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Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong


Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong

download Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong

You know you have those moments when you think to your self I am in absolute food heaven? Well that happened today, it is also only round the corner, and that has made my whole weekend. Today was our first visitation to the newly opened Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong. Time to see my mate Stephane, and sample his new wares at this cracking location, you may know him from his other joint Bar Roque?

I would suggest 100% that you book first at Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong, as it is absolutely superb food, and monster busy. So make sure you give them a bell on 6348 1406 to not be disappointed. It is on the small side, but has seating in and out, but seriously do not disappoint yourself – BOOK, because believe you will be sorely annoyed if you don’t get chance to eat here.

I have to say that I had some of the very finest food here today that I have ever had. They state it themselves, our artisanal daily goodness, was certainly served up today. More to the food we ate in a second, but just highlight this place is a bistro, deli, coffee shop, bakery and patisserie all in one. See what I mean about foodie heaven. I could have sat there all day watching the punters come and go, and the kitchen staff churning out amazing food, loaves, buns, croissants and more. I officially am in love with Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong.

Like all new restaurants they are bedding down still, and Stephane himself said they are still refining the menu. But truly do not worry re that, just get yourself down here to sample some wonderful French fair, some rustic in its style, but gourmet in taste. This is now up there as a Kennett Family favourite – it is indeed Die Die Must Try.

do'main bistrot
See what I mean about that kitchen, tray after tray of bread, buns, croissants and the like. Of course, because of Easter, there is cinnamon in the air, as they were churning out stunning hot cross buns in the dozens.
Do.Main Bistrot
And here is the great man himself, Chef Stephane. Great work from you and the crew my friend.
tanjong katong food
Simply sublime pastries, croissants, hot cross buns, chocolate croissants, all slightly warm still as just from the oven. Could pastries ever get better, I sincerely doubt it.
do.main bistrot
See what I mean – it is a little small. Do not forget to book!
best tomato soup
Up first for our sharing table, today was the tomato soup, which has two melty pieces of cheese within it. I am not kidding here when I say this is one of the very best soups I have ever had, and without doubt, the very best tomato soup ever consumed by this mouth. Incredible!
do.main blood mary
Washed down with a few Coronas, and an absolute must of a Bloody Mary to boot.
Camembert fondue
Up next some warmed Camembert with toasted bread and homemade pickles. Oh yes – winner! Get in there and spread the melty cheese on some of that homemade, crusty and toasted bread. OMG!
best baked ham
Pause and take a deep breath, Brian, it’s time to describe the ham. This is another first. The absolute hands-down winner of any ham ever consumed by this 50-year-old. This is just mind-blowingly good. If I remember rightly, I nearly passed out when I had the first bite, it is specially selected French ham, smoked, boiled in brine, and then slow roasted at something like 66 degrees for 16 hours. It is simply off-the-charts good – we even brought some home. The salmon I will let Mary & Ollie explain as I, as you know, will not eat the fair from the sea. They said the salmon tasted like fresh salmon but with smokiness too. “It was like Japanese sushi, but smoked. We had the best of both worlds!” We would come back just for more of these too. It’s worth a trip just to get your mouth on some of this ham, it is absolutely 100% DIE DIE MUST TRY. Stephane be proud of this mate, stellar food! I am working out how to buy these two in bulk as the family is driving me hard to get more, and this would be a winner for ChillaxBBQ too.
do.main sharing platters
Up next is another OMG moment. Two holy moly food moments, and one holy moly moment all on one platter, the Do.Main Sharing Platter. Rotisserie Roast Chicken (special chickens flown into Malaysia from France, and grain-fed and free-range), a medium-rare Beef Wellington with homemade puffed pastry, and then a HOLY COW moment – the pork pie. Wow, this is good. Homemade puff pastry, roasted pork belly sausage meat, with mushroom, and some fresh herbs. This is a pork pie on steroids – well not actually as all Stephane’s ingredients are organic haha! It is an amazing piece of food! I loved this, as we all did!
do.main beef wellington
Have a look at my little plate. I tell you that beef Wellington was ACE, like one big hunk of beef butter, so tender and then with a crunch of the pastry. Heavenly.
do.main macaroons
Macaroons on offer for walk-ins
do.main bakery
Some of the amazing sweet pastries and desserts on offer, again all freshly baked
do.main bakery
Check these bad boys out!
do.main creme brulee
But I could not resist the temptation of the creme brulee, and I am so so glad I had this. It is a cracker. Perfect crunch and snap on the top, and milky creaminess underneath. Match made in heaven. A belter.

So there you have it, folks. Our experience today of the incredible new joint from Stephane, Do.Main Deli & Bistrot, 266 Tanjong Katong. Funnily Do is meant to be Dough for the bread, and French for hand is Main. Do the math. You simply must come here. If you like food it is a must. Try what we tried, but also get into that menu. I am going duck confit and escargots next time. Stephane, be proud mate, it is QUALITY. Pop down, and say hi to Stephane and his crew. If you do, it is 100% that you will – ENJOY!!!

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