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Breakfast in a Skillet

Breakfast in a Skillet Recipe

The family gets lucky today with a full-on breakfast. Absolutely all from the fridge and using up some leftovers before we have to throw them but making it a little more fun, family and tasty by cooking and serving altogether, the ethos of this Breakfast in a Skillet Recipe. It’s a major family plate all served up in my huge cast-iron skillet pan. She’s a beauty. But she is also so very simple to make. She was loved by the whole family. This is;

Brekkie in a Skillet

Breakfast in a Skillet Recipe
Now that is what you call a breakfast. Made for four this morning. Yummo!!! I’d be happy with that If I ordered it…

All I did for this Breakfast in a Skillet Recipe was this;

  1. Skillet on the heat and drizzle with some cooking oil and a good knob of butter;
  2. 4 rashers of streaky bacon in next and cook that off so it releases all the bacon fat too;
  3. I had a lovely little piece of skirt steak that I cut to a piece big enough for one person and then thinly sliced it and seasoned with sea salt & cracked black pepper;
  4. In goes that with the bacon;
  5. Fry that off until your doneness preference – as this is a throw it all in brekkie dish for everyone it got done to medium today;
  6. 2x slices of bread next cut to soldiers and thrown in to soak up all the fats and juices – flip over so that they get a soaking on both sides;
  7. Take out the soldiers and pop them under the grill to crisp them up;
  8. In with 4 eggs, a little sea salt & cracked black pepper to season and spoon the sizzling fats over them to help cook the Sunny-Side up eggs;
  9. Throw in some cut tomatoes and a little finely chopped basil, again with some sea salt & pepper – this can be done as you serve to stop them getting mushy, but the heat in the skillet will still warm them and punch out the basil flavour;
  10. Pop the toasty bread soldiers back in the pan;
  11. Serve on a wooden chopping board, still in the warm skillet.

And that is it. Breakfast in a Skillet Recipe is easy of what? But imagine the oooohhhs and aaahhhs when serving this up and then watching the whole family get stuck in eating together. Hell yes!!! Forced conversation through food haha. Even managed to drag #1 out of his cave. A stunner of breakfast and full of flavour as everything gets muddled together. Get a skillet and get this done – ENJOY!!!

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