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Salted and Hung Review : Amazing Purvis Street (2023)


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Ollie's 17th Birthday @ Salted and Hung on Purvis Street

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I had this recommendation given to be my one of my clients. A fellow foodie named Jamie. Thanks for this Jamie. A seriously good recommendation. This place rocks. We took you seriously and came along for brunch. It just so happened it was Ollie’s birthday on 21st too – double whammy. This is absolutely a die-die must-try. It is one of the very best brunches ever, and seriously so very reasonable. The Chef is Drew from Australia. Be proud Drew the food was exceptional, and your staff was brilliant – every single one of them so knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and downright friendly. This is Ollie’s 17th Birthday @ Salted & Hung on Purvis Street.

So the concept that I think is unique is that it is a set menu. So you have access to start to the Charcuterie and Antipasti Bar. Then you move into a concoction of 4-second courses, 6 third courses and then three desserts. If, you still have the room you can then order additional dishes. WOW. 7 in our crew, so 2x each course is 22, plus one additional tomato salad = TWENTY THREE dishes. OMG. It just kept coming.

Thanks to my Amy for taking the first few photos – great work Amy-Boo.

We all loved it so much. Variety was off the charts, presentation stunning – as you’ll see, and flavours popping all over the place – Ollie’s 17th Birthday @ Salted & Hung on Purvis Street was an absolute cracking lunch. We’ll so be back here. Next time we are back I am determined to sit at the bar and have Chef Drew do a ‘Feed Me’ sitting. Yes, you pay and he chooses and feeds – hell yes!!!

