Wagyu ‘w’ Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest


Wagyu ‘w’ Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest

Again I foray into the world of #BillWallaceFriendly and #Here’stheWagyuKnibbsy to craft a new dish for the kids‘ lunch and get some of the leftovers gone from the fridge. Yes, this is my style of using up the leftovers. Get creative. Make a plating point to entertain the eyes, as well as nose and mouth. I had 200g of defrosted Wagyu sitting there from Orca, some Bagels, and some pre-cooked Quail eggs in brine. And so that became Wagyu ‘w’ Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest

. Jude Jude and Strawberry Blonde devoured this in super-fast time. There is evidence that this is a good meal for the kids to get stuck into. It’s got everything going for it. Beefy, fatty, cheesy, eggy, toasty, and truffley.

Holy shit yeah!!!

Wagyu ‘w’ Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest

Wagyu 'w' Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest
Here she is. I like that a lot. Cutesy served upon the ScanPan platter and then transferred to an individual plate for chow-time. Wagyu ‘w’ Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest.

Per ‘nest’ you will need;

  • 4x pre-cooked Quail eggs – I got from the supermarket;
  • 100g of Wagyu striploin – this is super high marbling as you will see from the photo;
  • 1x Tsp Black Truffle Tartufata or Truffle oil;
  • A handful of grated Mozzarella;
  • 1x half of a toasted Bagel;
  • 1″ knob of salted butter; and
  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper.

Ready, steady, go…

  1. Sprinkle a good amount of sea salt & cracked black pepper on both sides of the steak;
  2. Pop that in a dry pan and sear to a nice charred crust on both sides for a few minutes and take her out for rest;
  3. No need for any oil as the fat in the Wagyu is your natural non-stick;
  4. Pop the butter into the same pan and throw in the Bagel to toast it again in the butter until golden brown and pop on your platter – this will be incredible as you are toasting the bagel in Wagyu juices and butter – hell yeah;
  5. Throw the eggs in the pan now and spoon in the Tartufata – move that around to warm the eggs and get the flavours muddled;
  6. That’s the cooking part – now to the plating;
  7. Pop the butter-toasted Bagel down on a platter and sprinkle over a nice layer of Mozzarella cheese;
  8. Arrange the cooked Tartufata eggs in the Bagel hole;
  9. Cut the Wagyu into thin slices and arrange them on top of the Mozzarella – the heat will cause cheese melt to delicious gooey; and
  10. Serve that bad boy up – a stunner.

That’s it, guys. So very simple. Very pleasing to the eyes. An aroma to die for with the Tartufata. Textures going off all over the place and flavour pops exploding with every bite. The kids loved this as I mentioned. It’s a quirky little kids dish. I originally called it “my steak & eggs”, but Amy changed it to Wagyu ‘w’ Mini Eggs & Mozzarella Cheesy Nest. I like it. The liked it. I am sure you and your kids will like it – ENJOY!!!

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