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Saizeriya i12 Katong (New Outlet)


Saizeriya Italian Casual Dining i12 Katong

Food enthusiasts are in for a treat! Saizeriya, the popular Italian cuisine restaurant, has announced the launch of a new outlet at i12 Katong, opening on Thursday 14th December 2023. This move marks the expansion strategy of Saizeriya, reinforcing its stronghold in Singapore’s culinary scene with an enhanced footprint in the city-state.

The latest Saizeriya i12 Katong promises an all-new dining experience with its spacious layout and the unique charm of Italian decor. With out-of-the-box Italian dishes made from fresh, quality ingredients and an indulgent ambience, the new establishment is highly anticipated to become a favourite dining spot for both locals and tourists. Furthermore, it signifies the brand’s endless efforts to bring the authentic taste of Italy closer to the people of Singapore.


Stepping foot into the world of affordable Italian dining, patrons can look forward to the new branch of Saizeriya opening up in i12 Katong where Wings Bar used to be. This anticipated dining addition to the popular shopping enclave embraces a laid-back atmosphere, echoing the casual dining setting of the famous chain across its many locations. With its accessible location and crowd-pleasing variety of dishes, the upcoming Saizeriya i12 Katong outlet is certainly generating a buzz among patrons of all ages.

The unique allure of Saizeriya i12 Katong comes from its commitment to quality food at wallet-friendly prices. Whether a fan of pasta, pizza, or after a nice round of escargot, this new outlet offers something for everyone. Just as with its counterparts across the globe, Saizeriya at i12 Katong promises the same authentic flavors and congenial dining experience. The menu encompasses a wide array of Italian dishes, where each option is an epitome of value and quality, staying true to the reputation Saizeriya has cultivated over the years.

Saizeriya Grill Combo

Saizeriya Menu

Right in the heart of Saizeriya Singapore, food enthusiasts are greeted with an extensive menu teeming with Italian-Japanese fusion dishes. The gastronomic extravaganza explores different corners of Italian cuisine with a unique twist of Japanese culinary techniques, which is the essence of Saizeriya.

The offerings range from classic Italian mains like spaghetti, risotto, and pizzas, to Japanese influenced dishes. Gratin, doria, and Hamburg steak hold their ground in the menu. Furthermore, you can also feast on an assortment of salads, soups, and baked rice dishes, pulling culinary influences from both Italy and Japan. Delighting Singapore’s food connoisseurs, Saizeriya continues to bring affordable and hearty meals to the table.

Why is Saizeriya so cheap?

Among the myriad restaurants lining the streets of Singapore, Saizeriya distinguishes itself with its affordably priced Italian menu. The reason for these wallet-friendly prices can largely be attributed to the restaurant’s unique business model. By operating under a self-service concept, they minimize service costs, passing these savings down to the consumers. This has certainly helped to increase Saizeriya’s pool of regular customers.

Moreover, the Saizeriya i12 Katong menu stands out for its cost-effectiveness. Rather than going for high-end, expensive ingredients, the restaurant opts for simple yet tasteful alternatives. This enables them to offer a broad range of Italian dishes at a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be charged at traditional Italian restaurants. With the Saizeriya menu, you can indulge in a generous serving of Carbonara or savour a Margherita pizza without burning a hole in your pocket!

Saizeriya Pizza

Where did Saizeriya originate from?

Saizeriya, a family-style Italian themed restaurant chain, actually has its roots firmly planted in Japan. The first Saizeriya was established in 1968, in the quiet neighborhood of Ichikawa city, Chiba prefecture. A seemingly unlikely birthplace for an eatery providing affordable Italian cuisine to masses, yet it took a significant place in the local culinary landscape with its unique offering and business model. So, searching for ‘Saizeriya near me’ will not only lead you to a great restaurant but also a business that carries with it over 50 years of history.

The journey of Saizeriya is very interesting. The founder, Yasuhiko Shogaki, wanted to introduce common people to the delights of Italian cuisine at affordable prices. With the sole ambition of making Italian food widely available and accessible to all, he was able to transform his small local business into an international chain with thousands of outlets across the globe. Even though customers are miles away from its origin, the search results from ‘Saizeriya near me’ encapsulates the richness of the restaurant’s story.

Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta with Mushroom Lunch Set (With Salad And refillable drinks bar) $7.90

Creamy Garlic Chicken Pasta with Mushroom Lunch Set (With Salad And refillable drinks bar) $7.90

When did Saizeriya open in Singapore?

Saizeriya outlets began sprouting across the island city of Singapore in 2008, embracing the Lion City with its much-loved, affordable Italian cuisine. This marked a significant expansion for the Japanese chain, already renowned for its unique blend of Italian food with an Asian twist. The opening of these outlets corresponded with the increasing popularity of affordable dining options within Singapore’s food landscape, ensuring a warm welcome from legions of food-loving locals.

The diversification and expansion of Saizeriya outlets within less than a decade manifested the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences to their patrons in Singapore. From Orchard Road’s bustling shopping belt to heartland hubs like Tampines, White Sands and Ang Mo Kio, Saizeriya’s presence signaled a comforting accessibility for Italian food lovers across the city-state. With this spread, people from all walks of life could now savor the taste of Italy without burning a hole in their wallets, further assisting in Saizeriya’s steady ascent in Singapore’s ever-competitive food scene.

Saizeriya Pasta

Does Saizeriya have a service charge?

Saizeriya, a beloved name in the world of affordable Italian cuisine has always been customer-centric, which reflects in its pricing and policies. This includes the absence of a service charge. This is a notable distinction from many other restaurants and arguably, one of Saizeriya’s significant drawing points. Consumers can enjoy their dining experience without worrying about an added percentage in their total bill. This no service charge policy has not been limited to the dine-in experience but extends to Saizeriya’s delivery service as well.

Saizeriya delivery has gained immense traction in recent years with the surge in online food delivery services. Whether you’re ordering an Aglio Olio or a serving of Bolognese, the cost is transparent and straightforward. Like its in-store policy, Saizeriya does not add a service charge to delivery orders, making this Italian treat an easy choice for those looking for value-for-money options. The authenticity of Italian cuisine at Saizeriya is made even more appealing by the absence of hidden costs in the form of service charges.

Saizeriya Desserts

Saizeriya FAQ

Is water free at Saizeriya?

Amidst the slew of options in the menu, one underrated aspect in experiencing the Saizeriya dining culture lies in the subtly offered free water. Leveraging the self-service concept, water stations are conveniently situated around the restaurant. This element is consistent across all stores, regardless of the varied Saizeriya opening hours. It’s also a subtle nod to the belief of providing affordable and accessible Italian cuisine to everyone. This ethos is reflected in the free filtered water; it’s a small detail, but speaks volumes of Saizeriya’s consistent efforts to offer quality and value.

The ease of access to drinking water especially caters to families with children, elderly patrons and those with dietary restrictions who may prefer water over other beverages. In addition, this works well with Saizeriya’s opening hours; whether for lunch or an after-hours catch up session with friends, customers can chill and chat without worrying about racking up beverage costs. This unique offering by Saizeriya not only ensures its patrons’ comfort but also adds to the brand’s appeal as a pocket-friendly eatery.

What can I expect on the Saizeriya menu?

The Saizeriya menu offers a variety of Italian dishes including pasta, pizza, and risotto, among others.

Why are the prices at Saizeriya so affordable?

Saizeriya maintains affordable prices by sourcing their ingredients directly from suppliers, reducing the overall cost of their dishes.

Where did the Saizeriya chain originate?

The Saizeriya chain originated in Japan.

When did the first Saizeriya outlet open in Singapore?

The first Saizeriya outlet in Singapore opened in the year 2008.

Does Saizeriya impose a service charge?

No, Saizeriya does not have a service charge.

What is the location of the new Saizeriya outlet opening in mid-December?

The new outlet is at Saizeriya i12 Katong.

Address: 112 East Coast Road #01-11/13, i12 & 29

Saizeriya Website

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