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ChillaxBBQ CNY & 1st Birthday


ChillaxBBQ CNY & 1st Birthday

Amazing that ChillaxBBQ has been going for a year. So in honour of that, I think we should have some mates over. Originally scheduled to be a Tahi food cook-off with my mate James and his wife, but sadly wifey was sick, so this became ChillaxBBQ CNY & 1st Birthday. I think it went very well, lots of happy campers all saying how good the food was. So ChillaxBBQ was happy too, to share our food and fun on our birthday.

Thank you to everyone for coming.

Thank you to wifey and BeBe for helping service. Thank you to Ollie for being the official photographer. Thank you to my partner in crime, Ruthers, for getting in the tools despite it being a day off. Cracking BBQ. Let’s have a look at how it went.

ChillaxBBQ CNY & 1st Birthday.

CNY chillaxbbq
Paprika prawns with lemon juice and chilli flakes
Happy ‘customers’? Our Stacy and Freya. No work today for them though – just have fun ladies.
chillaxbbq cny
My gang just having fun fun fun
Happy Happy family days
Yes, we all enjoyed today, it was a cracker.
chillaxbbq bacon lychee
Our new dish – streaky bacon and lychee poppers with cracked black pepper – OMG amazing.
chillaxbbq skilet tomatoes
Skillet tomatoes with coriander, pink peppercorns and garlic.
chillaxbbq sea bass
Sea Bass with dill and lemon.
chillaxbbq iberico pork
Iberico pork, with brown mushrooms.
smoked bbq wagyu
Wood smoked Wagyu steaks – oh yes!
wagyu wood-smoked
Here’s that wood-smoked Wagyu – a little truffle salt too. Bloody hell, this was so good!
yuzu scallops
Yuzu scallops in the shell.
chillaxbbq scallops
BBQ’d scallops with caviar.
chillaxbbq cheese fondue
Yep, we had to have it. Three cheese fondue with thyme, chilli and mushrooms. BOOM!
obster with butter garlic, saffron and caviar
A wee lobster with butter garlic, saffron and caviar. Not bad right!
Alternative sausages, pork and apple – simply sublime.
chillaxbbq tomahawks
6″ deep tomahawk. 3 hours reverse searing at 90 degrees and then char it. Holy cow, amazing!
chillaxbbq cny
I think everyone was happy!
chillaxbbq tomahawks
Here she is – that steak is going to be a monster!!!
“This is Tinder Boyd, so all you do is swipe left or right. Got it?” says Jace
chillaxbbq bone marrow
And what better thing to have with a ChillaxBBQ tomahawk, than roasted bone marrow. Holy cow this was so so good.
chillaxbbq tomahawks
And here is that steak. A perfect medium-rare. A little sea salt and cracked black pepper and BOOM. Damn this was so so good. Like SO good. Even if I say so myself.

What a great day this was. New dishes tried. Friends old and new. We had a blast, we hope you did too. ChillaxBBQ CNY & 1st Birthday was a cracker. If you want some for yourself, all you have to do is reach out to us, and then – ENJOY!!!

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