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Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5


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Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5


And the final day is upon us sadly, here is Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5. Our last day in this beautiful country, back to Singapore the next day. But let’s go out on a good one. It was another day by the pool. Chilling with family and friends. And then at night off we go on another adventure.

My good mate Matthew suggested we try a restaurant. A fair jaunt out to be honest, about an hour in a tuk tuk, but for the view and the food it was well worth the trip. Damn good – more on that in a short while below. That was at night. But first this was our Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5. A sad one of course as we knew the imminent return was a coming. But still what a great day. And here it comes – a pictorial representation of our last day.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Yours truly with Baby Jude splashing and having fun (hate the muscly guy in the background).
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Baby Jude having fun in is favourite place, the pool
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Daddy Son time – what a great day, had such fun with the wee man
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Aunty Kerry, AKA ‘The Human Toboggan on the slide – man this lady could get some speed up…

Amy & Jude fell in love with my friends – one of the proudest feelings for a Dad with his life long friends. They played together, chatted together, even supped cocktails at the bar together.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
We’re on top of the world (well slide actually)…
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Now Amy and Baby Jude are playing together on the slide, with a little help at the bottom of course
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Yours truly with #1 son for this trip, love to hug him and also a great way of covering up the gut for the photo (nearly!) – there’s even Kerry and Amy in the background too.
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Daddy and Baby Jude – sadly one of the last times down the slide at this great place
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
And here is that recommendation from Matthew, Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant, sat right at the top of Khao Rang Viewpoint – spectacular isn’t it?

This is where we came for our last dinner with our mates on Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5. Very sad indeed. This comes as a recommendation from my mate Matthew. We were supposed to be meeting him with May and his Mum, but sadly Mum was all too hot and bothered so it ended up just my gang. Again in to the tuk tuk we jumped – quite a jaunt from Karon is Khao Rang, about an hour in the tuk tuk, but as always we just had fun on the way but were rather delighted after an hour when we started to climb up a hill.

At the very top of Khao Rang Viewpoint is Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant – what a belter this place is. Amazing view, live music, and incredible food. This is a must come and try place if you are staying in Phuket. Just ask to go to Khao Rang Viewpoint and ask to go to the carpark at the very top. Breeze is just there. Down the stairs and boom there is the view. Just so picturesque, it is stunning sitting there in the treetops looking down on old Phuket Town. A must is a visit to the toilet, gents even if you need just a pee, go female and sit for it – the view from the sit downs is just incredible ha ha. Its worth a visit to the loo indeed.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
My little poser – I took one photo and she said her wasn’t right, so I had to take another ha ha – very beautiful Amy

Now to our last dinner of Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5. What a swansong, this was a great send off. Wonderful Thai food, a complete mixed bag of many varieties, and we went hard, we went big. Most expensive meal of the trip to date, including it being more than Mama’s and that lobster. But it was worth every Baht. Come and find out yourself.

And here we go.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Something little off the beaten track to start, chicken tendons

Yep the little gristly bits between your bones, the elastic if you will. We weren’t quite sure what to do with these when they arrived as the tendon is really quite hard when you try to bite it. After some guidance and advice from the waitress we were informed that actually you do indeed eat the whole thing, crunching down on the tendon. These were great, and very good with a beer, like little KFC nuggets but much much better.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Oh boy my Thai clear beef soup

Oh man this was good. This is my Thai clear beef soup. Winner winner Thai clear beef soup dinner. Absolutely sublime. Beefy, with sour overtones, a little spice, tomato kicks, little bursts of onion and crunch from fried shallots. WOW I fell in love with this – Mary had a little go on this too and likewise had the same response. One of the top soups in this gob of all time. I would have this every day of the week.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Man down man down – well Amy. Two chairs together and hey presto a comfy cocoon bed for a quick power nap

Now 10 years ago in Phuket, someone else also fell asleep – can you guess who this is? Sadly someone not with us for this trip.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Ollie looking like an egg roll
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
Next up is chicken with cashew nuts

Whoopsy – I ordered this, so did Dawn and so did Kerry. Obviously like University Challenge there was no conferring. Anyway it didn’t matter, it was damn good, and pretty much we each wolfed this down on our own.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
An absolute cracker – salted pork belly

Crack an icy cold beer and order this – this is their salted pork belly. Deep fried to crunchy, crisp pork, and then you get the saltiness kick the back of your tongue. What a great snacking dish this was. More beers please and another plate of this. I was wishing I was sat on a beach with toes in sand, watching the world go by, waves crashing, warm winds blowing, icy cold beer and this salty pork belly – HEAVEN.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5
And that folks is that – the gang at our last meal – not such happy faces at 1500 tomorrow believe me…

So we reach the end my friends – this is Thailand Trip 2016 Day 5. No photos tomorrow. I think I was a little depressed to be leaving my friends and the beautiful Phuket. If you can, please, once in your life come to here. It’s just so beautiful, the people are incredible, the views are stunning, the food is out of this world (if you eat local), the price is so reasonable – what more would you want in a holiday. You must come. It should be up there on a top destination location. ENJOY!!!

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