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Japanese Wagyu stuffed with cheese

Japanese Wagyu stuffed with cheese

This was a cracker, the Semi-Naked Chef’s Japanese Wagyu stuffed with cheese. I popped to Peter’s Butchery on Siglap Drive to collect my meat – one of the best places to visit by the way if you need quality, low price, prepared how you like meat. I had chosen their fresh lamb rack and Japanese Wagyu Steak. Yes folks two recipes here that turned out quite perfectly – well it disappeared in seconds put it that way. These were served fo rChristmas Day dinner at our great mates Steve & Pia’s.

Japanese wagyu stuffed with cheese
Here it all is before roasting – now that looks not half bad

Now as explained from the first paragraph there are two recipes in this roasting tray. For this recipe as a standalone we are going with the Japanese Wagyu stuffed with cheese.Very over the top of course, using Japanese imported wagyu – but hey tis Christmas and the Season to overindulge in everything, so the very best was in order.

I made two big rolls like the one you can in the front of the shot. And these two sliced up would easily make enough nibbles for 12 or so people. Or one roll perhaps enough for 2-3 for a dinner, served with some veggies.

You will need;

  • 600g Japanese Wagyu (or equivalent) sirloin steak – I had two thin steak pieces;
  • 6 roughly chopped garlic cloves;
  • 2 packets of oregano;
  • 1 packet of coriander;
  • 1 packet of Havarti Cheese from Denmark (or equivalent);
  • Salt & cracked black pepper; and
  • Olive oil.

Take each steak and lightly tap with a tenderising hammer. Not too hard as Japanese Wagyu is extremely delicate meat. That should now be a little thinner and flatter. Slice up some of the cheese in to 1″ deep slices and lay those in the centre of the flattened meat. You want to make a sort of sausage filling as you will roll it up soon.

Lay one pack of oregano and half a pack of coriander on the cheese. Spread half the chopped garlic over the herbs. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a good pinch of salt & cracked black pepper.

Now fold over the two ends of the meat, so they are on top of the meat. Then take one side and roll that over making sure it is securing the ends, and is quite tight over the cheese. Repeat that process and you should have your sausage looking thing. I used some small bamboo skewers to secure the sausage in place. Finally drizzle this with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and on to a roasty tray.

I cooked this for 15 minutes at 150 degrees, then zapped it up for 15 minutes on 200 degrees to crust the steak and melt the cheese. Out it comes, cover with silver foil and a couple of tea towels to rest for 30 minutes (always rest for the same cooking time you did). This will keep all the juices within the meat, and will also cook it for just a little longer again to really stop the blood pour when you cut.

Japanese wagyu stuffed with cheese
Oh yeah baby – how does that look – pretty fricking awesome methinks!!!

Slice and serve whilst warm.

Thanks again to Steve and Pia for organising the event that caused this to be created, and to Nicholas at Peter’s Butchery for being so flexible (and for the free Noah). Watch this space tomorrow for the Crown of Lamb Recipe.

Japanese Wagyu stuffed with cheese
And here was the friendly competition ha ha – the Xmas Day dinner buffet we all prepared. A WOW moment, that any hotel or restaurant would be proud of…

But there is my Japanese Wagyu stuffed with cheese recipe. Fairly simple. You can obviously change the meat from Wagyu, you can change the cheese to another nice melty one, you could even change the herbs to rosemary or the like. But give it a go. It is a really good one – ENJOY!!!

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