Punggol waterside Bistro dining at its best at Whisk & Paddle

Whisk & Paddle Outdoors

Remember our visitation to the sister restaurant? As in right next door, and I think even kitchen sharing. Well, today we hit Whisk & Paddle @ Punggol.

This one has a huge open decking area right on the river. I like that. No booking available on weekend or public holiday so we were VERY lucky to just walk-in today, as it was absolutely mobbed!!! And, rightly so, because like its sister, this place rocks in terms of the food they are serving up. It is of absolute quality at superb prices.

I’d class it as a Western/Asian Fusion Bistro style perhaps? It has a broad variety, does the Whisk & Paddle menu, from all-day breakfast and brunch, pizza and pasta, then very Western fare in the mains, but then some Asian fusion just to distract you further. It’s a big menu, maybe a little too big and a tad confusing with regards to their ‘identity’, but is such good food, as you’ll see.

And who wouldn’t want to be sat here come rain or shine watching the world and the wildlife go by as you sup and chomp of the scrumptious food and drinks?

To note;

They are closed for an undisclosed time from February 15th 2022, for refurbishment

Let's hear from Whisk & Paddle - it's brief...

Cafe by the river - Enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee along with our homemade desserts and pastries made fresh daily in our pastry kitchen. Whisk & Paddle serves all-day breakfast and hearty meals. Choose to relish in the tranquil ambience our riverside café has to offer in the day or enjoy an ice cold beer under the stars at our veranda at night.

Frequently asked question about Whisk & Paddle Punggol, answered by ISLIFEARECIPE-dia

No it is not.

Much alcohol and much pork is on the menu.

In big bold and red letters they call out that categorically they are not pet-friendly. So don’t be taking your dog for a walk and expect to walk in here with him/her. Not happening folks.

Please note they have just announced that they will be closed for refurbishment as of 15th February 2022, for an undisclosed amount of time.

Normal operating hours are as follows;

Tue: 12:00 – 22:00
Wed: 12:00 – 22:00
Thu: 12:00 – 22:00
Fri: 12:00 – 22:30
Sat: 09:30 – 22:30
Sun: 09:30 – 22:00

Please note they do not take any bookings or reservations on weekends or Public Holidays. It is Hobson’s Choice, I suggest you get there early.

For all other times you can;

Tel; 6242 4617

eMail; enquiry@whiskandpaddle.com.sg

It’s a superb location at 10 Tebing Lane, Punggol. Right on the river’s edge and nestled in the container ‘pop-up’ hipster food scene there.

A few doors down is a massive prawn fishing place, if that takes your fancy before or after a sumptuous meal at Whisk & Paddle Punggol.

It's such a lovely space for dining in at this riverside cafe

Where to eat in Punggol

Let's have a look at the food we ordered this day at the Punggol cafe Whisk and Paddle

I had made my choice and I was excited, only to find out that the ‘mains’ menu is only available after 1500. Damn!!! Change of strategy to tapas-style, and then I get a variety as well.

So, one thing to note visitors. When they give you all those menus.


whisk paddle mushroom soup Whisk & Paddle Punggol

1st of 2 soup dishes for me. Simply called Mushroom Soup and served with a cheese Feuillete stick.

Simple it is not, in terms of flavour though. This is a mushroom soup on steroids. So fresh tasting and damned intense mushroom with some beautiful black pepper overtones in there. Yeah, this is GOOD… up there with the best I have ever had, easily.

@ $8.80

Potato and Bacon Soup

But, soup #2 was the overall winner. My God, I could have bathed in this it was so good. I needed to season it a tad with some salt though, but then this thing was Angelic in flavour.

Creamy with hints of potato and smoky bacon and Spring onion. This is a superb soup. This I will have every single time I dine here. This is surely a die, die must try soup. Again, simply known on the menu as Bacon Potato Soup.

@ $8.80

whisk breakfast pan Whisk & Paddle Punggol

This was number two on my choice list and #1 got in there for his main. I love the concept of breakfast served in a pan. Genius.

