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Fried chicken skin at Liberty Bar on Beach Road


Just for this it was worth it…

A new drinking hole when with some of my clients and friends or both.


Liberty Bar on Beach Road, near the corner of Arab Street.

A nice place. Friendly staff. Cheap drinks. Food, you know I don’t know of they do. It is indeed nestled between food courts and the like. But do they do food. No idea!!!

What made that statement different this time???

First to explain – most of the staff are Filipino. So this time I was chatting re Fiesta time with Mary and family in Mabini, Bohol (you’ve seen the blog). Eating and drinking stories. Family stories. And again more eating stories.

Then out of the blue the guys bring John and I a big bowl of deep fried chicken skin with vinegar dip. Holy cow. Smells wafting that reminded me of Pete’s Fish & Chip Shop in Margate. That salty, vinegary, deep fried smell.

Deep fried, salty, vinegary goodness. Mmmmmmm!!! Delicious!!!
Deep fried, salty, vinegary goodness. Mmmmmmm!!! Delicious!!!

How was it? Abso-f*cking-lutely AMAZING!!! Sorry Mary that’s why I stayed for a couple more beers. You could not eat this wonderful fried beauty of a thing without a beer. So I blame Liberty Bar. Shame on you Liberty Bar!!!

See you next week – he he!!!

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