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The Winery Gourmet – Valentines Day Dinner


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The Winery Siglap Valentines Day Dinner

Many of you would have read Brian’s visit to The Winery – Siglap Wine Bar which had such a rave review, so after clocking The Winery Gourmet Bar in Siglap Instagram promo video for Valentines Day I checked in with the wife to see if she was up for it and hey presto we had a booking!

Here is what was so appealing in their promo! “Spoil your loved ones and tuck into our 5-Course Set Menu without breaking the bank! Featuring our signature Binchotan Grilled Kagoshima A4 Wagyu, it’ll be one to satisfy your heart and stomach”

5 Course meal for 2 people inclusive of 2 Glasses of Palau Gazo Brut sparkling Cava at a total cost of $149++

Read more below on why it was not as it first seemed!

The Winery Valentines Day Dinner 2023
Cava Palau Gazo Brut

Starter - Homemade Toasted Sourdough - Beef Fat Butter

We were both very surprised that Bread & Butter is now considered a course! Homemade Toast? Seriously?

The Beef Fat Butter did save the dish but it’s hardly a course, in fact in many restaurants it’s provided before the meal starts, not as a course.

Starter Homemade Toast Sourdough with Beef Fat Butter

Amuse Bouche - Hokkaido Scallop Tartlet Pickled Watermelon Radish

The tartlet was more like a Kueh Pie Tee shell and not a pastry but it was incredibly small. There was only one per person!

The watermelon was over powered by the pickling vinegar.

Had it been bigger or more of them it might have been a better course.

Amuse Bouche Hokkaido Scallop Tartlet Pickled Watermelon Radish

Appetiser - Foie Gras & Wild Tiger Prawns, Onion Consommé & Chive Oil

Now this dish certainly stepped up from the last two. We had never had Foie Gras in a Consommé before so was intrigued to try it.

The prawns were very tasty and you could tell the difference between wild versus farmed.

The Foie Gras took on the flavours of the onion Consommé, a delightfully succulent morsel that was a little on the small side and definitely moreish! I felt the chive oil did not suit the dish that well and could be have been left out.

Appetiser Foie Gras & Wild Tiger Prawns
Appetiser Foie Gras & Wild Tiger Prawns Onion Consomme & Chive Oil

Main Course - Binchotan Grilled Kagoshima A4 Wagyu, Mushroom Puree, Onion Jam with Beef Jus

The main course for this set meal was actually Wild Barramundi, Squid Ink ‘Komachi Rice’ and Piquillo Aioli.

In the promo the menu choices were not named but only visually implied. We when you are given the menu you suddenly realise the A4 Wagyu you see in the video is an upsell to add an additional $26 per person.

We had both been drawn in for the Wagyu and so took them up on the option. The Binchotan Grilled Kagoshima A4 Wagyu was the star of the show for sure. the Wagyu fat melted in our mouths, we took our time over this dish and the slices we cut kept getting smaller to savor the moment. The Onion Jam with Beef Just was an incredible accompaniment to the Wagyu but the Mushroom puree I feel could have packed a bigger punch.

Maine Course Binchotan Grilled Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Mushroom Puree, Onion Jam with Beef Jus

Dessert - Raspberry Chantilly Cream Mille Feuille, Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Unfortunately the pastry bases were a little too dry, the Chantilly cream did compensate for that. The vanilla ice-cream was as nice and an ice cream can be but overall a little under whelming dish that could have been on point.

Dessert - Raspberry Chantilly Cream Mille Feuille Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

LePlan-Vermeersch Côtes-du-Rhône RS Rouge

To add on to the set meal with one drink each we opted for a bottle of LePlan-Vermeersch Côtes-du-Rhône which was a little too young at 2020.

The maître d offered to decant but we went straight to glass. The description in the wine shop at the front of house said full bodied with strawberry notes.

I would say it was smooth on taste, no tannins but the berry notes were light. It’s given a rating of 3.6/5 on Vivino. 

At $66 a bottle its a reasonably priced wine for Singapore but would not buy again.

IMG 20230214 194317 The Winery Gourmet - Valentines Day Dinner

The Winery Siglap Valentines Day Dinner Conclusion

We love The Winery Gourmet as we have been a couple of times already but on this occasion it did not hit the mark. Given it was Valentines Day dinner and marks a special occasion more effort could have been put in on the dishes but in hindsight it might have been better to order a la carte!

Total bill was $319.57 after all the government taxes.

So whilst the Valentines Dinner was disappointing we will of course return again soon but we will be attending the Spanish Tapas Free Flow for $39 from 5pm until 10.30pm (last orders 10pm).

The Winery Gourmet | Bar Address & Telephone

Address: 907 E Coast Rd, #01-03 Springvale, Singapore 459107
Telephone: +65 6518 9188

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