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Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Boozy Traveling Foodie Extraordinaire

Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023


Picture of Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire

An excellent BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2022

The Knibbs Wedding Anniversary & Megan’s Birthday celebration was an excellent BBQ on a yacht. A ChillaxBBQ ‘lite’, I suppose, with some signature dishes and some new dishes to boot.

What a fantastic day, despite some dodgy weather, to start. We met for early drinks at eM Bar, before boarding our yacht for the day The Mikanna. Sea-sickness tablets were handed out, gifts exchanged, a quick trip for last-minute supplies at the nearby Cold Storage, and a few liveners quaffed.

It’s going to be such a lovely day and a brilliant BBQ on a yacht.

Read on because we also give you some tips for BBQ, additional locations on Sentosa to dine at, fun family things to do on Sentosa, and other yachts BBQs that ChillaxBBQ has done. It’s a behemoth BBQ on a yacht.

eM Bar

Take a break from your hectic week and spend a relaxing weekend at eM By The Marina, where you can gaze out at the picturesque marina full of sailboats and yachts.

Park yourself at one of the outdoor seats on the tree-lined deck to soak up the sun and seaside breeze, or retreat indoors to the sporty bar, where you can catch the latest matches and competitions.

Starting the day off with a hearty and energizing breakfast, lunching on a light and healthy meal, indulging in some cake and coffee for afternoon tea, and finishing the day off with a great vintage or glass of champagne are all possible at eM. Enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar any time of the day.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary seb and knibbs on deck Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Mikanna was the beautiful yacht that we boarded from Sentosa marina. Captain Knibbs and Ship-Mate Seb (such a shame his surname is not Bates) standing on the front (aft) of the yacht. She really is a stunner of a yacht, that’s for certain. 

This really is going to be an excellent BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2022​.

The Mikanna is part of the latest generation of power catamarans, making it a fantastic choice for recreational sailing trips. There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as a large saloon and a cocktail bar that doubles as a kitchen.

Wraparound seating, a wet bar, a cooler, and drink holders can all be found on the fly-bridge that sits above the main saloon. There are also showers in each of the two bedrooms.

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove is a private marina and yacht club that is a part of Singapore’s most exclusive neighborhood.

It opened in 2007, and in that time it has been named Best Asian Marina of the Year no less than seven times. The marina was constructed to the Platinum Gold Anchors standard, the highest internationally subscribed marina standards, set by The Yacht Harbour Association and Marina Industries Association.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary innapropriate Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Yeah, really not sure about this in the eM Bar. I have to assume he is missing a ‘prop’, like a tray or something. But without that, I personally think it looks rather inappropriate, haha.

Our yacht today was The Mikanna, an absolute beauty for an excellent BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2022

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary yacht Mikanna Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

The birthday girl and buddies for today's yacht trip. Loving that fly-bridge.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary kids top deck Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023
ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary friends chatting Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Hours of mates just chatting and drinking, kids playing. Not one single piece of electronics in sight. Fresh air, and lots of it. What a marvelous experience a day out on a yacht is.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary Huggins smiling Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

I get my act in order when the anchor drops, and the food starts coming out. A little slow to start because only half the BBQ is actually functioning. Slightly annoying… So I adapted my style to direct heat at one end and indirect heat at the other end. Boom, we’re off. 

Someone flew in to visit, but forgot his red pants. He's on to GrabYacht to deliver them for him

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary rutherford Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

I lost one of the Yabbies. No idea where it went, the little bugger. Jude said he thinks it's gone on ahead

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary captai Jude with yabbie Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Some of our beautiful Mermaids today. Or are they sirens? You should hear Amy sing, more like a police car siren...

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary the girls lower deck Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Chef and one of the Sous Chef. I just realised there is only on snap of Chef Knibbs and his big meat.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary me and Seb Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Let's have a look at some of the ChillaxBBQ food from today

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary japanese scallops in shell Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Hokkaido Scallops from Japan on the shell. It was great trimming these on deck and giving them a rinse in the seawater, al la diesel. Clearly, that added some umami punch because Huggins loved them.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary cooked Japanese scallops Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Here they are finished. Monster meaty Hokkaido Scallops. Simply seared on the BBQ with a little olive oil, sea salt & Kampot black pepper. Served in the shell with a little homemade black truffle butter melted on the top. Woof!!!

