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Father’s Day ChillaxBBQ |  Father’s Day BBQ Recipes


A Father’s Day & BeBe Birthday celebration was planned this day and ChillaxBBQ stepped up to the plate to ‘cater’ in our usual fashion – just no BBQ due to the lockdown regulation at the moment of ‘gatherings’.

A new recipe in honour of Papang bless him, my father-in-law who sadly passed away. So in his honour, I recreated his infamous Mud Crab recipe for Wifey to remember him by – I hope I did him proud.

I have also just purchased a new toaster grill to practice my new ChillaxBBQ concept of toasties and lunch boxes. Check those bad boys out.

The menu today from ChillaxBBQ;

  • Baked lobster ‘w’ citrus and garlic butter
  • Baked prawns ‘w’ butter & honey
  • Blackmore Wagyu Sirloin Pink2Pink
  • Blackmore Wagyu Short Rib Toasties ‘w’ Coarse Cheddar
  • Avocado Smash ‘w’ Garlic Butter Prawns Toasties

For Papang’s Mud Crab Recipe;

  1. In a big pot add about 2 litres of coconut milk
  2. Throw in 3-4 chopped up Mud Crabs
  3. Bringing to a boil and turn to simmer
  4.  in;
    • 5 crushed lemongrass stalks
    • 1 finely sliced red onion
    • Juice of one fresh lemon
    • 2″ knob of ginger – roughly chopped
    • 1 young coconut flesh – roughly chopped/grated
    • Sea salt & cracked black pepper
    • Give it a good stir and let it simmer for about an hour
    • Serve with plain white rice

And before that was a Lucky Lockdown Brekkie for the Kidlets;

If you want a Chef-Table experience around your house or even just a lunchbox delivery to home, give us a call.


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