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BBQ Semi-naked chef style


BBQ Semi-naked chef style; Foie gras, bone-marrow, stuffed mushrooms, rib-eye steaks

25th April – and with visitors in town from Japan, namely mother and father-in-law or Mizuyo and Yuko, I decided it was BBQ time. But let’s do that BBQ semi-naked chef style – yes I went over the top.

It goes like this.

Paprika Octopus” src=”” alt=”BBQ Semi-naked chef style” width=”760″ height=”653″ /> Paprika Octopus

First up a little taster of Paprika Octopus. Buy a couple of octopus legs, slice them nice and thinly in to bite size pieces, marinade for an hour in a couple of tablespoons of limes juice, a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of smoked paprika and a pinch of salt and pepper. When the coals are hot, throw this on the grill and cook until browning a little. And you are done. Easy but impressive.

Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed mushrooms

Next up is the stuffed mushrooms. Again very easy. I got some medium field mushrooms, and cut out the stalk. I then fried off some streaky bacon that I had cut to strips, (about 6 rashers). Lay the mushrooms on a tray and drizzle with some olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Then spoon in some bacon and sprinkle over some grated mozzarella. Again when your coals are hot place this on the grill and they will cook from the bottom. Now you can wait until the cheese melts or if your’e a flashy bugger like me I got my chef‘s burner gun and browned the cheese with that. These were also very very good.

Beef bone-marrow on toast” src=”” alt=”Beef bone-marrow on toast” width=”760″ height=”558″ /> Beef bone-marrow on toast

Slightly indulgent this one. In the butcher I saw some beef bone-marrow bones. They would go real nice on the BBQ thinks I. So on a baking tray I laid out the bones, drizzled with some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt & pepper. In the oven for about 30 minutes on 180 to cook them to near completion. When the coals were hot on they went to get the smoky flavour of the coals. I put some bread on the BBQ too, spread a little finely chopped garlic on and then spooned on the gooey unctuous beef bone-marrow. Oh yeah baby this was flipping awesome. Heart-attack on a plate but worth the risk!

Foie gras on toast
Foie gras on toast

Here’s another heart attack on a plate. And again another dish well worth taking that risk for – without a shadow of a doubt. Repeat the toast process, and the small spread of finely chopped garlic. I then took a pan and popped that on the BBQ and drizzled the smallest bit of oil oil as foie gras again is very fatty. The plopped in a few pieces of the infamous foie gras and pan fried it. Flip it over when it has browned on one side and brown the other. You may need to occasionally drain some of the excess oil as these babies cook as you don’t want them swimming in fat you want them searing. Pop them on the toast and scoff quickly before anyone else can get their hands on them – simply divine. And at a BBQ, not bad eh!

Beef rib eye steaks on the bone” src=”” alt=”Beef rib eye steaks on the bone” width=”760″ height=”507″ /> Beef rib eye steaks on the bone

And last by by NO means least were these bad boys. Again at the butcher I spotted these MONSTER beef rib eye steaks on the bone. I just gotta get me a couple of them, so I did. Lightly drizzle with Olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt & pepper on both sides. Again oven to 180 and cook for about 35 minutes if you like medium rare or 55 minutes if like more well done. Then cover them up under some foil and a tea towel to let them rest. When you’re ready bash them on the BBQ to get the charring process which adds so much more flavour to the meat. Look at the picture, that’s basically what you want on both sides. Seriously this was damn good. I sliced the meat off the bone in to small strips and then sprinkled a little sea salt on the top and served it up. BOOM, there you have it BBQ Semi-naked chef style!!!

So as you can see – perhaps not your traditional BBQ fair – but it does go to show you how creative you can be on the BBQ – foie gras, bone marrow – Ding Dong. My guests were very appreciative and all the food was gone. As usual that is indeed the very best sign it was OK.

Give it go. You should.

BBQ Semi-naked chef style; Foie gras, bone-marrow, stuffed mushrooms, rib-eye steaks – Enjoy!

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