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Hanger Steak Toastie Recipe


Brian Kennett

Brian Kennett

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Hanger Steak & Heirloom Tomatoes ‘w’ Bearnaise Sauce Toastie


Another day, another Toastie experiment. Hanger Steak Toastie Recipe came from the fact that I’d cooked Jude Jude a rather special Skirt Steak Sushi ‘w’ Bearnaise Sauce for lunch and Wifey was fast approaching return-to-home from work and I thought to make her lunch. And that is how this beauty of a new ChillaxBBQ Toastie came about. A little bit of Jude Jude’s lunch mixed in with a Sourdough Panini and some additional tomatoes to make this a more complete and robust Toastie that perhaps you’d order if on offer.

Hanger Steak & Heirloom Tomatoes ‘w’ Bearnaise Sauce Toastie – ChillaxBBQ

Hanger Steak & Heirloom Tomatoes 'w' Bearnaise Sauce Toastie - ChillaxBBQ
If this were in the shop I’d add a wee bit of greenery to the hanger steak toastie. Some Rocket would go ace with this, or even just some delicious crunchy Iceberg lettuce. Colour and texture addition, and some delish peppery overtones if using the Rocket option. Anyways, despite no greenery, I think this still looks absolutely delicious. I’d have it any day of the week.

It’s super-delicious is this. I simply toasted the beautiful sourdough bread, but first spread some melted beef-dripping to give it some punchy flavours. Layer some stunning multi-coloured Heirloom tomatoes on the base and give a little sea salt & cracked black pepper. The skirt has been flash-fried for minutes in a skillet pan with sea salt & cracked black pepper. A cut across the grain into thin pieces and you are there for the hanger steak meat course of this toastie. Layer that on top of the tomatoes and to finish spread a good dollop of Bearnaise sauce on the top bun and pop that on top of the delicious hanger steak.

Simple but so bloody effective.

Punching way above its weight in flavour. It looks good too I reckon. Perfect for brekkie or lunchtime to fill a rather large hunger hole. Greenery next time, yes. I think I will say it has to be Rocket. Colour & flavour addition, therefore. She is a beauty and Wifey thought so too as she devoured this in a very short period of time. Double-happy as a cook, therefore. A new creation that was voted in favour for by the Wifey. I like it!!!

This is Hanger Steak & Heirloom Tomatoes ‘w’ Bearnaise Sauce Toastie – ChillaxBBQ


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