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Breakfast for the kids

Breakfast for the kids

Breakfast for the kids
Well it all disappeared so I assume the face thing worked

Daddy is up and being asked to do Breakfast for the kids. Hmmm thinks I, lets try something a little different and make a breakfast that both Jude and Amy would like and hopefully share. So here is the creation, smily face. Atima did I nick the idea from you, possibly subliminally in there was the picture of your hubbie being rather silly ha ha.

Actually this is just so simple to do but really did work well to encourage the whole plate to be emptied. Back to what I have said before if you involve your kids in the cooking or make food fun, guess what – yep they’ll eat it, greens and all. I kid you not!

I probably shouldn’t need to give a recipe for this as sooooooo simple, but;

  • Hair – 3 rashers of streaky bacon, fried until crispy;
  • Eyes – two fried eggs, that I did use rings for to keep them round – and add a dot of tomato ketchup;
  • Eyebrows – two asparagus tips that I simply fried;
  • Ears – I cut a round shape in a slice of bread and then fried that off, cut if half and hey presto;
  • Nose – simply fried button mushroom; and
  • Smile – some Japanese mayonnaise.

And that is that, the Semi-Naked Chef’s Breakfast for the kids. Give it a go. Have the kids help you with it – ENJOY!!!

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