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Expat Living Exposure

Expat Living Exposure

I can’t quite believe what Kilo Under Pressure has exposed me to. Quite scary actually when you delve in to social media and the like. Too funny. And then there is the occasional self-caused promotion too. I reached out to my mat Shamus Sillar at ExMag.sg, remember I write for them. To ask if there could be an angle to get some coverage for my new mates at Kilo for the gig they just allowed me to do – literally my bucket-list. And bugger me I get Expat Living Exposure. Here I am click.

Next is Tea For A Cause on 5/11 at CulinaryOn – please come, its for charity folks!!! Read the Expat article!!! It’s for Singaporean kids that need it more than we!!!!

Expat Living Exposure
Well look at me – with Keith, Head Chef extraordinaire – likely telling me off right there and then; “dick-head, sprinkle after the torching…”

So thanks to Expat Living for this wonderful write up – I truly am humbled, in awe, and very excited. Made my day and beyond like you would not believe when I saw it.

I hope you alls like it too – here comes Expat Living Exposure – ENJOY!!!

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