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Pie n Mash Recipe: a cracking recipe for Mr C of The Shamen

Pie n Mash Recipe: So from my previous blog “Pie n Mash with Mr C of The Shamen” – here comes the recipe for the actual dish. This came out very well I think bearing in mind the conditions, literally baking pies at a BBQ pit with a portable oven. So with no pie and mash near me I had to make it come to me, by cooking it.

Plus add to that that I had never cooked or prepared pies before. Not a bad outcome. And believe me everything from scratch from pastry, and filling to eel liquor. Phew quite a task – but for Cockney mate Spencer Campbell – it’s not an issue!!!

Here she blows – the finished article of this: Pie n Mash Recipe. I now have pie and mash near me.

eel stock and liquor best Pie n Mash recipe

Not bad right? This is my pie and mash near me. I made this recipe up to be more like traditional pie and mash London.

Shortcrust pastry for the pie bottom and flaky pastry for the top. Stuffed with minced beefy goodness. Are you ready to begin

I made absolutely tonnes of pies from this Pie n Mash Recipe, as I had 40+ people at the party, so here is a sensible amount to make about 10 or so pies. You will also need pie tins. I actually used square muffin cases as you can see from the pie shape. It worked perfectly. I would just say up front do you want big pies or small pies, or even one pie? I ended up using all the spare pastry and meat mix to make two big buggers in bread tins that ended up around my mates’ houses being consumed over the next few days. Nice!

Here we go Pie n Mash Recipe. This is to remind my mate Mr C of his favorite pie and mash London. First up is the short-crust pastry:

  • 250 grammes plain flour;
  • 125 grams of salted butter;
  • Pinch of salt; and
  • 1-2 eggs.

In a large bowl place the flour. Chop the butter into small cubes and throw on in. Now ‘massage’ this continually. This will kill your hands I bet. Keep going. You want this to turn to a crumb-like consistency. Yep like crumbs. Takes a while believe me, so keep going, come on you can do it. When you get to this point add in the eggs, a pinch of salt, and start the process again. Massage massage massage. What should happen is that it all comes together eventually in a big ball – just like this.

Pie n mash recipe

Now you need to treat this as a bad child. Leave it alone and banish it to the fridge for a couple of hours to chill down. Now this is just the short-crust pastry part of the Pie n Mash Recipe folks. I will completely admit I cheated and bought the flaky pastry – that I could not be bothered to make at all.

That is painful, layer, butter, roll, layer, butter, roll, etc. No thanks. But I demand the shortcrust from you – OK? This is after all a complete pie n mash recipe.

Once you have let it chill pull her out of the fridge. You’ll need a nice flat service, some plain flour, a rolling pin, and some butter. I got Amy to rub a thin layer of butter into the muffin tins, double non-stick basically.

Pull a lump of the pastry off the big lump, sprinkle some flour down on the work surface, and then slam down the pastry. Flatten it out by hand and sprinkle some flour on top. Then commence rolling. Up and down and side to side to keep the shape roughly square. You want to get this nice and thin, as nothing worse than great big thick lumps of pastry in your pie.

So about a cm thick type thing. This next bit was all rather painful and took forever to do. Putting it into the muffin mold and then pushing it into the corner and then trimming off the excess to leave just enough to stick the flaky pastry on top too.

I’ll finish this bit off now. Assume the mixture is done as below. Spoon that into each pie, and then rub some egg wash over the shortcrust pastry sides, and then cut to size the flaky pastry and sort of glue it together. I then took a sharp knife and stabbed a couple of small holes in the top of the flaky pastry to let the steam out, and with a fork went around all four sides of the flaky pastry gently pushing it down to stick it to the shortcrust pastry.

You can see that from the picture above. See the little grooves all the way around the pie – looks fancy-like. To finish brush the top of each pie with more egg wash and that will give you that gorgeous color on top of each pie – sort of professional yes?

