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Mr Kliman’s ChillaxBBQ


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Brian Kennett

Amateur Chef and Foodie Extraordinaire


Mr Kliman’s ChillaxBBQ


Our first gig in Holland Village today for Mr Kliman’s ChillaxBBQ. Met as a client, and now a mate. Will be sad to see him go when he moves back to Oz. The crew was honoured to be asked to do the food for his birthday party, round his gaff, and what a beautiful house it is too. Wow!!!

Picture paints a thousand words so I will let the photos do the talking re the food. A few new things today, as mad rush to get in the LaLa caused me to forget a couple of things. Improv kicked in!!!

Thanks to;

Mary and BeBe for helping with the prep in the morning.

My main man Ollywood – great work brother.

Soph – the eski misses you today.

Mr Magic Ruthers for the logistics.

But mainly thanks to Rob Kliman for inviting the crew to do Mr Kliman’s ChillaxBBQ.

Here we go!!!

Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
1st up – due to excess bacon – was crispy bacon bits (oven roasted) with Maple syrup! Yummo!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
A little slow start in terms of numbers, so we went to mixed platters (I love our green agenda with spoons and platters) – so here is a 1st ever – spicy salsa peanuts. I really like this one. Beer food on steroids!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Best party pies on the planet in my reckoning! We inject these little buggers with tomato sauce – boom. Perfect finger food! And yep loads of Ozzies at the party, perfect…
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
2nd repeat for this one and a very popular favourite now! Bruschetta, but with Chorizo from The Cheese Shop, Joo Chiat Rod, tomatoes, honey and paprika – winner winner!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Burn the arse out of you cat Peri Peri chicken. Might have gone a tad too spicy on this one. Who knows, it all went…
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Duck Dynasty on the tools!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Numbers gradually increasing, in a beautiful beautiful house location. A cracker for us as we get BBQ and kitchen, oven and sink!!! Belter for us!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Ollywood going for some beef tartare, well raw beef off the toma!!! Good work fella!!! QUALITY meat from AlternativeSG!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Talk about mixed platter. We did this because small number of PAX to start off, so variety rather than 12 of the same type thing – seems to have worked well!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
World famous ChillaxBBQ bacon and lychee poppers went down a storm as always, not many of these bad boys came back!!! Went very well with Mr Klimans Lychee Martinis, I would imagine!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Sort of a new one for us, as in we keep adapting it. Portabella mushrooms stuffed with 3 cheese and bacon bits, and the other half stuffed with pork terrine. Really cool this time as we quartered them – good shout Ruthers!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
It’s getting hot in here… Mr Kliman wanted a photo, so of course we were delighted as ChillaxBBQ to slam down the 4″ deep ribeye steak, using the bone of course, to get some serious flames up!!! Woo Hoo!!! AlternativeSG – MASSIVE good feedback boys!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
I think we NAILED it. Perfect medium rare. So we had two tomas, one minus a little bit for the ChillaxBBQ chili challenge. One just with sea salt and Kampot black pepper. The other with Truffle salt and Kampot black pepper. How good does that shit look, seriously! WOW!!!

I have to apologise now to Chris, @ Cheese Shop, Joo Chiat Road. Mate I did not take a bloody photo of the fondue. It was a WINNER. Massive amounts of oooooos and aaaaaas. Reminisces of days skiing, and living in Zurich were some of the anecdotes.

But we had a new fondue bowl thingy loaned to us, and I had learner wheels on so spent all my single attention span trying to work out how to make that work. Sorry. Just to say the cheese was INCREDIBLE as always!!!

Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
First ever. This is a ChillaxBBQ surf and turf, aptly named this night. Superior sausage selection alongside our prawns with lime, honey, garlic and paprika. BOOM!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Our pork belly today was off the charts. OK OK I forgot the apple mustard puree so serving number one was commando, but serving number two we did a reduction of balsamic vinegar to mix it up. It sort of disappeared so I am assuming all was good!!! We did get some very positive feedback, including from within the crew itself!!! VERY proud of this today – come on hawkers – accept a ChillaxBBQ cook-off challenge!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
Birthday boy pops his ChillaxBBQ Chili Challenge Cherry. How many C’s. Happy Birthday matey!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
And here are the evil devils. There is so much ghost in here it should have a health warning!!!
Mr Kliman's ChillaxBBQ
And last up is the ever becoming more popular desert of 90% chocolate, with mint and chili strawberries. Hell yes!!! These are seriously good!!!

And that was that. This was Mr Kliman’s ChillaxBBQ. Now I did again miss off some photo opps. The very last dish was a made-up dish from ingredients I had for the paella. We just ran out of time, as I had to get Soph home, and World Cup was also beckoning. So a call out to Mr Mark Mottram @ Bakery and Bar – the bread was AWESOME Sir and the base for the paella went in this fish stew thing I created.

So I stewed off in the oven mussels, calamari, prawns with the paella base, some chicken stock, tomato soup, saffron, and S&P. Slow cook down. Took one of Mr Mottram’s amazing sourdough loaves, hollowed it out, toasted it, and then strained off the stew liquid and filled the bread with seafood. Hey presto – something that has no name ha ha!!! Looked good though. There was a few photos of that thing being taken I can tell you.

So Mr Kliman, happy birthday again. Thank so much for the invite and the fun. Truly great to meet the family and friends, some of whom we hope to remain in touch with. It was a fantastic afternoon for Mr Kliman’s ChillaxBBQ. We hope you enjoyed it, we sure did.

Sadly we had to cut and run, but for a reason of course – “It’s Coming Home!!!” Thanks again The Cheese Shop @ Joo Chiat, AlternativeSG, Bakery & Bar – quality produce guys. All you need to do folks is ping us and you can have the same experience and hopefully have a BBQ that you will certainly – ENJOY!!!

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