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary reverse seared toma Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Pink2Pink Perfection. A rather fatty little tomahawk today though, but still super-tasty. Reverse-seared. Pop in the oven at home for 60-70 minutes at 90 degrees. Just with sea salt and Kampot black pepper. Then sear it on the BBQ on the boat to medium-rare. BOOMSKI!!!

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary Prawns Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Some beautiful giant prawns from Japan. Heads off to make peeling easier. Marinated in Olive oil, sea salt, Kampot black pepper, garlic, honey, lime juice, and sweet paprika. Pink puffy perfection. Yummo. A massive hit with the crew.

To the right, on the indirect heat, is Knibbsy’s meat. His meat is a monster. Marinated in a Cajun spice rub. She came out perfectly, Pink2Pink Perfectly, as again it’s reverse-seared.

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary mala yabbies with basil Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

We really did have a crack today... some more than others, hey Lukseter...

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary Archer crack Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

We’re just bobbing about at Lazarus Island. Floating playmats out. Paddleboard out. Continuous food is being served. Yep, it’s the high-life alright when you rent a yacht and go Singapore island-hopping.

Eventually, Marisa got Board...

ChillaxBBQ Knibbs Anniversary Marisa Boarding Exquisite BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2023

Some ISLIFEARECIPE-dia FAQs about having an excellent BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2022

  • For insurance reasons no ‘fire’ is usually allowed on a BBQ so the BBQ is usually a hotplate.
  • You are usually completely exposed to the weather on a yacht BBQ because it is on the outer side of the yacht for safety. Yes, I have had people holding umbrellas for me as I cook, fighting torrential rain.
  • It’s usually really small. If you have a BBQ on a yacht for a large number, 10+ pax, you’re going to have to be creative. Even the galleys are usually tiny.
  • A BBQ on a yacht is a closed door. You can’t just run to the shops to top up on something, what you have with you is it.
  • It’s always moving. It’s a yacht on the water after all. Get used to everything rolling about, and potentially your guests being sick all around you.

Some tips on how to have an excellent BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2022

  • Marinate your food before you go. I find that big zip-lock bags are an excellent way to do this. Throw everything in a ziplock, and in the fridge overnight. Pop all of them in a cooler box the next day. It’s also a great way to transport food due to no spills.
  • Reverse-sear all your meats. It’s a great way to protect your guests from a nasty bit of raw pork, or chicken, but is also a great way to reduce time to serving and address the tiny BBQ issue. For example, throw a thick tomahawk in the oven at 90 degrees for 90 minutes to cook to just under medium-rare. Then you are searing only on the little yacht BBQ.
  • Keep it simple whilst making it complex. For example, a recipe I do is Yabbie’s (aka Crayfish) marinated in Mala sauce, with a load of salted butter, sea salt, Kampot black pepper, a drizzle of olive oil, and a finish with fresh basil. Get that in a zip lock overnight. Literally, you just throw all that on the BBQ until the Yabbies are pink, just like you would cook prawns. Now that is killer and a massive WOW for your guests. But how simple is that to prepare? In fact, that is the photo used for this article.
  • Use a cooler (Eski) with wheels. I guarantee you’ll arrive at the marina and have to walk a long distance to the actual yacht itself. I learned that lesson the hard way. Wheels become very important, especially for the journey to the yacht.
  • Make sure you have what you need, from ingredients to utensils. Never assume a yacht has something you’d have at home. Always air on caution, and over-plan.
  • Take suntan lotion and a hat. If you are the Chef you are usually the poor soul that is outside the whole time on the tools. When others are running for shade and cover, or going for a lovely dip, you will be there in the sun facing the heat of the BBQ. Grease up, hydrate, and get a hat on.
  • Most importantly. Have fun. As I mentioned, some of our very best BBQs have been on yachts. You can’t help but interact with people as you cook as the space is quite small. Plus people always want to know what’s cooking.

Address & Telephone Number of ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

If you also want an excellent BBQ on a yacht | ChillaxBBQ 2022 – you can also just give us a WhatsApp on +65 9724 6236.

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