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Sooperlicious Cakes Review

A little bit different today folks, as we venture to Sooperlicious Cakes Review.

Not a restaurant review, but a local F&B business nonetheless and one that is well worth a review. It is a cake-maker called Hana that set this business up and she is a GENIUS.

I was looking for something special for Wifey’s birthday this year and WOW did Hana and her team deliver. Just watch my wife’s face when we ‘unveil’ the cake after her birthday dinner, because the cake made such a special end to the birthday day.

It is the best I have ever ordered in my reckoning, and my request was completely bespoke and could be the VERY FIRST EVER Jollibee birthday cake made on the planet.

So special, and so very unique.

sooperlicious halal cakes

A 2022 update

I am now going to add more content to this Blog because since the 1st Sooperlicious Cakes Review I have ordered many many more for a variety of birthdays. So let’s have a look at them, shall we? Absolutely INCREDIBLE cakes including a 2nd one for Wifey’s birthday in 2021. How clever is Hana and the crew. Mind-blowingly good…

Below is;

  1. Wifey’s Birthday cake for 2021 is a tribute to the Philippines & Bohol where she is from
  2. Ollie’s Chelsea FC Birthday cake
  3. Jude Jude’s incredible MineCraft Birthday cake
  4. Amy’s TikTok teenager Birthday cake
sooperlicious halal cakes
sooperlicious halal cakes
sooperlicious halal cakes
sooperlicious halal cakes

Back to Wifey's Birthday 2020

sooperlicious halal cakes

Hana and Sooperlicious Cakes come with a massive recommendation from me and the family because they can bespoke your order, you can collect, or they deliver and they were phenomenal dealing with me being rather demanding git as I always am. A big 5* out of 5* from the gang. Should get a Michelin Star!!!

Was wifey happy with her birthday cake? I would say Wifey was absolutely blown away by the cake, as we all were, including Jude Jude. 

“OK, just one more drumstick…” says Strawberry Blonde… How real does that chicken drumstick look… WOW!!!

There is another reason why this cake is so special. With a Filipino wife, you get to know the Jollibee brand very well and not just when within the Philippines. They will hunt this stuff out wherever we are on the planet. Personally, I hate it and that bloody annoying bee and his cohorts like Twirly Whirley who I had this experience with before in the Philippines... So for me to make the effort to find and get made this cake means double, ney treble meaning to Wifey & the kids as they really do know how much I loathe this brand, so this is BIG haha!!!

Jollibee Singapore

My double scary experience of the very flirtatious Jollibee’s Twirley Whirley, who kept hugging me and wanting sit on my lap. This was made double scary when I found out that it was a man inside… I HATE JOLLIBEE!!!

As always, let's also hear from Hana the founder of Sooperlicious Halal Cakes

After years of flying in the aviation industry, Hana responded to what she calls an “intimate calling” to be an entrepreneur. She had always had a passion for baking and wanted to use it as a means to give back to society. To her, the best job that one can have is something that pays the bills, that she is passionate about doing day in, day out, and that contributes to society. She doesn't see herself as a born artist (even when the intricate designs of a Sooperlicious cake speak otherwise) but rather, as someone whose skill was nurtured out of a raw passion for the craft. The journey has seen her take huge strides as a person – where she used to be more of a people pleaser or feel overwhelmed over tight deadlines, she is now able to view life through a different lens. A tight deadline is now a meaningful challenge. A complicated design request is now an opportunity to learn something new and push her limits. An accidentally burnt cake is not just wasted ingredients, but a chance to review her processes and what could be improved or streamlined. Her favourite quote is “you were born to be real; not to be perfect.” In her free time, she enjoys watching reality shows like MasterChef (with a cup of afternoon tea in one hand and cupcake in the other) and dream about herself winning the competition one day.

How to get your hands on Hana's Sooperlicious Halal Cakes

I tend to engage Hana via WhatsApp. She has a short form in there that you fill out and share some photos or your design concepts. A few iterations and she is then done with the design. You agree on the cake you want the rainbow, chocolate etc. when and where you want it and hey presto you are off and running. Well, Hana is…

Sooperlicious Cakes Contact Details & Address

Address: 183 Jln Pelikat, B1-44, Singapore 537643

Telephone number: +65 9101 5856

Website is:


Sooperlicious Halal Cakes is the very best I have ever seen in terms of concepts and ideas becoming cakes. She truly is incredible as is her product. It really does give a jaw-dropping celebration when you open that box and share it with the loved one you got it for. It really does make that day even more special because of the cake. So give Hana a call or an email and get your first incredible piece of art, I will guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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