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Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap

At $347 for 4, of whom 2 were kids I did indeed have this up there as a tres expensive restaurant in Siglap. But when you look at what we got, what we ate, what we chose and it starts to be self-explanatory – we dined on the best – read on. Here is Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap.

So off for lunch we went. We had to walk all of 5 minutes to the restaurant as yes it is at 695 East Coast Road. I pretty much look at this restaurant every day I get home of the bus. It stares at me when I depart the bus. It is quite unassuming, pretty plain, nothing too flashy – as you can see.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
My Mary clearly impressed with the outside decor – as I say, unassuming

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant.

695 East Coast Road, Siglap.

Tel; 6445 3055



Now then what did we have that raised the bar – a bar raised in both price and quality it has to be said.

Picture this;

First up as we sat was the Edamame as a starter with our drinks – delicious soya beans in their pods, boiled quickly in salty water and served warm. Beer and this are perfect bedfellows. Amy loves em, so do we all, Two portions of this please.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Green beans and plenty of them please

Private little dining rooms, very traditional Japanese with the legroom being beneath the table. tatami mats, chairs with no legs as sat on the floor type thing, oh yes and of course shoes off.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Eating of the floor – Jude loves that idea, he does it at home all the time

Really really nice. A little privacy for your lunch. Like we owned the restaurant.

Kids as you can see had a blast.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
My two biggest owning the place, clearly

Luckily they had my favourite drink, so I had some Kirin Ichiban. Usual suspects for Mary and the kids. Then the food started a coming. Here we go.

This is like the Wagyu of Beef in the form of Sashimi. This, my friend, is O Toro Tuna Sashimi. This was like butter. Truly incredible. Simple and simply delicious, oh my goodness. See the marbling like you would see in Wagyu. It don’t get much better. But at $60 for this plate you would kind of expect it to be right. Yep this is where the ‘ouch’ starts to happen.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Ot Toro sashimi – you won’t find much better

Next up comes Tako, commonly known as octopus sashimi – albeit this one was served with some seaweed and vinegar. Pretty looking dish isn’t it.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
The only dish the whole family can request a leg of at Christmas?

Then mashed broccoli, and bacon.


Hold on a minute….

That’s not Japanese Baby Jude, well at least you enjoyed it.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Looks like baby food, but damn good

We had a Shabu Shabu which I neglected to photograph sadly. Quite a traditional soup option that for me was too fishy, with loads of seaweed as well. Although the kids and Mary did enjoy this one massively. Soup broth with raw meats and veggies that you basically cook yourself at the table.

Up then was Uni Sashimi. Chilled Sea Urchin scraped from the spiky shells. Looks really beautiful. I had a little go at this one against all odds. BANG salty and fishy, loved the salt not the fish. So only a little bit was consumed by The Semi-Naked Chef at Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap

Ding Dong $60 for this little blob as you can see below.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Urchins for me remind me of Oliver Twist – not on the same $ figure as those little chaps ha ha

Another hard core one next too.

Any guesses? A bit of a delicacy this one, I have had it flaked over warm saki, when it makes your lips go numb – any more guesses?

OK friends here comes Fugu Ichiya, of which we had two servings. Really really good. Smoked which gave it a texture like beef jerky. Salty, sweet, smoky with a little fishy overtone there. Why the numb lips – well because fugu, or the puffer fish is poisonous and can only be prepared by experienced and trained chefs. So even with their skill and therefore with the nasty bits removed when you do eat this there is a little poison left that acts like a numbing agent. We all liked this one a lot so ended up ordering two dishes – whoops there goes another $60.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Puffer fish – one of my favourite fish dishes which is saying something

As you can see – No1 son, really did enjoy this. It was also really good for Mary and I as it numbed Amy and Ollie’s tongues enough to give us at least 10 minutes silence. Ha Ha!!!

Yeah right…

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Ollie and fugu – best of mates

All finished off with some ice cream – 2x sesame (which Jude loved too) and 2x green tea. A great finish to a great lunch. Loved this place and I guarantee you will too.

This should be your once a month treat meal, any more than that and start looking for an additional job. But worth every cent, nicely done Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap, we’ll be back.

So much so that even Jude took a Selfie.

Sushi Jiro Japanese Restaurant in Siglap
Happy Daddy – Happy Jude

This was good, really good. As I say. Save some $ and get here. A treat for the family. A special occasion. A show-off to the lady. Any reason. Worth a punt indeed! The Semi-Naked Chef says so – ENJOY!!!

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