OK let’s go to the filling now, next phase of the Pie n Mash Recipe:

  • 500g minced beef;
  • 1 roughly chopped onion;
  • 2 finely chopped garlic cloves;
  • 2 heaped teaspoons of tomato puree;
  • 1 heaped teaspoon English mustard;
  • 2 tablespoons of plain flour;
  • 1 handful chopped mushrooms – I used button (any would do); and
  • 1/2 can of Ale – I used Kilkenny.

Brown off the minced beef in a large pan with a little olive oil. When that is cooked add in the garlic, and onion and cook for about another 3-5 minutes. Add in a little plain flour, you want to sprinkle this in to avoid any lumps. Why flour? Well, my friend you are making gravy from all the minced beef juice. A nice thick gravy.

Add in the mustard, mushrooms, tomato puree, beer, and a very good pinch of salt and cracked black pepper. I also added in a little seasoning liquid, and a beef stock cube about now.

Cover the pan and let this simmer for about 20 minutes. You are done. Have a wee taste. It may need a little more salt & pepper so oblige if that is the case. Maybe even a little more English mustard, up to you and your personal taste. This is your Pie n Mash Recipe courtesy of me, very much aligned to the traditional best pie and mash London.

Conclusions of Best Pie n Mash Recipe

And that my friends, is that. A delicious – in fact super delicious pie filling and pastry. Once you have done assembling all the pie elements, whack them in a 200-degree oven until the pastry is risen and golden brown like the photo.


Carefully slide them out and serve. I tell you what I challenge anyone to say these aren’t delicious and that is a brilliant Pie n Mash Recipe. In fact, these were still being eaten a day or two later they were that good – and I don’t mind saying that myself folks.


If you’re in search of the best pie and mash London recipe, you have several delicious options to choose from. One popular recipe involves using puff pastry, dried marrowfat peas, beef mince, and potatoes for a traditional East End experience.


Another recipe recommends a mix of beef mince, suet, pastry, and flavorful stocks. Additionally, a classic recipe includes mashed potatoes, a hearty pie crust, brown ale, and savory mince.


For those looking for a homemade pie and mash London version, a recipe suggests serving minced beef pie with plain mashed potatoes and liquor, a sauce made with no milk or butter.

People also asked about Pie n Mash Recipe

# Question Answer
1 What is the traditional meat used in best pie and mash London? Typically, minced beef is the traditional meat used in pie and mash.
2 How do you make authentic London parsley liquor for best pie and mash London? Combine butter, cornflour, chicken stock, parsley, and garlic for an authentic London parsley liquor. Simmer until thickened and smooth.
3 Can I use a different pastry for best pie and mash recipe? While suet pastry is traditional, you can experiment with rough puff or shortcrust pastry for a unique twist in your pie and mash recipe.
4 Is there a healthier version of pie and mash? To make it healthier, consider reducing butter in the mash or exploring alternative ingredients. Check recipes for lighter variations.
5 What is the significance of jellied eels with pie and mash London? Jellied eels are a classic East London accompaniment, adding a unique texture and flavor. They’re served on the side with pie and mash in traditional establishments.
6 Can I make pie and mash ahead for gatherings? Absolutely! Prepare components in advance, refrigerate, and assemble before serving to maintain freshness and flavor.
7 What is the origin of the pie and mash tradition? Pie and mash originated in East London, becoming a staple working-class meal. It reflects the city’s culinary heritage and has a rich history dating back to the 19th century.
8 Are there regional variations of pie and mash recipes? Yes, various regions may have unique twists to the classic pie and mash. Explore local variations, from different meat choices to diverse styles of liquor and accompaniments.
9 Can I make a vegetarian version of pie and mash? Certainly! Experiment with plant-based mince, vegetable stocks, and alternative pie crusts for a delicious vegetarian or vegan adaptation of the traditional dish.
10 What’s the key to achieving the perfect mash for best pie and mash London? For the perfect mash, use plain mashed potatoes without milk or butter. Add a little cooking water if needed for desired consistency. Serve alongside your favorite pie and liquor.

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