Salted and Hung on Purvis Street
With this on the wall, how can you not want to come here? I am sensing this could be good!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street wall art
Check this wall art out. ChillaxBBQis all over it. Hell yes!!!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street dry ager fridge
Hold on just a minute. What do we have here? Oh come on – it gets better and better.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street chef table
I just love open kitchens. Nothing to hide here, it’s all on show. Apparently for ‘feed me’ you sit at the bar stools and have Chef ply you with his variety of dish choices. Count me in for that – I feel a date night coming on with my Mary.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street George Orwell
Loving this artwork. Genius! Poor old chicken.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street charcuterie
And to the food. Here we go, so it begins. Here is the charcuterie and antipasti bar. Let’s be a tad cautious here, 11 more courses of the good stuff to come. Mind you the beef and ham that you can see at the front of the picture were seriously good.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street hedgehog
OK, I said food. But hey there is quirky stuff everywhere. Look at this hedgehog perched on high. What he can’t just share the hedge is just beyond me.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street haddock on sourdough
Back to the food. Don’t forget we’re getting two of each course and then re-orders if you can manage. Not my favourite dish of course, so reliant on Miz and Mary for feedback. This one was very nearly a re-order. They loved it. This is simply called ‘Smoked Halibut & Caviar Crostini”. I have to say it looks bloody brilliant!!!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street heirloom tomato salad
Yes, I did order another of these. This salad is up there as one of the very best ever. It is NUTS. It’s like sucking a sour sweet. So so refreshing and then savoury all in one. This is Heirloom Tomatoes, Pine Nuts, Crumbled Cheese and Pickled Sorbet. YES, you did read the last two words correctly. That little quenelle on top of the tomatoes is a sorbet, but it is a tangy, zingy pickle flavour. OMG Salted and Hung!!!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street field mushrooms on toast
Oh my goodness – up next. Salted and Hung Field Mushrooms on Toast. Talk about a name underplaying the dish. This was a cracker. Onsen egg to boot, and some melted cheese in there too. This is decadent and so so good.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street yuzu squid
Another Salted and Hung dish I cannot comment on – but both servings of this literally flew off the plate. This was gone in the blink of an eye. Squid, Yuzu, Wakame and Ink. A thing of beauty.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street bacon chop and pineapple
I had flashbacks to my Grandad Joe with this dish. Literally every time we had a treat and went out for a pub lunch, he would order the gammon. Yep with the egg and pineapple ring. This is that on steroids. This is Salted and Hung Bacon Chop & Rum Spiced Pineapple. Smoky, salty and sweet all in one hit. Just brilliant.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street confit duck
Holy moly. This was also a cracker. Who’d have thought of merging these together? Well, clearly the Chef. This is Confit Duck, Potato and Egg Hash. Yet again, another amazing sample of culinary wonderfulness. Loved this Salted and Hung!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street wagyu lasagne
TO DIE FOR. Salted and HungLasagne. Again name does not do this justice. BEST lasagne I have ever eaten by this big gob. This is a simple dish, but they have taken it to another level. Absolutely amazing!!!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street homemade sausage
Now we’re starting to bloat ha ha. Only 4 or so more courses to go. Delicious Homemade Salted and HungSausages, with a unique Mustard & Kelp dressing.
Ollie's 17th Birthday Salted and Hung on Purvis Street
The happy party at Salted and Hung. Almost like a photo shoot for Benetton. English, Japanese, Filipina, 1/2 Japanese, and 1/2 Filipina. And our mixed bag is LOVING it.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street barley risotto
Well, I’ll be buggered. As weird as… Barley Risotto & Sprouts. Explained as a vegan offering at Salted and Hung. Seriously weird. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you keep on dipping into it. It’s salty, sticky, savoury. It’s gooey. But again you can’t stop getting into it. Apparently, it’s made with a yeast stock, hence that funky taste. It’s an interesting one. Not my favourite of the day, but surely I could not stop eating it. It gets you.
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street steak and egg
The last of the savoury courses at Salted and Hung is this deliciously charred medium-rare Steak, Mushrooms & eggs. We are now all at the point of nearly passing out. SO MUCH FOOD. But you can’t help yourself. You have to keep going. Such was the quality of the food given to us today.
Ollie's 17th Birthday Salted and Hung on Purvis Street
Even a wee cake was given to Ollie – thanks so so much Salted and Hung. Nice touch guys!
Ollie's 17th Birthday Salted and Hung on Purvis Street
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street bacon ice cream
And to Salted and Hung dessert. Remember I did that ChillaxBBQ with ice cream, bacon and maple syrup. I thought I was on the right track when I did that. Here comes Bacon Ice Cream Sundae. What a moment this was. BRILLIANT. Savoury dessert. My favourite. LOVED THIS in a big way!
Salted and Hung on Purvis Street yoghurt and honey
And the final photo for today’s gastro journey. After Dinner Mints at Salted and Hung. Just superb. So light. Just so very good. Loved it too. I missed a photo of the 3rd dessert dish which was Berries, Yoghurt, & Honey. Another absolute belter.

So there you have it folks an AMAZING Ollie’s 17th Birthday Salted and Hung on Purvis Street. We will categorically be coming back here. It is just so good. I loved the variety. I loved the serving to your option of buffet style. It really is so very good and seriously reasonable on the $$$. Chef Drew, be proud of you gaff mate, it is just bloody brilliant. I promise I’ll be back for a ‘feed me’. Thank you to your wonderful staff for making this a cracking lunch. Folks believe me, you really like it. It’s a guarantee, come and – ENJOY!!!

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Top questions asked about Salted and Hung...

What is the concept of Salted & Hung?

Salted & Hung is a contemporary Australian restaurant in Singapore that follows a zero-waste dining philosophy. It focuses on minimizing food waste while delivering maximum flavor and culinary creativity.

Where is Salted & Hung located?

Salted & Hung is situated at 12 Purvis Street, Singapore 188591.

What is the menu like at Salted & Hung?

The menu at Salted & Hung features a range of offerings, including cured meats, grilled favorites, roasted greens, and delightful desserts. The dishes are designed for sharing and showcase the culinary expertise of the chef.

Who is the chef behind Salted & Hung?

The chef behind Salted & Hung is Drew Nocente, known for his innovative approach to cooking and emphasis on zero-waste practices.

Does Salted & Hung offer delivery services?

It’s best to visit the official website or contact Salted & Hung directly to inquire about their current delivery options and services.

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