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Alp’s 50th Boat BBQ | Singapore | Lazarus Island | Keppel Marina


Alp’s 50th Boat BBQ

Singapore | Lazarus Island BBQ | Keppel Marina

Our BFF Alp turns 50 and joins that exclusive club of old f*ckers that like food and drink.

To celebrate he has organised a number of things;

Boat BBQ

Golf Day

Today was the Boat BBQ – aboard the beautiful vessel Shared Escapes with Alp, Lukester, Ivan and Jesper. Who better to share a quality day with, and what a day it was. Incredible food and drinks, great tunes, even top-drawer cigars.


It surely was a WOW day today. Sort of a mini-ChillaxBBQ as I did some cooking and prepared 2 dishes;

Japanese King Crab Legs ‘w’ Tippling Club Hot Sauce #7

Citrus Garlic Butter Australian Rock Lobster

Alp brought out superb steaks and marinated lamb fillets.

Ivan went hard on the Cheese Platter ‘w’ Port.

Lukester had some quality wines, including a Rose (cough cough).

Jesper brought Bloody Mary’s & Rums…

What a day. Sunny & Stormy all in one. Wishing our BFF Alp a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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