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Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3


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Brian Kennett

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Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3


So what did we do on day 3 – what would be exciting for you to know about that you could also enjoy if you come to Karon in Thailand – well folks read on because here comes Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3. A fuzzy head though this day means that basically I could not operate my camera until the evening – so this one truly does become a review and a review of our restaurant that evening – Two Chefs, Karon @ 32 Karon Road. +66 76 330 065 if you need it. It was busy so if you fancy a go it might be sensible to book. There are loads of these in a chain up and dow Phuket as well.

I’ll openly state now – not the best I have ever had. It was OK. But it was airy, big tables for our crowd, the beer flowed, the staff were quite funny actually (in a good way) – just sadly the food did let it down a little for me. More on that later as you will see. But first lets have some snaps of the evening – courtesy of photographer Amy.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
Amazing what a few hours sitting by the pool can achieve after a monster night before – fresh as old daisies I think we look…
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
Amy decides to become official photographer now – and they’re off… Nice photo Amy, although Daddy’s Superman curl looks a bit knobbish!!! But wifey and broken neck son look gorgeous.
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
Baby Jude just trying to be so cute as ever – and succeeding!!!
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
PC and Kerry’s turn now – nice picture Amy, awwwwwww so cute together!!!!
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
One of those pictures on the menu – I just gotta try this – it was like a castle wall of mashed potato, with a steak and veggies and then two types of sauce like moats in a castle

Sad to say Two Chefs – this did not cut it for me. In fact I couldn’t cut the steak. The sauces were kinda OK, the steak though was pretty damn tough and tasteless, I reckon a little bit more seasoning and I would have been OK, but sadly again I ended up leaving this. I just didn’t like it. Mash and gravies were all I ate. Not too impressive. Looked good but flavour and cooking let it down a wee bit. Sorry Two Chefs but that is as it was this night.

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
Now to Mary’s dish, the prawn skewers. One thing you don’t do is piss off a Filipino when it comes to sea food…

Again I have to say it looks damn good. Really nice plated up. Colours look great, prawns butterflied etc etc. BUT, as I said don’t piss off a Filipino when it comes to seafood. After prawn #1 Mary goes; “Well the prawns aren’t fresh at all!!!” And that was that, the rest of the dish was disregarded. Two Chefs maybe again a bad night for some one, but old prawns not good guys, seafood as know is best when fresh. These were not. Tough and a little stinky. Mary won’t be having that ever again believe me. Such a shame because it does look really bloody good.

Now the one dish that rocked I didn’t get a picture of, and it is potentially the strangest dish that you’d go bananas over. Amy liked it so much she had it again on our last day before the dash to the airport. On the kids menu was Spaghetti Carbonara – simple as right. But boy oh boy oh boy this was absolutely incredible. What a pasta, what a dish. It was right up there in my reckoning as one of, if not the best that The Semi-Naked Chef has consumed. Yes folks I did nick a load from my poor hungry daughter’s dish, even after she tried to build a wall round her plate with menus, sauce bottles, salt and pepper pots etc. You get the picture. You have to try this one if you eat here. It is bloody good!!!

Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
Finally I get the chance to grab the camera back and can take a beauty of my gorgeous girl Amy – just beautiful
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
And my lovely little fella, Baby Jude. As usual mixing some weird concoction in his glass – maybe a sweetcorn and ice lemon tea, who knows….???
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
Amy gets back in the chair now, a love picture of Andy, Dawn, Kerry and our server tonight – also known as ‘The Princess of Darkness’, or First to her friends (no BS that’s her name).
Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3
And the final picture for the night – yours truly with Kerry, Andy and Dawn – nice one Amy

But for the finale here comes something I found quite amazing. Have you ever seen ice cream being made Thai style? Me neither. Sadly the battery in the camera deceased before the end, but watch the clip. This guy is amazing. Raw ingredients tipped on to a cold plate, fiddled with, chopped and then spread out thin thin to freeze. What I missed on the video was the next action which is using the spatula to curl up strips of ice cream and pop them in the serving carton. So you end up with literally little tubes of ice cream curls – quite amazing to watch, a first for me. This one was passion fruit, but there were all the flavours under the sun – this is a must must try, believe me.

So folks there you have Thailand Trip 2016 Day 3. A blurry and fuzzy one whilst the lights were on. But the night kicked in well. Not the best food day to be honest, hence more photos of us. The ice cream was a stand out, and Amy’s pasta of course. But clearly fun with friends was what it was all about. Great day. I enjoyed, I hope you do too. ENJOY!!!

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