It looks superb and he agreed with that with a squeaky clean pan at the end of lunch. This is Whisk Breakfast Pan. 2 eggs of your choice, smoked pork sausage, thick-cut bacon, sauteed mushrooms, corn on the cob, green salad, artisan bread and sea salt butter. Wow! Superb brekkie platter indeed!!!

@ $20.80

If you don’t want to venture from the house, why not try ISLIFEARECIPE’s very open recipe for Breakfast in a Skillet HERE

whisk & paddle punggol eggs benedict

Wifey gets stuck into this beauty. Massive waffles, like massive, but wifey said they were so light and fluffy that she was able to devour the lot. So she did.

Again. check out the food because it is just no-frills, great bistro food. This is their Eggs Benedict. Wifey had hers with Smoked Salmon as you can see. She was even commenting on how good the salad dressing was.

@ $19.30

whisk and paddle punggol mexican corn

My last little food foray today was this. Remember the miso corn with edamame I raved about at Fat Po? Well, folks here is Whisk & Paddle’s version. And she is a bloody beauty. I could have just eaten this over and over again. Mexican Corn. Grilled corn on the cob, cheese, paprika and Cayenne mayonnaise. Holy cow this is sooo good.

@ $6.80

whisk & paddle punggol mac n cheese

And next up is the kidlets, who decided it was in a pan for them too. Have a look at that beauty. I had a little taste of forkful and yes this is such a great version. I’d have this as an adult and not worry at all re my choice. Spanking!!! This is Macaroni & Cheese. Macaroni, honey-baked ham, pink sauce & mozzarella cheese. Woof!!!

whisk & paddle banana milkshake

To pass the time of day I even had one of their fresh banana milkshakes. Oh, yes. Yummo…

Awwww, it even comes with Iced Gems, sweets from when I was a kid. One for me and one for Jude Jude.

@ 9.90

Whisk and Paddle Cocktails (you beauties...)

whisk & paddle cocktails menu
whisk and paddle cocktails

What else could you do in the area?

What else is there to do around Whisk and Paddle? What if I can’t get in and it is fully seated? Well, let’s see if ISLIFEARECIPE can help you there. How about…

  1. Try popping 5 steps next door to their sister restaurant, Fat Po. Have a read of our review of FAT PO HERE also in the same blog you’ll see our adventures of prawn fishing a 2-minute walk away
  2. How about a short trip to enjoy Coney Island & Punggol Settlement, a family favourite of ours
  3. Try some family fun and walks in the area, such as Punggol Waterway Park 
  4.  If you don’t want to go anywhere you could even try our recipe, Miso Butter Corn & Edamame ‘w’ Skirt, which includes some theft from one dish we consumed at Fat Pao

Whisk and Paddle Punggol Menu 2022

whisk and paddle punggol menu 2022
whisk menu brekkie brunch Whisk & Paddle Punggol
whisk and paddle punggol menu 2022
90200667 2497534227128022 9137538919330480128 n Whisk & Paddle Punggol
whisk and paddle punggol menu 2022
whisk menu starter soup Whisk & Paddle Punggol
whisk menu mains lamb Whisk & Paddle Punggol
whisk and paddle punggol menu 2022
whisk menu pasta pics Whisk & Paddle Punggol
whisk and paddle punggol menu 2022
whisk menu pizza Whisk & Paddle Punggol
whisk and paddle pizza menu

We love Tebing Lane and we love Punggol. We really love it here. It is an awesome part of Singapore to explore if you have not been before. We have also done prawn fishing here, with neighbours of Fat Po & Whisk & Paddle in fact.

Plus we have yet to enjoy the delights of the container park, which is a hitch potch of containers arranged in an avenue that is about another 5-10 restaurants and bars alongside the river. More blogs to come it seems. For now, though this was Whisk & Paddle @ Punggol, and what a cracking lunch it was.


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