the other 2 steaks but to be expected as she is 8+ years old right. At the age of 52, I know how she feels. Super flavour. Much more intense beefiness in her, almost a little gamey like she’d been dry-aged. An absolute stunner of a steak. Beautiful beefiness, #1 said with a hint of nutty in there… Wonderful!!!

Wagyu Rib-Eye MB6/7

3x Wagyu Surf & Turf
Bugger forgot the snap of this on the grill. I am a dumb-arse, sorry! Anyways here she is plated. Super-fatty this one so this was when the smoke in the kitchen was like INTENSE. I thought I was actually in Indonesia not just getting the passive haze in Singapore. What a beauty this is. So different to the previous two. We found this one was much more tender and less chewy, higher fat content but the flavour wasn’t as punchy as the other two. Still delicious don’t get us wrong, amazing in fact. Imagine a hybrid of the three together – holy cow. In fact, it literally would be a HOLY COW…

Wow. How about that dinner? That was a STUNNER. An amazing array of different Wagyu from Australia. All so subtly different in initial look, texture, and flavour. But all so wonderful when popped in your gob. Balanced off nicely with the piscatorial element that I am especially proud of as I can seemingly cook it but can’t eat the stuff haha. Cooking guesswork is working well it seems. And finally, the salad was a perfect bedfellow to all that meat with some nice citrus from the vinegar and tomatoes and hit of fresh herb from the basil. Yeah, this was one superb family smorgasbord. This was 3x Wagyu Surf & Turf, and it was a CRACKER.



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